March 2017 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Mar 29, 2017

Dear Dubai Newbie: A Letter from a Filipina Expat who is celebrating her 9th Year in Dubai

Dear Dubai Newbie,


You might be surprised with this letter. You don't know me, and I am not in the position to welcome you in this mega-city. But today is special; hence, I'm writing this letter down whether you'll read it or not. I hope you'll read though. 

Today, exactly 9 years ago, I was like you. I got off an Emirates airplane and step foot in Dubai for the first time. Finally having a taste of independence at 25, I was excited, but tremendously scared. 

Looking back now, I want to give my younger self a pat on the back for taking that initial step. It was a bold move that prepared me to a lot of crazy beautiful changes, so please allow me to share some unsolicited advice today.

Mar 28, 2017

Enab Beirut Dubai: A Picture-Perfect Lebanese Restaurant in City Walk

Have you ever fell madly in love with a restaurant? Like it knocked you off your feet the moment you stepped in. You found yourself swooning over every little detail. You gushed over how perfect the concept is time and again. And you were already looking forward to coming back while you're halfway through your starters.

I did!

It happened to me with Enab Beirut Dubai last weekend. 

Enab Beirut Dubai Citywalk

Mar 23, 2017

Friday Brunch at Bamboo Lagoon

Over the weekend, I was at JW Marriott Hotel Dubai for brunch. But it wasn't just the usual Friday brunch. It was an Instameet, a photography workshop, a feast and a gathering of some of the most brilliant minds in social media all rolled into one!

The event was hosted by Illustrado (a lifestyle magazine dedicated to the thriving Filipino expat community in the Middle East) and Nikon Middle East and Africa. Ed and I are Nikon users ever since we took blogging seriously and I'm an avid Illustrado reader; hence I was so thrilled to be there!

At the workshop, we were introduced to Nikon D3400; a new entry level DSLR equipped with Snapbridge. The latter is a handy feature that automatically transfers photos from camera to smartphone; perfect for Bloggers and Instagrammers who like to share photos in instant while on the go.

And when brunch time came, we were ushered to JW Marriott Hotel Dubai's Bamboo Lagoon! 

Friday Brunch in Bamboo Lagoon Dubai

Mar 17, 2017

The Enchanted Riverland in Dubai

In a land far far away lies a quaint little town nestled on the banks of a winding river. It is a picturesque medieval village with adorable houses and cobblestone streets. Wizards roam. Puppet animals talk. Princesses sing. 

No, this is not a fairy tale. 

I'm talking about Riverland in Dubai Parks and Resorts. 

Riverland Dubai

Mar 13, 2017

Spanish Dinner and Drinks at Espana Lounge Bar

For date nights, Ed and I often go to restaurants where we can peacefully talk about sweet nothings. But on a few occasions, we are keen on trying out lounge bars where we can chill, dine, listen to good music and have a drink or two.

So, a few days ago, Ed and I found ourselves in Dubai's newest Spanish nightspot - Espana Lounge Bar. And it wowed us in all possible ways!

Espana Lounge Bar Dubai

Mar 7, 2017

Daycation Brunch in Lapita Hotel

Immaculate and exotic, Polynesia is a place that never fails to catch my attention in travel websites and magazines. Whenever I see a photo, I can almost hear the turquoise waters calling out my name, but I have never imagined stepping foot in one of the islands. I heard it's expensive and it's miles away from where I live now.

But then, I live in a city where nothing is impossible. I may not able to go to Polynesia, but surprise surprise, Polynesia came to me in the form of Lapita! 

Daycation in Lapita Hotel

Mar 1, 2017

Authentic Japanese Lunch in Miyako

A few months ago, I received a private message from a male blog reader. He was asking for an advice on where to take the love of his life on a date. He specifically wants a nice but affordable restaurant; I bet a restaurant that can impress his date but wouldn't leave a hole in his pocket.

I gave a few recommendations, mainly casual dining spots in the mall. Little did I know, there is one restaurant in a 5-star hotel that perfectly meets his specifications!

I came across Miyako - an authentic Japanese restaurant in Hyatt Regency Dubai - last weekend. If only I knew about it before he asked, it could have been my top recommendation. 

Here's why.  

Miyako Japanese Restaurant in Dubai