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Dec 31, 2012

Dec 29, 2012

Christmas Eve at Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Ed and I spent Christmas miles away from home for the 4th time! Though it's getting sadder and harder each year, we were able find ways to make our Christmas a merry one. It has been our yearly tradition to have a good Christmas Eve dinner, then hear carols at St. Mary's Church, followed by a High Mass at midnight. As we have managed not to have a holiday shopping spree this year (which took a lot of self-control), we rewarded ourselves with a Christmas Eve feast in a 5-star hotel. 

We booked a dinner buffet at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, a luxurious hotel along the coastline of Dubai. It is located beside the famous 7-star Burj Al Arab. The two iconic structures complement each other, Burj Al Arab is sail-shaped and Jumeirah Beach Hotel's design is wave-inspired.

Jumeirah Beach hotel Christmas
A wonderful Christmas Eve at Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Dec 23, 2012

Insta-Pics: Holiday Cheer

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year; a joyous celebration of the birth of Jesus, a festive season of gift-giving, a special occasion spent with the family. My husband and I initially had a plan to spend Christmas with our loved ones in our home country, the Philippines. The celebration at home is definitely more simple; no lavish buffet dinner, just a home-cooked Noche Buena after mass, but it's more meaningful, more fun. Our December vacation plan was not pushed through due to some conflicts on our busy work schedule. Frustrating and disappointing as it is, we are currently in Dubai, still trying to make this Yuletide season a happy one. To enliven the spirit of Christmas, we visited our favorite places to see the dazzling decorations they have for the festive season. Here are some holiday cheer on photos.

Dec 20, 2012

Farewell Wild Ginger!

It's no secret that I hate crowded and noisy places. Deira City Centre has everything I need and all the shops I love, but I always get suffocated, drowned in a sea of crazy shoppers during weekends. So, whenever I feel strangled, having a mild case of enochlophobia, followed by a grumbling stomach, I find my way to the most secluded restaurant in the mall. Wild Ginger is a Pan-Asian restaurant at DCC, far from the massive crowd, hidden inside the Iconic retail store.

Wild Ginger Deira City Centre

Dec 18, 2012

Power Lunch at Carino's

Lunch deals are such a craze in the city these days. Most restaurants offer set meals with discounted prices during the weekdays. Last month, Carino's introduced their 40 AED Power Lunch, a complete meal with an appetizer, a main course and a refillable drink. As a big fan of the restaurant, I was overjoyed! 

When my friends and I had a weekday lunch meet-up, Carino's was a superb choice. The restaurant is very near our workplace, it's never crowded (so, no waiting time) and the current lunch promo made our tummies full, but didn't made our pockets empty!  

Carinos at Burjuman Center
Carino's at Burjuman Centre

Dec 16, 2012

UAE's 41st National Day Parade

Last December 2, I was able to witness the highlight of UAE's 41st National Day celebration at Downtown Dubai. People of different races lined up in the side walk of Emaar Boulevard to see an hour-long spectacular parade, participated by locals and expatriates. Good thing, the weather was great, no rain showers (which is likely to happen these days since winter season is about to start). It was a perfect, sunny day to celebrate the unity of a nation.

Here are some parade snapshots: 

* luxury cars with eye-catching designs *
luxury cars dubai

Dec 13, 2012

Insta-Pic of the Week: Moto X

Freestyle Moto X

Free style Moto x

As I have mentioned on my previous post, we were able to watch the Freestyle Moto X event at Burj Plaza weeks ago. This Instagram photo was actually taken by my husband since I barely looked at the death-defying stunts. I spent most of the time covering my eyes or hiding behind his back.

P.S. This photo should have been shared last week, but there is a bit of delay on my entire posting schedule due to certain reasons (secrets that I couldn't and shouldn't tell, for now). Well,  better late than never, right?

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Dec 11, 2012

Sweet Treats at Shakespeare and Co.

The autumn weather is perfect for a long walk, so after the heavy protein-loaded brunch at Texas Roadhouse, my friends and I went out for a stroll at Downtown Dubai. We had a brief stop at the Burj Plaza to watch the Freestyle Moto X event which was loaded with crazy stunts. It was nerve-racking and quite energy-depleting. We planned to grab some energy booster, I mean desserts and hot drinks, as soon as we finish our afternoon stroll. 

Halfway through our journey, we passed by a terrace with dainty coffee tables and chairs overlooking the musical fountain. The elegant furniture looked familiar, I knew I have seen those at Jumeirah and Marina area. I blurted, "It's Shakespeare and Co, let's eat here!" Without hesitations, we went inside the CafĂ©. Well, I think any girl can't say no to the very inviting, very feminine and very romantic coffee shop.  

Shakespeare and Co

Shakespeare and Co Menu

Dec 8, 2012

Weekend Brunch at Texas Roadhouse

Who doesn't love tender beef ribs and steaks, fresh-off-the-grill? Very few, two out of 10, or probably, nobody! So, the long queue at Texas Roadhouse was never a surprise for me. Whenever I'm at Dubai Mall on a weekend, I often notice a large crowd at the reservation desk and people at the couches or at boutiques with the restaurant's pager on hand. Texas Roadhouse has a lively atmosphere and delicious grilled items on the menu. A restaurant where diners can have a fun-dining, rather than fine-dining, experience.  

 My weekend buddies and I were back at Texas Roadhouse, weeks ago, for brunch.
We intentionally skipped breakfast to have more room for a protein-loaded meal!  

Texas Roadhouse Dubai Mall

Dec 5, 2012

Desert Safari: A Must-Do in Dubai

Tourists and expatriates are having the time of their lives in Dubai, a city which offers a fusion of adventure and relaxation. The city can give a never ending list of things to do, but what should not be missed? Desert Safari! A trip to the Middle East can never be complete without spending an afternoon in the desert! This part of the globe can offer an exciting adventure, a one-of-a kind experience! 

Here are the reasons why Desert Safari deserves to be in your travel list:

Reason #1: Dune Bashing
Dune bashing is a thrilling ride on a 4x4 vehicle, driven by a professional driver. It is not for the faint-hearted as the ride can be fast  and bumpy on the desert's fragile sand. 

photo from http://www.dubaisafari.org

Dec 1, 2012

Tough Day/Fun Night at The Cheesecake Factory

When life gives you lemons, ask for salt and tequila! I've read and heard that funny quote several times. But what do we really do in tough times apart from literally asking for tequila and being drunk? Well, I do three things, meet up with friends, laugh out loud and eat loads of sweets! On a Tuesday night, my friends, my husband and I headed to Dubai Mall unplanned. We had a bad day, I wanted to cap it off with a good meal and some sweet desserts, so I recommended to dine at the Cheesecake Factory... again!

At 8:30 PM on a weekday, there was no queue at the reservation desk, but we were still asked to wait for 15 minutes, better than the 90-minute waiting time we had a few months ago.

The Cheesecake factory dubai mall

Nov 29, 2012

Insta-Pic of the Week: Victorian

We found a beautiful, Victorian-inspired Cafe at Downtown Dubai last weekend.


Shakespeare and Co instapic

The place is cozy and very romantic (to the highest level)! I'm still working on my blog post about our wonderful coffee/tea break, but I'm so excited to show you how pretty the Cafe is. So, here's a sneak peek! The not-so-candid photo, taken by a friend, sends shivers to my spine and butterflies in my tummy... lovely place to be with the love of my life! 

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Nov 27, 2012

Nature Trip at The Green Mubazzarah

I love being on the road, but the funny thing is: I can't drive. Family members have been convincing me to learn since I was in college, but I'm not really interested (or should I say, I'm not courageous enough to face the furious vehicles on the fast lane). So, here I am, now 30 and still happy in the passenger's seat! Hahah! :) My love for road trips grew fonder when I moved to Dubai! I'm so glad that I don't need a car to visit the neighboring towns, public transport is so efficient and cheap. Last Eid Holiday, Ed and I, together with my friends went on another road trip to Al Ain, a town in Abu Dhabi. We had a 2-hour bus ride from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Dubai to Al Ain. Bus fare is only 20 AED per person. 

Al Ain, known to be the Garden City of the Gulf, is a laid back town. If Dubai has high-rise buildings and man-made water ways, Al Ain has mountains and natural hot springs. I adore Al Ain's simplicity and natural beauty. I'm loving the city even more now, as there are new public buses with a route heading to my favorite tourist spot, The Green Mubazzarah! (directions at the end of this post)

The Green Mubazzarah nature

Nov 25, 2012

Extreme Escapade at Wadi Adventure

I went to Al Ain for the nth time last Eid Al Adha. I seldom re-visit places, but Al Ain is an exemption. It is my favorite destination during the holidays because of three reasons:
  1. Public transportation is cheap and easy.
  2. A place to spend the night was never a problem since we have a friend who lives there.
  3. Al Ain is known to be the "Garden City of the Gulf", need I say more?
I think, my husband probably wants to add a fourth reason: Extreme Fun at Wadi Adventure!

Wadi Adventure Al AIn

Nov 23, 2012

Insta-Pic of the Week: World's Tallest

Here's a photo I took while I was on a midweek night-out with friends at Downtown Dubai.
The world's tallest tower never fails to amaze me. 


burj Khalifa world's tallest
from the Earth to the Sky

Fascinating Facts 
from http://www.burjkhalifa.ae

* Tallest building in the world
* Tallest free-standing structure in the world
*Highest number of stories in the world
* Highest occupied floor in the world
* Highest outdoor observation deck in the world
* Elevator with the longest travel distance
* Tallest elevator in the world

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Nov 21, 2012

PappaRoti: Love at first Bun!

I've been hearing great stories about PappaRoti Cafe at Dubai Mall week after week. Most of my friends went crazy for some time, while I ignored all the fuss! The cafe is just too crowded, too noisy, definitely not my ideal coffee shop. 
PappaRoti Cafe City Centre

I decided to give it a try when a friend told me that there's a less-crowded branch at Deira City Centre. A PappaRoti shop where I won't fight for a seat? hmmm sounds good to me! So, after a year, I finally gave in to the PappaRoti craze! 

PappaRoti cafe outside

Nov 19, 2012


I am a resident of Dubai since 2008 and I consider UAE as my second home country. Why do I choose to stay? Because I adore the rich culture, the modern architecture, the tax-free living, the efficient public transport, the sunny-all-year-long weather, the peaceful environment...  Oh I could go on and on and on!  
Last Thursday, I had the chance to express my love for UAE at Deira City Centre. In celebration of United Arab Emirates' 41st National Day, the mall set up a booth where people can show how much they love the country.

Nov 16, 2012

Mexican Flair at Salsa Restaurant

I always get so giddy every Friday morning. My mind wanders outside the four corners of our room, giving strong signals to my feet to take me anywhere but here. In the Middle East, Friday is our weekend. While others laze around or do chores, Ed and I always prefer to roam, meet friends and dine out. We did all those three recently: roamed at Dubai Marina, met my friends, and dined at Salsa Mexican restaurant.  

Salsa Restaurant Dubai marina

Nov 13, 2012

Tea Time at Share Tea

I prefer tea over coffee anytime of the day! Tea relaxes my senses, makes me feel better when I'm worried, stressed or sick. If cupcakes, pancakes and waffles are my comfort food, milk tea is my comfort drink. Recently, I dragged my husband  (literally, since he is not into tea) to ShareTea, a newly opened bubble tea shop at DCC Metro Station in Deira. 

Share Tea in Deira_City_Center Metro

Nov 10, 2012

South East Asian Night at The Californian

Ed and I declared the first week of October as No Diet Week. We both love to eat, and that week was the peak of our gastronomic escapade. We had four buffet meals in five days!!! If there's an expertise badge on Buffet Dining, I'd probably have one now! =) It all happened because my Birthday and our Anniversary fall on the same week. We had Seafood buffet on my Birthday, International buffet for breakfast and dinner on our advanced Anniversary getaway, and Asian buffet on our Anniversary night. 

We celebrated the 1st year of our blissful married life at Dusit Thani. Out of the many restaurants in the hotel, we chose to dine at The Californian because of the South East Asian theme on Monday nights.  

I used my phone's camera to take the photos. Sorry for the low quality! 
The Californian at Dusit Thani

The Californian's cozy ambiance

Nov 8, 2012

iPhoneography: Snap Happy at Dubai Marina

I never thought I would survive a week without my camera, especially now that I'm actively blogging my weekend jaunts. I left my phone and camera chargers in our hotel room. Forgetful and foolish, I know! The housekeeping department of Kempinski Hotel safely kept my belongings until I have the spare time to travel and pick my things up. I had super hectic weekends after our mini-vacation in Ajman, so my precious camera has been sleeping for a month and I have been borrowing Ed's mobile phone charger (good thing we have the same phone model). Anyway, I survived with iPhoneography, an art of taking creative photos using the iPhone. 

Ed and I, together with my friends, went to Dubai Marina for two consecutive weekends. It is our fave chill-out spot in Dubai. There's a nice beach, a strip of restaurants along the coast line, a good view of high-rise buildings, yacht clubs and a mall nearby.  It is where we put our basic iPhoneography skills to the test. Though we have been there more than a hundred times, we were still snap crazy! Click here, there and everywhere!

Nov 6, 2012

The Pink Walkathon 2012

It was October 2008, my first year in Dubai, when I saw thousands of pink balloons in the air and a huge crowd, in white shirts and pink caps, in the street of Bur Dubai. Pink is an eye-candy for me, so I stood on the side walk, mesmerized, wondering what the event was. Then I learned, it was the annual BurJuman Pink Walkathon, the highlight of the Safe and Sound Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Witnessing the event gave my favorite color a deeper meaning. Pink is not just a shade for femininity and love, it is also a color of faith and strength.

Last Friday, I finally had the chance to participate in the Pink Walkathon. I was one of the 13,000 people who joined the event in Zaabeel Park. Registration fee, with a free shirt and cap, was 50 AED for adults. All proceeds from the event went to the Breast Cancer Awareness Program, free mammograms and patient care. 

The Pink Walkathon 2012

Nov 3, 2012

A Glimpse of the Past at Ajman Museum

I was not on my usual OC traveler mode last month. As I have shared on my previous post, I've been so forgetful, I left so many important stuff behind. Aside from that, I also failed to do my research on Ajman prior our trip! That was so not me! I wanted to go home with a piece of Ajman in my memory, apart from beach-bumming. 

On our way to the bus station from Kempinski Hotel, we passed by an eye-catching fortress. I have a great fascination for  castle-like structures! I asked the taxi driver what it was, he mumbled "Ajman Museum". He spoke so fast and in a low-toned voice, we didn't understood what he said at all. When we got nearer, I saw the signage which reads Ajman Museum. A fortress and a museum in one... it's a double delight for me! In a blink of an eye, we asked the driver to stop and we jumped off the cab. Midday, 38 degrees Celsius,  a spontaneous plan, a Museum... It was crazy, nerdy-kind of fun!

Ajman Museum

Nov 1, 2012

Insta-pic of the Week: Fortress

I grew up with tons of fairy tale books, dolls with tiaras and Disney movies. Those made me a hopeless romantic, a believer of  "happy ever after", and a grown-up fascinated with castles. During our trip in Ajman, a Fortress in the middle of the city caught my attention. It is an Arabic structure which seemed like a giant sand castle to me. 

Fortress at Ajman Museum

I couldn't bear to watch the beautiful sight from afar, so Ed and I made a spontaneous decision to stop by and see the fortress up close. Details about our unplanned stop-over will be on my next post! =)

Oct 30, 2012

Hearty Breakfast at Cafe Kranzler

After a morning swim at the beach and a walk on the shore, we're back at Cafe Kranzler for a hearty breakfast. Just like our dinner, the buffet breakfast was a part of the deal we purchased at Cobone. At 9am, Cafe Kranzler was full, we never felt unattended though. Since we had our dinner in the terrace, we requested for a table inside the restaurant for a change of view. The manager asked us to wait in the lobby, and in less than 2 minutes we were escorted to a table near the buffet.

Breakfast choices were of large variety, mostly were breakfast staples. Everything were served simple, except for the yogurt in fancy glasses (which I totally adored by the way). 
Cafe Kranzler Morning Buffet
the wide-spread buffet

Oct 27, 2012

Dusk & Dawn at UAE's Best Private Beach

"Immerse yourself in the waves of the Arabian Gulf or take a romantic stroll on the gorgeous white sand. Unforgettable moments only a few steps away from your room."  

-quoted from Kempinski Hotel Ajman's Website-

Prior our overnight stay,  I checked Kempinski Hotel Ajman's website to know more about the leisure facilities. I saw that description I quoted and a line which says "Best Private Beach in the UAE". I said to myself, "for real? hmmm, marketing strategy perhaps!" 
The day of our getaway at Kempinski came. We were assisted to our room, and while in the hallway, the lady told us that we will be staying in a nice sea view room. I didn't care about what she said. The moment we went inside the room, I took a peek at the glassdoor. For a moment, I was in a state of shock... a good kind of shock! 
Preview of UAE's best private beach

Oct 24, 2012

Dining Under the Stars at Kempinski

Before anything else, I got a confession to make. I love food and dining out, but I can honestly say that food blogging is my weakness. I can tell you how beautiful the restaurant looks and how lovely the food is presented. When it comes to taste description, I can only give the basics, nothing like the complex description food bloggers can give! Anyway, I just want to share my wonderful dining experience the best way I could.

Moving on, here's something special on our weekend at Kempinski Hotel Ajman: a romantic dinner at Cafe Kranzler.

Oct 22, 2012

Romantic Break at Kempinski

I have seen promotions of Kempinski Hotel Ajman in different deal websites since last year. Though the offers were good, I hesitated to purchase one because of the hotel's mixed reviews at Trip Advisor. Recently, I stumbled upon another offer at Cobone, my favorite daily-deal website. It was a deal I couldn't ignore. For only 500AED, the offer included an overnight stay, buffet dinner and buffet breakfast for two. I finally gave in! Kempinski's tempting promotion was perfectly in time for our 1st year wedding anniversary.

Kempinski hotel Ajman
Kempinski Hotel's grand lobby

Oct 20, 2012

Coming Soon: The Ajman Series

I got another series coming up! 

This time, the spotlight is on UAE's smallest Emirate: Ajman.

-- luxurious overnight stay at Kempinski --
-- sunset and sunrise at UAE's best private beach --
-- fine dining at Cafe Kranzler --
-- journey through UAE's history at Ajman Museum --

Oct 18, 2012

Insta-Pic of the Week: Red Velvet

The Cupcake Monster (that's me) discovered something cheap and delicious!

Spinney's Red Velvet Cupcakes


Oct 16, 2012

Hello again, Carino's!

One weekend, Ed and I had a boring night at home. We went window-shopping at Burjuman Centre to console ourselves. Then, out of the blue, we decided to have our dinner at Carino's. It's been over a year since we had our meal at the Italian grill. We love Carino's, but we often forget that the restaurant exists at Burjuman due to its hidden location. Carino's Italian Grill is at the junction of the business center and the shopping mall, away from the retail shops, secretly waiting to be discovered!

Ed and Lady in Carinos

Oct 14, 2012

I am a BC Blogger!

I am a newbie blogger, but in a span of two short months, I have known wonderful people in the Blog world. One of them is Kristine also known as Mami Pie in her blog. She is a fellow Negrense who led me to the doors of a community called BC Bloggers. 

Oct 12, 2012

Asian Delights at The Noodle House

Out of all the Asian Restaurants in Dubai, The Noodle House at Burjuman Centre is on top of my list. It is very close to my heart, not just because they serve cuisines from South East Asia (where I am from), but also because I had memorable times spent at the restaurant. 

Whenever we dine at  The Noodle House, I can't help but reminisce Ed's first day in Dubai 3 years ago and my Parent's first day of vacation 2 years ago. I can still remember how Ed was raving about the roasted duck the first time he tasted it. We even asked for another set of duck pancakes and hoisin sauce. I remember my parents' happy faces during our family lunch, though they were on jet lag. I'm not sure if those smiles were caused by our reunion or by the delicious lunch we devoured. 

Oct 11, 2012

Insta-Pic of the Week: Asian

I got two Instagram photos for today!
These two have something to do with my post tomorrow. 
Any guesses?

clue #1: LAKSA

Oct 10, 2012

Seafood Night at Rose Rayhaan by Rotana

Thirty! Oh my, I just turned Thirty! 

Some said I don't look like one. Actually, I barely feel like one. I guess I'm still trapped in a body and mind of a girl in her early twenties. I'm still waiting for the feeling of being 30 to sink in, but I am ready to make more mature decisions now. I am ready to accept whatever life brings, including the wrinkled skin and body fat that comes with ageing. 

On the day I turned 30, my husband took me to Petals Restaurant at Rose Rayhaan for a dinner buffet. Though I'm trying to lose few inches in my belly, special occasions have been my  excuse to eat more and forget about dieting (for a moment). That night, I didn't care about the calories. All that matter was I am celebrating my special day with my special someone, with delicious seafood waiting for me at the buffet table! 

Oct 8, 2012

Journey to Forever

I am down the memory lane...

Forgive me for this cheesy and sentimental blog post, but I just couldn't keep the joy to myself. Today, Ed and I are celebrating 5 years of love and friendship, and a year of blissful marriage. Until now, I can't find the words to describe how I felt on our wedding day. Whenever I browse through the photos, I can clearly see the happiness and the glow of love from within that words cannot express. 

Let me show you our journey to forever through photographs. They perfectly tell our tale even without captions. 

Oct 7, 2012

Yas Island Trip Tips

I have been posting about our getaway at Yas Island for 2 weeks. To end the series, I want to share some tips which I haven't mentioned on my previous posts. Yes, I've been saving the best for last.

Yas Island in Abu Dhabi
Yas Island: Abu Dhabi's Leisure Zone

Oct 6, 2012

Super Breakfast at Assymetri

One of the best things during our weekend at Radisson Blu was the breakfast at Assymetri. Named as the Super Breakfast Buffet, it was indeed fantastic, marvelous, superb! 

Caution: Food-porn ahead
(photos may cause excessive drooling and tummy grumbling)

Assymetri Restaurant in Raddison Blu Hotel Yas Island Abu Dhabi
Assymetri, a restaurant at Radisson Blu, Yas Island
 that serves a wide-spread, sumptuous buffet 

Oct 4, 2012

Insta-Pic of the Week: 30

I turned 30 today! 
My birthday wish of swimming with the sharks at Atlantis was not granted. But there's no reason for me to weep, for I know I am swimming in a sea of love and blessings for 30 years. 

I can't think of a better way to start my 30th
than saying a morning prayer at St. Mary's.

 Ed and I would like to thank everyone who voted for our entry at the Atlantis Photo Competition. We may not have won the prize, but we got over 500 votes... that is truly overwhelming. Having 500+ people who care is grandest prize of all.    

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Oct 2, 2012

Deliziosa Cena at Filini

Ed stayed in Italy for a year, I think that turned him into an Italian by heart. He loves the cuisine and can speak the language. For his love of Italian food, we had a "Delicious Dinner at Filini" on his birthday. 

When I was web-searching for good restaurants at Yas Island, Filini at Radisson Blu came first with excellent reviews. Since we stayed at Radisson for a night, we didn't want to miss the chance of dining at the famous contemporary Italian restaurant.

Ed and Lady in Filini Restaurant, Radisson Blu Hotel, Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Sep 30, 2012

Mini Vacation at Radisson Blu

I consider mini-vacations as one of my anti-stress medicines. I need to have a dose every now and then to keep me going. Early this month, in time for Ed's birthday, we went to Yas Island for a weekend break at Radisson Blu. I was so glad to be away from the hustle and bustle of the big city for two days. 

Radisson Blu is located at the prime spot of Yas Island. Tourist attractions like the F1 circuit and Ferrari World are near the hotel. It is one of the top hotels in the island, and we were lucky enough to book our stay on a promotional rate. 

Here's our weekend of rest and relaxation in a 4-star hotel at half the price.  

Radisson Blu Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Sep 27, 2012

Insta-pic of the Week: The Ferrari

I see this as a photo of a priceless moment, 
rather than a photo that costs a fortune!

This official photo at Ferrari World is worth 75AED.
Now, you know what I mean! 

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Sep 25, 2012

Thrills and Spills at Ferrari World

If you have been reading my blog posts, then you probably know how gutsy my husband is. On his birthday, I wanted him to have his kind of fun, that includes adventure, speed and thrill. I can't afford to buy him a Ferrari or let him test-drive one, so I bought tickets to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi instead.  

Ed in Ferrari World Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Sep 22, 2012

Coming Soon: The Yas Island Series

A series of posts about our getaway at Yas Island

Authentic Italian Dinner
and much more

Ferrari World Yas Island Abu Dhabi

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Sep 20, 2012

Insta-pic of the Week: Infinity

Because it's Thursday, here's my fave Instagram Photo for this week...

Bright Lights + Pool Fun + Infinity

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Sep 18, 2012

5 Reasons Why I Love Jumeirah Open Beach

After several months of coping up with the 40-45 degrees C scorching hot weather, the temperature is  finally dropping down! A great time to go to the beach and enjoy Dubai's sunny weather. 

Our fave "beachscapade", as of the moment, is an early morning getaway to Jumeirah Open Beach. Here are 5 reasons why:

I love Jumeirah Open beach

Sep 15, 2012

Hot Pot at Xiao Wei Yang

Asian cuisine is always a delight for me. When a friend recommended Xiao Wei Yang Chinese restaurant in Deira, I immediately looked for the place to try the best authentic Chinese Hot Pot in town, so as they say.  

Hotpot Xiao Wei Yang in Deira

Sep 13, 2012

Insta-pic of the Week: Sunset

There is one iPhone app I totally rave. It is fun and easy. It can quickly turn a picture from nothing into something. And, take note, it is for free! Any guesses??

Yah, it's Instagram!

Every Thursday, I am going to share a photo from my Instagram account. As stated on my IG, each picture has a story. It can be about my sweet life, my cravings, my getaways, or my thoughts. It can be anything random, but surely, with the wonders of Instagram, it will be beautiful!

Here's my first Insta-pic of the Week:

Sunset at Dubai Creek

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Sep 11, 2012

Cheap Thrill: Abra Ride at Dubai Creek

What can you do with a dirham? You buy a can of soda or a bottle of water to quench your thirst. If your stomach grumbles, you can have 3 pieces of pan de sal (filipino bread) at Pan De Manila. You can also have some comfort food, treat yourself with a vanilla ice cream at McDonald's. But if you seek for adventure, then your 1 dirham can let you take an Abra (wooden boat) ride in Dubai Creek.  

The saltwater creek is known as the heart of Dubai. It served as a gateway for traders years ago, and now became a tourist spot. It divides the city into to two main areas, Deira and Bur Dubai. There are buses and trains that can take people to the other side, but the best and fun way to cross it is to ride the wooden boat.

1 Dirham Abra Ride at Dubai Creek

Sep 7, 2012

Cool Summer Fun at Ice Land Water Park

Ed and I are water babies. We love beaches, pools, waterfalls and the like. Here in UAE, we fell in love with water parks. We have been to Dubai's Atlantis, Wild Wadi and Wonderland. We also traveled to Umm Al Quwain just to frolic in Dreamland. Early this year, before the peak of summer season, we had an hour road trip to Ras Al Khaimah to visit a water park with a cool concept, Ice Land!

Ice Land's "Let's Freeze the Desert" tagline is catchy, but don't expect to be literally frozen! Sad to say, you can't find real snow and real penguins inside the park. Ice Land is just a water park with an Arctic theme.

Ice Land Water Park Ras Al Khaimah

Sep 3, 2012

Celebrate with Cheesecake!

After a month of self-study, my husband passed his 1st Microsoft exam. (Yey! Cheers to that!) To celebrate, we splurged a little bit last weekend. No discount coupons this time, sad, but worthy enough for a great dinner at the newly opened The Cheesecake Factory at Dubai Mall.

We arrived at the restaurant at 4pm. As expected, the queue at the reception desk for reservations was long, and the waiting time for available seats was even longer. We waited for 45 minutes for our pager, and another 45 minutes for our reserved seats!

Lady falling inline at the Cheese Cake Factory Dubai Mall
patiently queueing at the main entrance (in front of the Aquarium) for seat reservations

Aug 31, 2012

Breakfast at Tim Hortons

Our cruise trip was cancelled a day before Eid Al Fitr (a Muslim holiday). At 7:30am, I was already wide awake and on a holiday-mode. Wondering what else to do on a non-working day, I remembered having Tim Hortons' gift vouchers from my cousin. FYI, Tim Hortons has been our latest favorite cafe and bake shop for afternoon coffee breaks. I have been dying to try their breakfast sandwiches. That once-in-a-blue-moon moment, a holiday without any plans, turned out to be the right time for us to check what Tim's can offer for breakfast.

Ed and I headed to the train station and rode a train to Financial Center, where the nearest Tim Hortons cafe is located from our place.
view of Financial Metro Station
Financial Center Metro station and Sheikh Zayed Road's skyscrapers