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Nov 26, 2015

Turkey: DIY Walking Tour in Cappadocia

Pulling off a DIY tour is hard. A lot of research is needed, map reading skill must be on point, and misadventures are inescapable. However, the joy of reaching a destination on your own is beyond compare! So, despite of being haunted by the thought of losing our way in a land we haven't set foot in, Ed and I fervently made a Cappadocia DIY walking/hiking tour itinerary.

Here are the attractions we explored on our own during our 3days-2nights trip in Cappadocia. Caution: Travel mishaps ahead! :) Follow our route with discretion. Hahah! ;)

Self-guided Tour in Cappadocia

Nov 21, 2015

Turkey: Off The Beaten Track Guided Tour in Cappadocia

Ed and I were quite eager to go on a full DIY Turkey trip, so I did a lot of research on how to go from here to there. Halfway through the planning stage, I got alarmed on the thought of being lost in the deepest underground city in Cappadocia. Although I found some testimonies in the web saying it's possible to explore the multi-level Derinkuyu underground city without a guide, it's a risk I couldn't take. 

So, I went searching for tours and I found Turkish Heritage Travel's Undiscovered Cappadocia Tour which includes the underground city that I wanted to visit, plus four off the beaten path attractions. Discovering the undiscovered sounded like an adventure to me, hence I decided that if we're going to spend a whole day following a tour guide, that should be it!     

Discovering the Undiscovered in Cappadocia

Nov 13, 2015

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia

I'm such a scaredy-cat. I would excuse myself from the adrenaline rush that my husband greatly enjoys most of the time, but the moment I saw a photo of hot air balloons flying above the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, I told myself that one day, I will not let my fear of heights get me. I will hop on that basket and have a magical adventure in the air! 

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon

Nov 9, 2015

Turkey: What's So Special about Kelebek Special Cave Hotel?

A lot of "firsts" happened in Cappadocia. It was where we first discovered Kahvalti; THE breakfast of all breakfasts. It was where we had our first hot air balloon ride and our first long hike together. It was also where we slept in a cave for the first time! 

Cappadocia region in Central Turkey is every inch mystical. Fairy chimneys dot the dreamy landscape, some of which have been turned into houses, churches, and hotels. Hence, when we were deciding where to stay during the first leg of Turkish holiday, we couldn't settle for anything other than a cave room in the heart of Goreme.

And, we found something special.     

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel
Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

Nov 7, 2015

Travel Video: Sweet Escapes In Turkey: Cappadocia

Hi guys! We just got back from the BEST trip we've had by far!

Ed and I filled our memory banks to the brim with loads of adventure (and misadventure) in Turkey! It all started in Cappadocia - the land of the beautiful horses which I would rather call the mystical land of fairy chimneys and hot air balloons! 

I know a lot have been waiting for us to spill the trip details. We are so excited to share our travel stories as well, but let's start with a little teaser. ;) Thank you, by the way, for following our #SweetEscapesInTurkey on Facebook and Instagram.

Ed and Lady in Cappadocia
Our days in Cappadocia were captured on video! :)