February 2017 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Feb 27, 2017

Overnight in Remington Hotel Manila

Location is one of things that matters to me whenever I search for a hotel room. It is a major plus point if the hotel is within walking distance to the places I intend to visit. If not, then at least it should be accessible by public transportation. But for long lay-overs, I opt to stay in a hotel near the airport; just like what happened during our last vacation in the Philippines.

Before heading back to Dubai last December, we spent a night in Manila. Our 24-hour stay mainly evolved in the airport - arrival in the morning, send-off relatives who are also in transit in the afternoon, and departure the next day - hence, I decided to book a room in a hotel within a stone's throw from NAIA Terminal 3.

The string of hotels in Resorts World Manila ticked the number one box on my checklist. They are not just located opposite T3, but offer free airport shuttle service as well. A big plus for convenience! The rest on my checklist - amenities, good rating and affordable price - were all ticked off by Remington Hotel.  

Resorts World Manila Hotel

Feb 22, 2017

Chew Love: Is this the cutest restaurant in the Philippines?

"Where do you want to eat?", my husband asked me minutes before the plane landed in Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport in Tacloban. I quickly browsed through the in-flight magazine and showed him a photo of the restaurant I have been stalking on social media since 2014. 

I lost count of how many times I told him about Chew Love. He must have forgotten. Ed is not a big fan of restaurants like I am, but he would happily oblige to my dining out requests more often than not.

And yet again, he did! On our second day in Tacloban, he finally took me to the cutest restaurant I have ever laid my eyes on.

Chew Love Tacloban

Feb 16, 2017

Vii Love Sushi

It seems like yesterday when my blogger beshie Myla and I went to Vii Dubai for EnVii Ladies Night. I can still remember how much I loved the lush foliage at the terrace. Vii is a bar and lounge, but it has that romantic vibe that made me want to go back with Ed the soonest. 

I startled when I realized that our girls night out happened a long time ago; not last year, but almost two years back! How quickly time flies! 

I wasn't able to go back to Vii with Ed in an instant, but the right time came a day before Valentine's this year. 

Vii Love Sushi

Feb 12, 2017

2 in 1 Brunch: Cielo Sky Lounge X Casa de Tapas

As most of you know, I have always been a huge fan of Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, specifically of the dining venues. It's a no-brainer choice for special occasions and laid back weekends. So far, Ed and I have been to Boardwalk, QDs and Thai Kitchen. And the rest remains in my restaurants-to-try checklist!

So, I couldn't help but do my happy dance when I heard about the 2 in 1 Brunch at Cielo Sky Lounge and Casa de Tapas. Imagine this: Two amazing dining spots! Two different brunch concepts! It's hitting two birds with one stone!    

2 in 1 Friday Brunch in Dubai

Feb 9, 2017

Day Trip at Lakawon Island Resort

Lakawon Island Resort and Spa has been receiving a lot of media attention recently. Based on the photos circulating the internet, it is arguably a well-kept island paradise in Negros Occidental. But based on the feedback from people who have been there, Lakawon has its highs and lows.

Out of curiosity, I gave Lakawon Island a shot during my short vacation in the Philippines last December. 

Day trip at Lakawon Island Resort

Feb 5, 2017

#LetsEAT: Clinton Street Baking Company in City Walk Dubai

Great things start from humble beginnings.

Clinton Street Baking Company - considered as "New York's #1 Breakfast Spot" by Lonely Planet- was once a small wholesale bakeshop started by husband and wife Chef Neil Kleinberg and DeDe Lahman. They had a few neighborhood patrons until their pancakes took NYC by storm! 

And the rest is history!     

Clinton Street Baking Co Dubai

Feb 2, 2017

What to Pack for a Summer Trip to Thailand

Packing for our summer trip to Thailand was less stressful compared to creating a travel wardrobe for our autumn trip to Turkey. One, because I grew up in Philippines; a country also located in Southeast Asia! Two, because I am familiar with the weather in the tropics... the warmth and the humidity during summer! Three, because it was only a 5-day trip!

But here's the catch, I was not accustomed with Thailand's culture! It was my first trip and I was not sure if my clothes are conservative enough for temple visits. Hence, while packing, I mainly relied on common sense. You never really know what you missed until you have arrived though. In short, I experienced a little wardrobe booboo.

what to pack for Thailand