December 2017 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Dec 20, 2017

Cairo Travel Vlog #2: Coptic and Islamic Cairo Tour

Here is the second part of our Cairo travel vlog trilogy.

Ed and I booked a Coptic and Islamic Cairo Tour for our second day in Cairo. We were planning to have a do-it-yourself trip, but since we've been hearing lots of negative news lately, we searched for a well-recommended tour online. 

Emo Tours is one of the trusted travel agencies we stumbled upon. We booked our first and second day tours with them, and they served as our security blanket while we orient ourselves with the city. Although we realized that Cairo is pretty safe and we can actually do the tours on our own, it is great to have a sightseeing guide who can share useful and interesting information about the city.     

Cairo Travel Vlog

Dec 9, 2017

Cairo Travel Vlog #1: The Pyramids! Finally!

So, we finally made it happen!  

After several years of dreaming and planning, Ed and I decided that it's about time to fulfill our long time travel wish! We traveled to Cairo during the recent 3-day holiday. And yes, I was able to tick off #15 in my 20 before 2020 list.

Cairo Travel Vlog 1