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20 Before 2020

Here are the dreams that I have to turn into reality someday, hopefully before 2020:
Note: These dreams are listed from easy to far-fetched! :)
Dreams in "pink" are fulfilled. Click on the link to know the story.

    1. visit all of the seven Emirates in UAE 
    2. savor Filipino dishes while on a cruise at Loboc River in Bohol
    3. see the Underground River in Palawan
    4. flashpack travel for a week or more (destination: anywhere)
    5. dine at Pier Chic, Dubai's most romantic restaurant
    6. watch my husband skydive above Palm Jumeirah
    7. see the sunrise at Marina Bay in Singapore
    8. island hop in Koh Phi Phi
    9. cruise on a love boat 
    10. have an authentic bowl of Pho in Hanoi 

    11. be a temple raider at Angkor Wat 
    12. drink an authentic Turkish Coffee at Sultanahmet district, while staring at the Blue Mosque, in Istanbul
    13. ride a hot air balloon and see the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia
    14. float in the Dead Sea and visit Petra in Jordan
    15. do the "Walk Like an Egyptian" pose at the pyramids in Egypt
    16. kiss my dear husband at the Eiffel Tower
    17. cuddle in a gondola in Venice
    18. watch the sunset in Santorini
    19. witness the New Year's Eve fireworks display in London 
    20. have a White Christmas

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