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Nov 22, 2017

Santorini on a Budget: Is it Possible?


How do I even begin to describe Santorini? I still get lost for words whenever I think about this beautiful Greek island and the days we spent in it. 

I know my words won't give justice to this piece of paradise no matter how I try. So, this article will not focus on the reasons why Santorini is one of my dream destinations and why it should be yours too. But rather on how we managed to have a comfortable holiday on a low travel budget in this dreamy and luxurious Greek island!

Santorini budget travel guide

Nov 17, 2017

Beach Day in La Mer Dubai

I was one of the many people who got sad and shocked when Jumeirah Open Beach was closed to the public. Remember my 5 Reasons Why I Love Jumeirah Open Beach blog post five years ago? It was my favorite beach way back then.

Little did I know, my fave beach was not taken away from me and the rest of the beach-lovin population for good. It was closed for sometime to make way for a new beachfront property. 

Our beloved open beach was changed for the better, and it is now called La Mer!

sunny day at La Mer Dubai

Nov 16, 2017

Turkish Breakfast in Gunaydin Dubai

It's no secret that of all the places we have been to, Turkey is our favorite. Although we only spent 12 days in the country, we felt so at home that we suffered from severe sepanx when it was time to leave. We love the vibrant Turkish culture, the hospitality, and most especially the food! And until now, there always comes a day when we miss waking up to a classic Turkish Kahvalti.

It's nice to know that, here in Dubai, we have Turkish restaurants to run to when the craving strikes. Recently, we learned that a renowned Turkish restaurant - Gunaydin - in Souk Al Bahar has a weekend breakfast promotion. Ed and I were so excited to try it. So, we went there with high hopes that it would somehow relieve our longing for the traditional Turkish breakfast.

Nov 14, 2017

Date Night in Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant and Lounge

Over 10 years of "dating", Ed and I unconsciously created a Date Night Bucket list. We don't talk about it, but this list of dining venues seem to pop up whenever we decide where to celebrate a special occasion.

One very unique restaurant on our list is Al Dawaar - a revolving restaurant and lounge perched in the 25th floor of Hyatt Regency Dubai.

Date night in Dubai revolving restaurant

Nov 11, 2017

Bungy Jumping in Corinth Canal

This post was written by my husband, Ed. Are you a thrill-seeker like him? Read on to learn more about his extreme adventure in Greece! - Lady

As Lady mentioned in her previous blog post, our trip to Greece was mainly for rest and relaxation in the Greek islands. An extreme adventure was not in the plan. Not until I saw a challenge in Amazing Race wherein the participants must bungy jump in Corinth Canal! My adrenaline-seeking soul was stoked! It's been six years since I went bungy jumping in Macau. I long to do it again and I'm lucky to get my wife's full support on this. 

So, a couple of weeks before our trip, we contacted Zulu Bungy; the organizer of the bungy jump in Corinth. I wanted to know more about the jump, the schedule, and most of all, on how to get to the bungy jumping site by public transportation as Corinth is quite far from Athens. We received a prompt response from the staff and all my inquiries were answered in a short time.

bungy jump in corinth greece

Nov 6, 2017

Our Top 10 Recommendations for Athens

Not long ago, Ed and I flew to Greece for a big fat Greek holiday! It was an 8-day vacation which commenced in the country's capital - one of the oldest cities in the world - Athens!

To be honest, I was not excited for the city stopover. My thoughts were pretty much focused on spending lazy days under the blue sky and having an endless view of the Aegean sea over the horizon. My, my! Am I getting old or what? 

But since it was our first time in Greece, and no one knows if we'll have another chance to visit, it would be a shame to miss Athens. Hence, we spent two full days in the city before heading out to the Greek islands.

top 10 things to do in Athens