November 2012 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Nov 29, 2012

Insta-Pic of the Week: Victorian

We found a beautiful, Victorian-inspired Cafe at Downtown Dubai last weekend.


Shakespeare and Co instapic

The place is cozy and very romantic (to the highest level)! I'm still working on my blog post about our wonderful coffee/tea break, but I'm so excited to show you how pretty the Cafe is. So, here's a sneak peek! The not-so-candid photo, taken by a friend, sends shivers to my spine and butterflies in my tummy... lovely place to be with the love of my life! 

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Nov 27, 2012

Nature Trip at The Green Mubazzarah

I love being on the road, but the funny thing is: I can't drive. Family members have been convincing me to learn since I was in college, but I'm not really interested (or should I say, I'm not courageous enough to face the furious vehicles on the fast lane). So, here I am, now 30 and still happy in the passenger's seat! Hahah! :) My love for road trips grew fonder when I moved to Dubai! I'm so glad that I don't need a car to visit the neighboring towns, public transport is so efficient and cheap. Last Eid Holiday, Ed and I, together with my friends went on another road trip to Al Ain, a town in Abu Dhabi. We had a 2-hour bus ride from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Dubai to Al Ain. Bus fare is only 20 AED per person. 

Al Ain, known to be the Garden City of the Gulf, is a laid back town. If Dubai has high-rise buildings and man-made water ways, Al Ain has mountains and natural hot springs. I adore Al Ain's simplicity and natural beauty. I'm loving the city even more now, as there are new public buses with a route heading to my favorite tourist spot, The Green Mubazzarah! (directions at the end of this post)

The Green Mubazzarah nature

Nov 25, 2012

Extreme Escapade at Wadi Adventure

I went to Al Ain for the nth time last Eid Al Adha. I seldom re-visit places, but Al Ain is an exemption. It is my favorite destination during the holidays because of three reasons:
  1. Public transportation is cheap and easy.
  2. A place to spend the night was never a problem since we have a friend who lives there.
  3. Al Ain is known to be the "Garden City of the Gulf", need I say more?
I think, my husband probably wants to add a fourth reason: Extreme Fun at Wadi Adventure!

Wadi Adventure Al AIn

Nov 23, 2012

Insta-Pic of the Week: World's Tallest

Here's a photo I took while I was on a midweek night-out with friends at Downtown Dubai.
The world's tallest tower never fails to amaze me. 


burj Khalifa world's tallest
from the Earth to the Sky

Fascinating Facts 

* Tallest building in the world
* Tallest free-standing structure in the world
*Highest number of stories in the world
* Highest occupied floor in the world
* Highest outdoor observation deck in the world
* Elevator with the longest travel distance
* Tallest elevator in the world

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Nov 21, 2012

PappaRoti: Love at first Bun!

I've been hearing great stories about PappaRoti Cafe at Dubai Mall week after week. Most of my friends went crazy for some time, while I ignored all the fuss! The cafe is just too crowded, too noisy, definitely not my ideal coffee shop. 
PappaRoti Cafe City Centre

I decided to give it a try when a friend told me that there's a less-crowded branch at Deira City Centre. A PappaRoti shop where I won't fight for a seat? hmmm sounds good to me! So, after a year, I finally gave in to the PappaRoti craze! 

PappaRoti cafe outside

Nov 19, 2012


I am a resident of Dubai since 2008 and I consider UAE as my second home country. Why do I choose to stay? Because I adore the rich culture, the modern architecture, the tax-free living, the efficient public transport, the sunny-all-year-long weather, the peaceful environment...  Oh I could go on and on and on!  
Last Thursday, I had the chance to express my love for UAE at Deira City Centre. In celebration of United Arab Emirates' 41st National Day, the mall set up a booth where people can show how much they love the country.

Nov 16, 2012

Mexican Flair at Salsa Restaurant

I always get so giddy every Friday morning. My mind wanders outside the four corners of our room, giving strong signals to my feet to take me anywhere but here. In the Middle East, Friday is our weekend. While others laze around or do chores, Ed and I always prefer to roam, meet friends and dine out. We did all those three recently: roamed at Dubai Marina, met my friends, and dined at Salsa Mexican restaurant.  

Salsa Restaurant Dubai marina

Nov 13, 2012

Tea Time at Share Tea

I prefer tea over coffee anytime of the day! Tea relaxes my senses, makes me feel better when I'm worried, stressed or sick. If cupcakes, pancakes and waffles are my comfort food, milk tea is my comfort drink. Recently, I dragged my husband  (literally, since he is not into tea) to ShareTea, a newly opened bubble tea shop at DCC Metro Station in Deira. 

Share Tea in Deira_City_Center Metro

Nov 10, 2012

South East Asian Night at The Californian

Ed and I declared the first week of October as No Diet Week. We both love to eat, and that week was the peak of our gastronomic escapade. We had four buffet meals in five days!!! If there's an expertise badge on Buffet Dining, I'd probably have one now! =) It all happened because my Birthday and our Anniversary fall on the same week. We had Seafood buffet on my Birthday, International buffet for breakfast and dinner on our advanced Anniversary getaway, and Asian buffet on our Anniversary night. 

We celebrated the 1st year of our blissful married life at Dusit Thani. Out of the many restaurants in the hotel, we chose to dine at The Californian because of the South East Asian theme on Monday nights.  

I used my phone's camera to take the photos. Sorry for the low quality! 
The Californian at Dusit Thani

The Californian's cozy ambiance

Nov 8, 2012

iPhoneography: Snap Happy at Dubai Marina

I never thought I would survive a week without my camera, especially now that I'm actively blogging my weekend jaunts. I left my phone and camera chargers in our hotel room. Forgetful and foolish, I know! The housekeeping department of Kempinski Hotel safely kept my belongings until I have the spare time to travel and pick my things up. I had super hectic weekends after our mini-vacation in Ajman, so my precious camera has been sleeping for a month and I have been borrowing Ed's mobile phone charger (good thing we have the same phone model). Anyway, I survived with iPhoneography, an art of taking creative photos using the iPhone. 

Ed and I, together with my friends, went to Dubai Marina for two consecutive weekends. It is our fave chill-out spot in Dubai. There's a nice beach, a strip of restaurants along the coast line, a good view of high-rise buildings, yacht clubs and a mall nearby.  It is where we put our basic iPhoneography skills to the test. Though we have been there more than a hundred times, we were still snap crazy! Click here, there and everywhere!

Nov 6, 2012

The Pink Walkathon 2012

It was October 2008, my first year in Dubai, when I saw thousands of pink balloons in the air and a huge crowd, in white shirts and pink caps, in the street of Bur Dubai. Pink is an eye-candy for me, so I stood on the side walk, mesmerized, wondering what the event was. Then I learned, it was the annual BurJuman Pink Walkathon, the highlight of the Safe and Sound Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Witnessing the event gave my favorite color a deeper meaning. Pink is not just a shade for femininity and love, it is also a color of faith and strength.

Last Friday, I finally had the chance to participate in the Pink Walkathon. I was one of the 13,000 people who joined the event in Zaabeel Park. Registration fee, with a free shirt and cap, was 50 AED for adults. All proceeds from the event went to the Breast Cancer Awareness Program, free mammograms and patient care. 

The Pink Walkathon 2012

Nov 3, 2012

A Glimpse of the Past at Ajman Museum

I was not on my usual OC traveler mode last month. As I have shared on my previous post, I've been so forgetful, I left so many important stuff behind. Aside from that, I also failed to do my research on Ajman prior our trip! That was so not me! I wanted to go home with a piece of Ajman in my memory, apart from beach-bumming. 

On our way to the bus station from Kempinski Hotel, we passed by an eye-catching fortress. I have a great fascination for  castle-like structures! I asked the taxi driver what it was, he mumbled "Ajman Museum". He spoke so fast and in a low-toned voice, we didn't understood what he said at all. When we got nearer, I saw the signage which reads Ajman Museum. A fortress and a museum in one... it's a double delight for me! In a blink of an eye, we asked the driver to stop and we jumped off the cab. Midday, 38 degrees Celsius,  a spontaneous plan, a Museum... It was crazy, nerdy-kind of fun!

Ajman Museum

Nov 1, 2012

Insta-pic of the Week: Fortress

I grew up with tons of fairy tale books, dolls with tiaras and Disney movies. Those made me a hopeless romantic, a believer of  "happy ever after", and a grown-up fascinated with castles. During our trip in Ajman, a Fortress in the middle of the city caught my attention. It is an Arabic structure which seemed like a giant sand castle to me. 

Fortress at Ajman Museum

I couldn't bear to watch the beautiful sight from afar, so Ed and I made a spontaneous decision to stop by and see the fortress up close. Details about our unplanned stop-over will be on my next post! =)