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Feb 18, 2019

Seychelles on a Budget: Travel Itinerary, Expenses and Things To Know Before You Go

For Filipinos living in the Middle East, Seychelles is one of the best destinations for long weekends. One, because of its location; only a 4-hour flight away from Dubai. Two, because it is visa-free!

However, as budget travelers, Ed and I never thought of visiting Seychelles. It is known to be an expensive romantic destination; a posh natural playground and a favorite honeymoon hideaway of royalties and celebrities. 

It was only last year when we heard budget-savvy and independent travelers talk about Seychelles. A lot of "normal" people have visited the islands without costing them an arm, a leg, and a kidney! Pun intended! :)

So, when we came to know that traveling to Seychelles on a budget is possible, we placed it in our dream destinations list! And we finally crossed it off during a long-weekend last year!

Seychelles on a budget

Feb 3, 2019

7 Best Things To Do in Mahe Island in Seychelles

The Seychelles is made up of 115 paradise islands. The largest of which is Mahe, where the nation's capital and the international airport are located. Mahe basically connects the world to the exotic islands and the popular honeymooners' haven. However, it shouldn't be considered as merely a gateway.

Mahe is a destination on its own.

things to do in Mahe island