May 2013 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

May 31, 2013

Bohol: Panglao Island Tour

A day after our Bohol Countryside Tour, we excitedly prepared for another getaway at dawn. We had a good home-cooked breakfast (Thanks again to Tita Malou, our lovely host) then we hopped on the van for a trip to Panglao Island. It was the seventh day of our family flashpack trip. A week on the road but without any trace of exhaustion on our faces! I remember, my friends used to call me "the energizer bunny" when I was in college. So, you can imagine me still on the go while others are already resting their tired feet! It was just on this family trip that I have realized that my "gallivanting energy" runs in the blood! :) 

Panglao is a beautiful island located in the southwest of Bohol. Tourists flock in the island to have the ultimate vacation which includes spelunking, beach bumming and island hopping. 

ed_and_lady's family_tour in Panglao Island Bohol

May 27, 2013

Bohol: Loboc River Cruise

I'm always in awe whenever I see photos of Loboc River in Bohol. The sight of a jade-green river with native restaurants afloat and with lush trees in the river bank can always make my eyes pop! That is why cruising in Loboc River is included in my 20 before 2020 Bucket List.  Being one of the Philippines top tourist destinations, a countryside tour in Bohol would be incomplete without having a lunch cruise in a floating restaurant.  

Loboc River Cruise Bohol

May 24, 2013

Worry-Free Holiday

Looking forward to a holiday is one of the perks in life. Sunning yourself on soft sand, wandering through a historic little town picking up knick-knacks, indulging in local delicacies and strolling through the balmy evening air to enjoy a cocktail or two - perfect. This is what holidays are made for. The days are long and hot, and as laid-back or as action-packed as you want, depending on your preference. Sometimes, it doesn't necessarily matter where you travel to, which is one of the great advantages of living where we do. Pretty much any of the destinations, within a few hours' flight, can provide a top-notch holiday without breaking the bank. In addition to this if you manage to bag a bargain then you can either use the money you save as extra spending cash, or you can upgrade your accommodation for a sneaky bit of luxury.


May 22, 2013

Bohol Countryside Tour

After an awesome 3-day stay in Leyte, my family and I headed to the land of Tarsier and Chocolate Hills. Bohol is my dream destination in the Philippines, second to Palawan. I have always wanted to visit, but it was only this year that my dream vacation was realized. For our 3-day family flashpack trip to Bohol,  we initially planned to get a group tour package. I have read that van rental is a must as most of the tourist spots are far from the town center. I'm not really fond of tour packages since I hate tight schedules. Luckily, a friend invited us to her home and even offered her family's vehicle for our tours!  

On our first day in Bohol, we had our own version of the countryside tour that most travel agents offer, the only difference is we had all the time in our hands! No annoying "you only have 30 minutes" and "we have to go" dialogues!

Ed_and_Lady in Chocolate Hills Bohol

May 20, 2013

Homecoming is more fun with Cebu Pacific!

I just had the best vacation ever! I wasn't able to get a new country stamp on my passport, but I got a stamp that made me grin from ear to ear: PILIPINAS! I really love coming home! A month-long vacation in the Philippines means 30 days of fun, food and family time. The Philippine islands gave me endless possibilities. I could have a beach holiday, a mountain retreat or an urban getaway. I had a thousand things-to-do running in my head. But since homecoming is all about family, they should go wherever I go. 

As a family-oriented person with a mild case of wanderlust, I planned an 8-day trip with the folks. With just enough funds, I looked for cheap ways to travel to the islands of Negros, Panay, Leyte and Bohol. I thought we had to endure long hours of travel via buses and boats in order to stick with the budget plan. Then, I got lucky and scored Cebu Pacific promotional airfares a month before our trip!                 

May 18, 2013

Kitsch Cupcakes' Mega Treat Cupcake Sale at BurJuman

The cupcake monster was out on the loose again! I found myself rushing to BurJuman Centre yesterday evening for The Mega Treat Cupcake Sale, in line with the mall's annual food fest. The cupcake sale was hosted by Kitsch, an award-winning cupcake shop in the UAE. 

There were over 500 scrumptious Kitsch cupcakes of different flavors on sale. Mini cupcakes were only at 5 AED each and regular ones for 10 AED each. Aside from the sale, Kitsch also organized a cupcake workshop for the little ones. Kids unleashed their creativity as they decorate cupcakes with colorful icing and candy sprinkles! 

kitsch cupcakes at Burjuman Dubai

May 16, 2013

Belieber for a Night

Today, I'm taking a break from the travel series. Ed and I are back in Dubai for more than a month now, so this time I'll be sharing something fresh! Flashpack series will resume next week. :)

Believe it or not, I was at Justin Bieber's concert two weekends back! Yes, an adult turning 31 this year still at a teeny-bopper music event. Hahah! I'm not a huge fan, I actually hate his music during his "Baby" days. I learned to appreciate Justin Bieber when he got older as his music style evolved from annoying dance tunes to cool pop and R&B. 

lady at Justin Bieber's Believe concert in Dubai

May 13, 2013

Majorca Holidays 2013: The Best Boredom Busters for Teens

A family trip to the Balearic island of Majorca has been a favourite with Britons for decades. It is the home from home ambience, complete with blue flag beaches and plenty of activities, that make this island so popular. With bargain low cost deals hitting discounted holiday websites, such as Direct Holidays, daily, Majorca holidays 2013 are set to be as popular as ever.

Keeping tiny tots and toddlers entertained can sometimes seem like a challenge, but when you’re travelling with tweens and teens, you face a whole new dilemma of finding attractions that will appeal to a somewhat awkward age group.

Majorca holidays 2013 are ideal for parents with children of all ages. The island is brimming with an impressive range of attractions and events to cater for all the family. Whether you opt for a self catering stint and want to make the most of the local amenities, or simply want to invest in a few excursions on your all inclusive getaway, there’s something for everyone.


May 11, 2013

Hotel Alejandro: A Hotel with a History

Hotel Alejandro in Tacloban is not just another hotel! It is a museum, an ancestral home and a hotel rolled into one. The hotel's facade looks very interesting. One can easily tell that there's a great story behind the beautiful white mansion. It was constructed way back 1932 not as a hotel, but a home to Dr. and Mrs. Alejandro Montejo. The residence served as a venue for gatherings of military officers. During World War II, the Montejo's open their doors to war evacuees. It was a home away from home to families from Cebu and Negros.

Hotel Alejandro Tacloban

May 7, 2013

Cebu Pacific Contest: 100 Lucky Juans

It's my 5th year as an Overseas Filipino Worker in Dubai. Time flies really fast! It has been 5 years of Expat life and whirlwind of emotions! I feel so blessed to be here, yet homesickness is inevitable. I have missed four Christmas and a lot of birthdays, even my parents' 60th! I would have been home on some of those occasions if airfares are cheaper. I was constantly praying, waiting and hoping for promotional fares. This year, my prayer was answered! Cebu Pacific, the leading airline in the Philippines, will have direct flights to Dubai starting October 7, 2013!!!

May 4, 2013

Italian Lunch at Guiseppe's

I just realized that I've been blogging about pizza restaurants a lot. I even got a comment "Pizza, again?!" on my recent blog post. Hahah! :) I love pizza ever since, but the addiction got worse when I met Ed. He is a true blue fan of everything Italian! So, I think we've been "pizza restaurant hopping" for almost 6 years already, from the Philippines to United Arab Emirates! :)

During our 8-day flashpack trip, we have satisfied our authentic Italian pizza cravings at Giuseppe's in Tacloban. Guiseppe's is an Italian-Filipino restaurant, owned and managed by an Italian Chef. The restaurant's exterior looks very charming, it actually stands out from the rest of the establishments at the town's center. 

Giuseppe's Tacloban