August 2019 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Aug 30, 2019

Things I Love about Premier Inn Al Jaddaf

I have heard about Al Jaddaf a few times before, but most of the time, it was all about the dhow building yard. I thought it is a far-off deserted place located at the end of the Dubai Metro's Green Line. Little did I know, Al Jaddaf has quickly flourished into one of the most sought after communities in Dubai! 

It is in this thriving localle that Premier Inn Dubai opened a new hotel! Judging from the outside, Premier Inn Al Jaddaf is quite different from all the other Premier Inns I've seen. It looks very Dubai with its sand-hued facade and windcatchers! And when we stayed there last weekend, it realized that it is much more than a charming traditional exterior! 

Premier Inn Al Jaddaf hotel review

Aug 22, 2019

Kuala Lumpur: Do-It-Yourself Walking Tour

It rained cats and dogs when we were about to start our do-it-yourself walking tour in Kuala Lumpur two years ago. Ed and I got stuck in Harrods Cafe (which is now permanently closed) in Suria KLCC. There's nothing a cup of teh tarik and a plate of scones can't fix, but I was plainly downhearted on that rainy afternoon. 

Fast forward to our return trip to KL this year, I made sure to settle our unfinished business! 

Old Kuala Lumpur DIY walking tour