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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hotel Alejandro: A Hotel with a History

Hotel Alejandro in Tacloban is not just another hotel! It is a museum, an ancestral home and a hotel rolled into one. The hotel's facade looks very interesting. One can easily tell that there's a great story behind the beautiful white mansion. It was constructed way back 1932 not as a hotel, but a home to Dr. and Mrs. Alejandro Montejo. The residence served as a venue for gatherings of military officers. During World War II, the Montejo's open their doors to war evacuees. It was a home away from home to families from Cebu and Negros.

Hotel Alejandro Tacloban

outside Hotel Alejandro Taclobanentrance at Hotel Alejandro Tacloban

At present, the mansion, now known as Hotel Alejandro, is a home away from home for tourists and travelers. The Montejo's residence is perfectly preserved. It is decorated with antiques, memorabilia and vintage photos. The ancestral home serves as an entrance to the main hotel; a 5-storey structure with a cafe, guest rooms, party halls, and swimming pool.   

antiques at Hotel Alejandro Tacloban

antique chairs and windows at Hotel Alejandro Tacloban

lobby in Hotel Alejandro Tacloban

another antique chairs at Hotel Alejandro Tacloban

memorabilia's at Hotel Alejandro Tacloban

Hotel Alejandro is Tacloban's best hotel according to the ever reliable TripAdvisor. It is undoubtedly the best! I had a very pleasant stay at Hotel Alejandro 4 years ago. So, I was glad to be back for a 3-night stay with my family last March. Four years have passed but nothing changed, Hotel Alejandro is still amazing. The hotel is very clean,  the staff are courteous and the old mansion is still very much preserved. 

We stayed at the hotel's deluxe room. It's simple, yet complete. It has 1 single bed and 1 matrimonial bed, refrigerator, hot and cold shower and all the essentials. The deluxe room has a very reasonable rate of Php 1,675/night.     

deluxe room at Hotel Alejandro Tacloban

inside the room at Hotel Alejandro Tacloban

swimming pool at Hotel Alejandro Tacloban

rooftop at Hotel Alejandro Tacloban

Hotel Alejandro has a classic and vintage vibe with modern flairs! The hotel is perfect for families; adults will be mesmerized with the rich historical features, teens will adore the stylish set-up, and kids will surely love the pool.  As for me, a middle-aged lady who always long for comfort but absolutely love fancy extras, Hotel Alejandro is beyond impressive!

Hotel Alejandro 
Paterno Street
Leyte, Philippines


  1. Oh my, ang ganda-ganda! And affordable! I'm seriously considering a vacation in Tacloban now thanks to you! Haha :D

  2. I agree. It looks impressive and affordable. Wow! My mom will love the history and the kids will adore the pool.

  3. Wow not bad for a very nice hotel. It may look like an old fashioned hotel but it looks super clean and interesting. That price for a deluxe room is really reasonable. :)

  4. Hotel Alejandro is very beautiful. I've been to Tacloban when I was still a high school student but had only the chance of touring Imelda's mansion. Hope to visit and stay in Hotel Alejandro someday.

  5. Wow! Sarap talaga magtravel! I want to go to historical places like that.

  6. good to hear you had a blast staying in Hotel Alejandro.. looking forward to your next post about your visit to leyte


  7. It look historic nga! Mura at maganda. I'll consider the place pag mapadpad ako ng Tacloban. :)

  8. I am actually looking for a place for an outing with my aunts from the US and that looks really nice and very clean. Looks so well-preserved that I want to go there now na!

  9. Hey don't call yourself middle age ha, malayo pa yun. Nice hotel nga, and quite affordable.

    1. Hahaha! Mid age kasi for me is 25 up. :) Cge, young adult na nga lang. :)

  10. Nice hotel. It looks so peaceful and relaxing. Hope I can visit Tacloban in the future and Hotel Alejandro is place to stay. The rate is very reasonable nga :)

  11. I love both the facade and its interiors. Seems like the management was able to preserve its antiquated look that makes it more appealing!

  12. Nice hotel. I can just imagine how filthy rich this family during those days. Pangalan palang Dr. Alejandro Montejo, don na don na.hehe

  13. Mura lang talaga...Good thing that there are blogs sharing places like Hotel Alejandro...This give idea to tourists on where they will stay during their vacation.


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