February 2015 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Feb 12, 2015

Play and Win with Cwikwin

If you're crazy over giveaways and contests as much as I am, you'll love Cwikwin; a new mobile app I have stumbled across last week! Cwikwin, pronounced as "quick win", is UAE's first mobile application for contests where you can win amazing prizes like a full meal in a restaurant, a new gadget, an event pass and even a medical service!

Cwikwin mobile App
Cwikwin: UAE's first mobile app for contests

Feb 10, 2015

Boodle Fight at Asian Flavors Restaurant

I finally got to dine at Asian Flavors, a Filipino restaurant that trended on social media last year. The location is too far from home, more than 10 metro stations away plus a short bus ride, hence I never got to visit despite the curiosity and a few requests from blog readers. But last month, I finally took the long journey because a family member chose to celebrate her birthday in the restaurant. 

Asian Flavors restaurant in Al Qusais
Asian Flavors restaurant in Al Qusais

Feb 5, 2015

Unlimited Tasting Night at Shanghai Chic in Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate

I remember those days when I had to cross the pedestrian lane from Ibn Batutta metro station to the shopping mall but couldn't keep my eyes off the imposing structure on my far right, those days when I had to stop at the grassy area just for a photo of the luxurious facade with a grand arch. By merely staring at its grandeur from afar, I was pretty sure inside of it are gems, I mean perfect date night venues, I must discover.

Last weekend, the astonishment happened again. I kept my eyes fixed at Movenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate, but I was no longer in the middle of the street or at the lawn. I was finally walking towards it, hoping my first impression is right, wishing I'd find a new culinary gem to love.

Movenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate
Movenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate