March 2016 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Mar 28, 2016

Travel Video: Sweet Escapes in Istanbul

The sound of call to prayer in Sultanahmet Square, the smell of the spices in the alleys of Egyptian Bazaar, the sight of the amazing skyline punctuated by majestic minarets, the taste of Turkish cuisine that greatly satisfied my tastebuds... All these I remember when I think about Istanbul. 

And I'm so happy that I can now bring back all the good memories in just a click. Our Istanbul Travel Video, made with love by the husband, is now on our YouTube channel (also embedded in this blog post)! 

This trip was four years in the making. You can obviously see in the video how extremely giddy we are to finally set foot in one of our dream destinations. So, I hope this video will also inspire everyone who have been wanting to visit Istanbul! Make it happen! You'll have the time of your life. I promise! ;) Trip details and some tips will be shared in this blog real soon. 

Istanbul collage

Mar 22, 2016

My Top 15 Must-Eats in Istanbul

Turkish food is diverse and divine. Every meal that we had in Turkey was distinct, balance, and delicious. My foodie heart happily succumbed to it from the very first day until the last! During our last four days in Istanbul, we explored, ate, and looooved Turkish food like crazy! We dived into the unfamiliar, searched for the "bests", and ate like there's no tomorrow.

Without further ado, here are 15 Turkish treats that, I have to say, you ought to try when you're in Istanbul:

where and what to eat in Istanbul

Mar 17, 2016

Where We Stayed In Istanbul

Believe it or not, I spent a little more than three months searching for a perfect place to stay in Istanbul. First of all, let me define what's perfect for me because my perfect may not be perfect for you. Heheh! 

I wanted to stay in a hotel located near the sights and sounds of the Old City. But, a good night's sleep is essential, so it should be far away from the noisy streets. It should be reasonably priced, yet decent and pleasant. The one which offers little luxuries at less than 250 UAE Dirhams per night. You know, a carpeted room, cozy bed, private bathroom, breakfast buffet, and a roof deck where I can see the Blue Mosque!  

Sounds impossible? I thought so too. But one fine night, I stumbled across a boutique hotel which made me finally hit the BOOK button.  

Nowy Efendi Hotel in Istanbul
Home in Old City Sultanahmet, Istanbul