September 2016 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Sep 30, 2016

Danat Al Ain Resort: Weekend Retreat in The Garden City

Known as The Garden City, Al Ain has been one of our favorite destinations for holidays and quick breaks. We have been frequent visitors, especially during our first few years in the UAE when one of our friends lived there.

Al Ain is breathtaking. The lush greenery, rugged mountains and mineral springs are the reasons why we always welcome the possibilities of spending long weekends in the laid back town. Hence, last week, when Ed and I had another opportunity to have a quick break from work, we head back to Al Ain.

And this time, we stayed in a resort nestled in the heart of the oasis.

Danat Al Ain Resort

Sep 22, 2016

Friday Brunch at Giardino in Palazzo Versace

With a name that exudes sophistication, I expected nothing less from Palazzo Versace. The 5-star hotel is Dubai's newest luxury gem tucked on the bank of the creek. I was in awe as soon as I saw the striking Neoclassical facade, and even more when I was welcomed at the foyer with an intricate Pietra di Fiume design of Medusa.

My eyes widened at the sight of the exclusive designs and fabrics from the House of Versace. You don't need to be a high-end fashionista to appreciate such splendid details! I was amused, but at the same time scared to be near the breakable pieces as I'm pretty sure it would cost me an arm and a leg! Hahah!    

A staff warmly asked how can she assist us. I wish I could tell her that my husband and I are there for a one night luxury retreat, but that's just me day dreaming! I cleared my throat and inform her that we're there for the International Friday Brunch at Giardino. 

Friday Brunch at Palazzo Versace

Sep 18, 2016

What to Pack for an Autumn Trip to Turkey

Last year, around this month, I was totally confused on what clothes should I bring for a 12-day travel in Turkey. It was the first time that we're heading out for an Autumn Holiday. And since we're flying on a budget airline, I had to squeeze everything that I wanted to wear in my carry-on... which is clearly impossible!

I wasted hours googling what to pack, how to create a travel capsule wardrobe and the like. All because I'm OC when it comes to travel outfits! Uhhm. I'm not a fashion blogger and I don't see myself venturing into the fashion scene, but hey I'm a girl! I love to dress up! 

Yep, this post is focused on travel wardrobe; a topic which I should have included in this blog way way back! :)
What to pack for Turkey

Sep 14, 2016

Kabayan Fiesta at Four Points by Sheraton Downtown Dubai

Let's talk about Filipino Food! 

The Eatery restaurant in Four Points by Sheraton Downtown Dubai recently introduced Filipino Food in their all-you-can-eat themed night buffet. I get kilig every time Pinoy cuisine is highlighted in International restaurants; hence, I was so excited to check this newly launched offer.

Kabayan Fiesta at Four Points by Sheraton

Sep 12, 2016

6 Outrageous Drinks to Try in Dubai

It looks like extraordinary beverages are the next big thing in Dubai's dining scene. Whenever we dine out, I have noticed that some drinks can easily take the spotlight away from our food! So far, I have come across glorious mocktails, gravity defying milkshakes and marvelous hot chocolates!

I love 'em! So, I thought, why not share a round up of the insanely outrageous drinks I have tried. Here are six of them!   

Outrageous Drinks in Dubai

Sep 8, 2016

Sugar Factory: Dubai's Newest Sweet Spot

Sugar Factory - the ULTIMATE candy la-la-la-land in the USA - is now in Dubai! The first ever branch outside the US is tucked in the newly revamped Dubai Festival City Mall. Of course, this lady with a sweet tooth must see what the fuss is all about!   

Sugar Factory American Brasserie is a candy shop cum restaurant. It started as a sweets store in Las Vegas in 2009, but a few years later, it was turned into an American Brasserie serving contemporary American fare and signature cocktails alongside the famous sugary treats. 

It's the first of its kind, so you can't blame me for being too excited. :)

Sugar Factory Dubai

Sep 5, 2016

HintHunt Escape Game in Dubai

Guess what I did last weekend? I escaped the summer heat and a crime scene! Yep, you read that right, except that the latter is a mock crime scene in a challenging game! 

I was at HintHunt, an indoor game at Times Square Center, solving a mystery and breaking locks. If I have to make a list of exciting activities to try in Dubai, HintHunt would definitely be in it! Read on to know why. :)    

HintHunt Dubai

Sep 3, 2016

How We Save Money for Our Travel Fund

Ever since Ed and I got married, traveling has become an essential part of our life. We have different personalities, yet we share the same perspective when it comes to travel. 

Traveling, for us, is more than seeing new places, more than learning about the world we live in. It has been our favorite way to bond and get know more about each other. When we're out of our comfort zone, our strengths and weaknesses are revealed. When we're on the road, we learn how to communicate better. And when we share wonderful moments, we appreciate our marriage even more! 

That's why we make sure to go somewhere we have never been once or twice a year. But how do we make our travels happen? 

How to save money for travel