November 2016 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Nov 27, 2016

Travel Video: Sweet Escapes in Armenia

Ed and I were blessed with an unexpected trip recently. We had no plans of going out of the country this month since we just came back from our anniversary trip in Paris and we're going home for Christmas, but it's amazing how things fall into place when it's really meant to be!

It was early November when I received a message from Dubai OFW team. They asked me if I can join a familiarization trip to Armenia hosted by Air Arabia. I was ecstatic! I have missed several press trips in the past because of my work schedule and this one came just right on time, when I had enough compensatory time off from work!

And so it happened! 

We were whisked off to Yerevan on board Air Arabia's Airbus 320 last Tuesday!

Armenia Travel Video

Nov 21, 2016

5 Days in Paris Itinerary and Expenses

Paris on a Budget sounds impossible that I, myself, was shocked when I laid out all the possible itinerary and expenses to my husband. We were both in disbelief when we realized that traveling to one of the most romantic cities in the world could only cost a little more than our expenses in the Golden Triangle of India!

Yeah, I know I have been talking about this budget trip for quite awhile now and a lot have been waiting for me to spill the beans. So, here we go!

How much can one budget traveler spend for a 5-day trip to Paris? Roughly 3,500 AED or even less! 

Nov 17, 2016

Yellow Cab Pizza in Dubai

First, there is Max's. Then came Jollibee. And now, Yellow Cab!

Ahh! My foodie heart!

Yellow Cab, UAE's newest import from the Philippines, is a well-loved pizza chain back home. I have been a fan ever since a branch opened in SM Bacolod, which apparently became a constant date night venue for me and Ed. 

You can tell how excited we were when we first heard about the opening of Yellow Cab in Dubai. The first branch is located in Satwa, quite far from home and not accessible by metro; hence it took us awhile to pay a visit. Early this month, we came to know that we don't need to go to Satwa to grab our fave New York's Finest signature pizza as the branch across in BurJuman Centre has finally opened its doors!  

Yellow Cab Karama Dubai

Nov 14, 2016

Sightseeing Boat Tour at The Palm

The great outdoor is pretty inviting as summer draws to a close. We have been frolicking from one beach club to another since October; the very reason why I'm super tan as of the moment. And last weekend, we soaked up the sunshine as we cruised around Palm Jumeirah on board an RIB boat. 

sightseeing in The Palm Jumeirah

Nov 8, 2016

My Top 10 Must-Eats in Paris

During our short trip to Paris, I was only able to scratch off the surface of the wonderful world of French cuisine! Five days are not enough to scout for the best of the best, especially in a city that is known to be a foodie destination!

I had to narrow down my list of food to try; from an exhaustive gluttonous list to a more reasonable one! With so many options, I honestly think that I missed a lot, but I left Paris with a happy heart and a happy tummy.

where to eat in Paris

Nov 2, 2016

How to Save Time and Money in Paris

Paris has been in my bucket list for so long, but it took me a couple of years to pursue my Parisian dreams. One, because of the strenuous Schengen visa application procedure. Two, because it is known to be a very expensive city. 

Early this year, I felt that October 2016 is the right time as Ed and I wanted to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary somewhere special. I was ready to handle the visa stress, not the splurge though. So, I did my online research, asked some friends who have been there, and it turned out that there are several ways to enjoy The City of Light on a budget. 

Here are some tested and proven travel tips:

Paris Budget Tips