June 2015 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Jun 30, 2015

Iftar Buffet at Dusit Thani Dubai

Ramadan Mubarak! 

The holy month of Ramadan has set in. It's the season when work time is reduced and social time is increased. A Muslim friend once told me that Iftar, a meal taken at sunset, is best when shared with family and friends. That is why in this auspicious occasion, Ramadan tents have been built, restaurant promotions have been announced, and numerous invitations have been sent and accepted.

A few days before Ramadan, I received a couple of Iftars invitations organized by colleagues and by outstanding hotels in town. I am humbly blessed. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the true essence of the season and to discover the interesting Iftar offerings that is as diverse as this cosmopolitan city.     

Iftar at Dusit Thani
Iftar at Dusit Thani 

Jun 26, 2015

Ginger All Day Dining at Park Rotana

During our recent staycation in Abu Dhabi, Ed and I had five consecutive meals in the same restaurant. You may think it's boringly monotonous - same ambiance, same food for three days, but it was definitely NOT! 

For 3 days and 2 nights, we had our meals in a culinary powerhouse that managed to transform its ambiance and offerings from laid-back, to lively, to lavish in matter of hours. Ginger, Park Rotana's all day dining, is as versatile as the aromatic spice it was named after! 

Ginger All Day Dining in Park Rotana
Ginger All Day Dining in Park Rotana 

Jun 24, 2015

Long Weekend in Park Rotana Abu Dhabi

I have been singing praises for Rotana Hotels and Resorts since the very first time Ed and I had a staycation in a Rotana property. It was at The Cove in Ras Al Khaimah two years ago that we experienced sweet escape in its truest sense! From then on, the word staycation became synonymous with Rotana in our world. We became such big fans that we often search for a Rotana property every time we plan for a weekend trip.

It is amazing and pretty much a delight for us to find a hotel brand that we trust near the places we wanted to visit; like Yas Island Rotana near Yas Waterworld, Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa between the Hajar mountains and the Indian Ocean. It's definitely an icing on the cake! :)

And recently, we discovered Park Rotana; another Rotana property near a prime attraction! It is adjacent to Khalifa Park, a short drive from the majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and just a few kilometers away from Sheikh Zayed Bridge - a gateway to the capital of the UAE. 

Park Rotana in Abu Dhabi
Park Rotana in Abu Dhabi

Jun 19, 2015

Ultra Brasserie: Ultra-Chic and Ultra-Healthy Cafe in Dubai

One weekend night, in Marina Plaza, Ed and I walked away from the crowd to find an interesting cafe that was quite new to us, but already popular to healthy eaters. Most people headed straight towards Dubai Marina Mall and Pier 7, while we turned right and took the stairs to Marina Tower, to the terrace of Ultra Brasserie. 

The stairway and the terrace were dimly lighted that night, making the cafe a hidden spot. From the outside, it seemed a little less inviting, but Ultra Brasserie was able to shoo off all my apprehensions the moment we arrived on the doorstep.               

Ultra Brasserie in Marina Plaza
Ultra Brasserie in Marina Plaza

Jun 16, 2015

#WhyNotPortraits: Portrait Photography by Mark Wilson

Ed and I were introduced to Mark Wilson a couple of months ago by a common friend. He is a fellow Pinoy expat in Dubai; an accountant by profession and a photographer by heart. His admirable passion for photography, particularly for portraits, gained him a large number of followers on Instagram.  

Ask him "Why portraits?" and he'll answer "Why not portraits?" without uncertainty. 

Mark's chosen genre has made him a visual storyteller. His Instagram gallery is a treasure trove of emotions and precious moments! So, the moment we met him personally, I secretly hoped he would ask if he can take a photo of me and Ed. Oh please set narcissism aside! Hahah! I simply want to have a new set of really good photos (not selfies and date night shots) that Ed and I can browse when we're old and gray. 

#whynotportraits by Mark Wilson 1

Jun 5, 2015

The Art of Brunch at Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai

I haven't been to a city that takes weekend brunch as seriously as Dubai. Here, the breakfast-lunch merge is such an institution. Extra-special buffet is laid out. Bubbly is overflowing. People dress to the nines! 

Brunch is offered in almost every hotel in town. Each, being far from the ordinary, has its own style and concept. And last weekend, Ed and I have experienced a very interesting one at Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai. The hotel takes the famous Dubai Friday Brunch to a whole new level by serving an artistic brunch buffet where food meets art! And they cleverly call it The Art of Brunch!

The Art of Brunch at Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai
The Art of Brunch at Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai

Jun 4, 2015

Moroccan Iftar at Medley in Pullman Dubai

The holy month of Ramadan is about to begin. I am not a Muslim; hence Ramadan used to be a month of difficulties for me especially during my first year in the UAE. I can say I kinda got the hang of it after seven long years, but deep within is a sincere appreciation of the culture. 

Now, I see Ramadan as a season of respect, generosity and togetherness. 

Togetherness is best seen during Iftar; an evening meal after the sunset. It is a special time when family and friends gather at home or in a restaurant. It is a religious observation that even non-Muslims look forward to. 

Iftar invitations started to arrive in my inbox as early as mid-May. I am honored! If only I can be in every Iftar event, I would. But since I have a full-time job, I'll be missing some. In fact, I already missed my first Iftar preview invite. Fortunately, the people behind the event were so kind to reschedule my visit. So, on the first day of June, Ed and I got a little sneak peek on the Iftar offerings at Medley restaurant this Ramadan 2015.

Medley Restaurant in Pullman Dubai Deira City Centre
Medley Restaurant in Pullman Hotel