October 2013 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Oct 30, 2013

Monorail Ride at The Palm Jumeirah

Right from the start, I knew Dubai is an incredible city and is going to be more extraordinary as time goes by. Though I am aware that everything is possible in here, I still get goosebumps every time I see unique structures! One of the most futuristic projects that I truly adore is The Palm Jumeirah, an artificial palm-shaped island. The island's trunk, fronds and crescent are lined by residential buildings, restaurants, luxurious hotels and white sand beaches. It was actually made to solve Dubai's beach shortage problem. The Palm Jumeirah has doubled Dubai's coastline and beachfront properties!

Palm Jumeirah is best seen up above. There are people who would ride a seaplane to catch a glimpse of its unique shape. Some would even dare to jump off the plane, I mean Skydive above it, just to have a better aerial view! But if you are like me who wants everything to be nice and slow, the Palm Monorail can take you from the foot of the trunk to the tip of the crescent.        

artwork of the Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Oct 27, 2013

Comical Night at The Punchline Comedy Club

Ed and I love to have our quality time somewhere nice and quiet. We usually spend weekend nights in a restaurant talking about anything and making each other laugh in between serious conversations. It has been our stress-reliever for years. It was just last Friday that we were in a very unexpected place, with a very unusual scenario. 

We were invited to the final show of The Punchline Comedy Club's October Tour in the Middle East at the Emirates Golf Club. The Punchline Comedy Club started in Hong Kong in 1994, and a couple of years later conquered the rest of Asia and Australia. The show features outstanding comedians from UK, USA, Australia and Canada. 

Oct 24, 2013

Extreme Fun at Yas Waterworld

September has always been the month when I have to conquer my fear of rollercoasters and scary slides! I do love the pump of adrenaline in my blood sometimes, but before that happens, I have to deal with sweaty hands, fast-paced heartbeat and crazy tension! And I hate that feeling! September is the only month when I don't have the heart to say 'No'. I have to bring out the adventurous side of me as my husband, who never asks for material things, always wants to have a thrilling birthday getaway! How can I decline a birthday wish? This year, he wanted to be at Yas Waterworld, the newest waterpark in the UAE. So, his wish was my command! 

Yas Waterworld is a theme park based on an Arabic folklore "The Legend of the Lost Pearl". The thrilling waterpark slides and amenities depict the adventures of Dana on her journey to find the lost Mother Pearl. It is the home of the first and only 360-degree looping waterslide in the UAE, the world's first Hydromagnetic-powered waterslide, the largest sheet wave surfing ride in the world and the longest suspended rollercoaster in the UAE. No wonder why my husband was raving about Yas Waterworld since it opened last January 2013.

Yas Waterworld in Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Oct 21, 2013

Power Breakfast at Choices in Yas Island Rotana

I'm not an early riser. I'm usually having my morning drink when others are already taking their lunch, and I'm having lunch when they are on their afternoon coffee break! I have a very strange routine, but things change whenever I'm on vacation. It is the only time when I'm already up on my feet before 8 AM, the only time when I'm at sync with my husband's body clock! 

During our stay at Yas Island Rotana, I was already wide awake at 7. I was able to bask under the warm (not hot) sunshine at the pool area before we went to Choices for breakfast. It feels so good to wake up early, to see the sunrise and to eat my first meal of the day on a typical breakfast time! I love love love vacations!  

Choices restaurant in Yas Island Rotana

Oct 17, 2013

Overnight Stay in Yas Island Rotana

Ed and I turned into big fans of Rotana Hotels and Resorts after our very memorable getaway at The Cove Rotana in Ras Al Khaimah last August. Everything is remarkable at The Cove, so for our trip to Abu Dhabi last September, we decided to book an overnight stay in another Rotana Hotel.

It was actually our second staycation in Yas Island. We have celebrated Ed's birthday for two consecutive years in Yas. Last year, we checked-in at Radisson Blu after his thrilling birthday getaway in Ferrari World. This year, we stayed in Yas Island Rotana before his birthday adventure in Yas Waterworld.  

Yas Island Rotana

Oct 14, 2013

Dubai 101: The Frequently Asked Questions

Blogging is fun!!! Okay, in all honesty, I never felt it was on first month as a blogger. Those were the lonely days when I felt like my only reader was my dear husband, the dreary days when the comment box was empty, the crazy days when it seemed like I was just talking to myself online! 

The Blog World became amazing when I started to interact with fellow bloggers. It was when I realized that I was never alone! There are people who are walking with me in the same path with the same goal. One of them is Brennan, the blogger behind www.baktincorporation.com. He has been blogging since 2006 about his travels, food trips, favorite books and perspectives. He is an inspiration to the newbies, like me, in the Blogosphere. In fact, he is nominated for Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2013 (vote for him here). 

Every now and then, Brennan collaborates with a blogger for his 7-Questions series. They would casually answer seven frequently asked questions about a certain place! So, when Brennan asked me to work with him on his "Dubai in 7 Questions" post, I was really thrilled since this would be of great help to future travelers. 

Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Oct 12, 2013

Chimes October Crab Fest 2013

Craving for Crab? Well, you are not alone! :) My crab cravings haunted me for several months, exactly after I failed on my 2nd Singapore stop-over with a goal to have the famous Singapore Chilli Crab. I settled on the soft shell crab dish at Changi Airport and even splurged for a steamed blue crab in Downtown Dubai months after, but those crab encounters never helped me get over. I was on the verge of booking another flight with a stop-over in Singapore for our next homecoming, but early this week, I learned that I don't need to go that far! A 30-minute train ride can take me to a "Crab Carnival"!       

Chimes Restaurant in Al Barsha Dubai

Oct 10, 2013

Stars'N'Bars: A Hip and Unique Restaurant in Yas Island

When Ed and I decided to spend a night in Yas Island, I immediately looked for a place to eat and I had several options. We can dine in hotel restaurants, but that also means we need to splurge. We can also grab a cheap meal in Ikea, but a food court meal isn't really suitable for Ed's pre-birthday dinner. So, we decided to go somewhere in between. 

Stars'N'Bars in Yas Marina is a branch of a popular bar/restaurant in Monaco. It offers affordable American cuisine and great entertainment facilities. It sits right next to the yacht club, located just a few minutes away from we stayed.    

Stars N Bars at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi

Oct 7, 2013

The Majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Every time I visit Abu Dhabi, I am always mesmerized by the huge white mosque that majestically stands along the busy five-lane E11 highway. It is a reminder that the long bus ride from Dubai will soon be ending and I will be in the heart of Abu Dhabi in 30 minutes or so. It is the capital's iconic structure that I was able to visit during my recent trip.

The marvelous structure is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, established by the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan. I have learned from SZGMC's official site that "the Mosque is an expression of a visionary leader who believed that nothing is impossible and conceived that the most gracious achievements start from the heart."

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

Oct 5, 2013

Fournil De Pierre: The Newest French Eatery in the City

I have been giving myself a priceless birthday gift for four consecutive years: REST! Just like last year, I am currently on a 10-day staycation, and so far, I've been having a blast. I've showered myself with a lot of me-time, learned to be a better homemaker and happily accepted event and restaurant invitations! 

Last Tuesday, Ed and I went to Fournil De Pierre's official opening celebration. Fournil De Pierre is a restaurant that has been around in France since 1980, and has recently opened its first branch in the UAE in Downtown Dubai. It offers freshly baked bread and pastries, healthy beverages and the finest French traditional dishes. I always love to discover new romantic dine-out spots, so I was excited to check out this newest French eatery.      

Fournil De Pierre at Downtown Dubai

Oct 3, 2013

Amazing Tastes of Thailand Fest 2013

I was invited to the launching of Amazing Tastes of Thailand Fest 2013 at Dusit Thani last Monday. I love Thai cuisine, so it was an event I couldn't afford to miss. I was looking forward to it, but was a little bothered when I realized that I had no one to go with. Events are fun, but it's always better when I have someone to share the happiness with! My husband comes home from work at 8 and my constant companion during morning events 'J' was working on the late shift. Good thing, a friend who was here for a very short vacation took a break from his travel itinerary and agreed to be my +1/foodie buddy/partner-in-crime aka companion to the event. :) 

Lady and Bien at the launching of Thai Food Fest at Dusit Thani

Oct 1, 2013

A Visit to Abu Dhabi's 7-Star Hotel: The Emirates Palace

A trip to Abu Dhabi wouldn't be complete without a visit to one of the most expensive hotels ever built! The Emirates Palace is the capital's iconic structure, Abu Dhabi's answer to Dubai's Burj Al Arab. The luxurious hotel is worth more than 3 billion USD! It has a classic Arabian architecture with extravagant amenities and services that goes beyond 5-star.  
Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi