August 2015 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Aug 27, 2015

Flavours on Two: The Perfect Friday Brunch at Towers Rotana

Weekends in Dubai are made for waking up late, lazing in bed a little longer and skipping breakfast for a bigger and better meal called Brunch! They say, nobody does Weekend Brunch as good as Dubai. And I'm out here to prove it right one brunch at a time.

A few weekends ago, Ed and I were thrilled to try out the brunch offerings at Towers Rotana; a towering skyscraper along Sheikh Zayed Road. Towers Rotana houses two weekend brunches - a pub style brunch at Long's Bar and a family style brunch at Flavours on Two. Since Ed and I always prefer to have a wholesome weekend meal, we chose the latter.    

Flavours on Two at Towers Rotana
Flavours on Two at Towers Rotana

Aug 20, 2015

Weekend BBQ Buffet at Horizon in Amwaj Rotana

I love meat as much as I love seafood! I'm a true blue carnivore who couldn't live without beef, pork, and chicken... and I love 'em grilled! :) That's the reason why I drooled over the thought of smoky juicy grilled meat when an invitation to check out the Weekend BBQ Buffet at Horizon in Amwaj Rotana popped in my mailbox. 

Beyond the barbecue, I heard nothing but praises about Amwaj and its restaurants from friends who have stayed in the hotel! So, without a doubt, I gave my big fat yes to the invitation and scheduled a lets-not-talk-about-diet date night! :)    

Horizon restaurant in Amwaj Rotana
Horizon restaurant in Amwaj Rotana

Aug 17, 2015

EnVii Ladies Night at Vii Dubai

I'm not a bar/club person. As you can see in this blog, my only way of chilling out is a good proper dinner in a quiet restaurant with my husband. Hence, I have never enjoyed the infamous "Ladies Night" in Dubai, not until I discovered Vii Dubai in Conrad Hotel.

Vii is something special. It has a lush secret garden tucked in the 7th floor of Conrad in Sheikh Zayed Road. I have never seen anything like it before, so when I heard about EnVii - Vii Dubai's exclusive ladies night, I spontaneously sent an sms to one of my blogger friends. It was merely a day before Tuesday, and I'm sooo glad she was intrigued with Vii Dubai as I am!  

Vii Dubai in Conrad Hotel
Vii Dubai in Conrad Hotel

Aug 13, 2015

Crab Tavern: The Newest Seafood Place in Dubai

Calling all seafood lovers! A new seafood restaurant has opened its doors in Media One Hotel! 

You know me, when it comes to seafood, I'd be the first in line especially when the restaurant has a unique concept. I was excited when I first heard about the opening of Crab Tavern Seafood and Bar which was first launched in London. Although "crab" is very much highlighted in its name and menu, Crab Tavern has an American surf and turf concept, and that simply means it's a delight for both carnivores and seafood fans!   

Crab Tavern Dubai in Media One Hotel
Crab Tavern Dubai in Media One Hotel

Aug 10, 2015

3 Years in the Blogosphere + 3 Fantastic Foodie Giveaways

My little pink blog turns 3! 

Gosh, where did the time go? It seems like it was just yesterday when I published my very first blog post which is more of a boring photo essay rather than a helpful hotel review. I was really shy when I started blogging and I felt like a weirdo talking to imaginary friends; hence I photo dumped grainy pictures and wrote a little. What was I thinking? Hahah! Yes, I always laugh at myself whenever I get the chance to read my first few entries. :)
This blog has helped me more than you can imagine. Putting feelings into words is a therapeutic tool whenever I'm so stressed out, learning how to communicate better is something that I really need in this crazy big city, and of course, receiving love and support from the people I haven't met yet is very humbling. I am SUPER grateful!

So, let's celebrate Lady and her Sweet Escapes' Year 3, shall we?

Lady and her sweet escapes blog
"Lady and her Sweet Escapes" through the years

Aug 7, 2015

Minato: Sushi and Teppanyaki Buffet in Radisson Blu

Last weekend, I rediscovered Minato

If you have been with me since last year, you'll remember that I crazily raved about this Japanese restaurant in Radisson Blu Hotel during Eid Brunch. It was one of the grandest brunch I have ever been to as it was participated by five renowned restaurants. And out of the five, Minato turned out to be the superstar! So, I was ecstatic to finally have a weekend dedicated to Minato alone.  

Minato at Radisson Blu Hotel
Minato at Radisson Blu Hotel