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Apr 28, 2018

The Yard in Last Exit Al Khawaneej: Of Love Locks and Food Trucks

In the search for trendy and romantic destinations in the city, Ed and I headed to Al Khawaneej to see the much talked about The Yard and Last Exit D89 during the weekend. This new development is situated on the outskirts, but in spite of being away from the metro line, it became a famous hang out spot. People are primarily drawn to it because it is where Dubai's first ever love lock bridge is located.

The Yard Last Exit Dubai

The Yard: A Suburban Hideaway in Dubai
The Yard is a lakefront destination developed by Meraas - the makers of La Mer, The Beach, Box Park, and Last Exit. It is tucked away from the city, specifically in Exit D89; thus, it is known to be a suburban hideaway.

I was already expecting The Yard to be as cool as the other Meraas' projects, but I was still in awe the moment we hopped off our Careem ride. It is the rustic, rural farm atmosphere that sets it out from the rest!

Lady at The Yard Dubai
Am I still in Dubai?

The Yard in Al Khawaneej Dubai
The Yard: a lakefront destination in Al Khawaneej

farm animals at The Yard Al Khawaneej Dubai
(faux) Farm animals rule at The Yard!

Love Locks in Dubai
The Yard is a sprawling property, spanning 350,000 sq ft. We immediately looked for the love locks; the very reason why the hopeless romantic in me badly want to visit! :)

We found two pedestrian bridges already half-filled with colorful padlocks over the manmade lake. The Promise Bridge is Dubai's answer to Paris' Ponts des Arts. The Romantics can attach a padlock with their names - a symbolic pledge to everlasting love! 

love lock bridge in Dubai
Just like Paris! <3

Ed and Lady in Dubai love lock bridge
The Romantics! Are you one of us? :)

Other Things To Do in The Yard
We spent the rest of the afternoon taking The Yard's walking trail. We passed by insta-famous murals, quirky farm decors, and stylish garden landscapes. We noticed how perfect it is for family outings as it has activities fit for all ages. While the children ride a pony or jump on a trampoline, the adults can shop in the organic market or relax in the picnic area.

Lady in The Yard mural
#1: Find this Instagrammable mural.

farm decors in the Yard Dubai
#2: Check out the quirky farm decors 

green deck in the Yard Dubai
#3: Relax at the Green Deck

pony in the Yard Dubai
#4: Ride a pony.

wishing well in The Yard Last Exit Dubai
#5: Make a wish!

organic market in The Yard Last Exit Dubai
#6: Buy some organic veggies.

Coffee Break in Homestead
When it was time for rest and coffee, we went to Homestead; a restaurant and bakery serving hand-crafted artisan bread and pastries. The interiors are beautiful, well thought of, and perfectly fits The Yard's laid-back ambiance. 

Homestead in The Yard Last Exit Dubai
Homestead is surely one of the loveliest cafes in Dubai!
Karak: 15 AED / Japanese Cotton Cheesecake: 25 AED

Food Trucks in Last Exit Khawaneej
Connected to The Yard is Last Exit Khawaneej. Last Exit is a street food truck park and a drive-thru venue! Can you believe that there are already four Last Exits in Dubai and it's our first-time visit one? Each Last Exit has a unique theme. The food truck park in Khawaneej reflects the agricultural heritage of the neighborhood.

There are plenty of food trucks in the area; all eye-catching! Hence, Ed and I felt we were spoilt for choice, yet at the same time, totally confused on what to have for dinner. There's Poco Loco for Latin American bites, Jaldi Jaldi for Indian street food, Mooyah, Krush, and Burger Pit for American burgers, Hot Chix for all things chicken, and a whole lot more!

We decided with the help of our Entertainer app. The best deal we saw in the area is from Hot Chix! Buy 1 Combo Get 1 Combo Free! :) So, Hot Chix it is! 

Poco Loco food truck Last Exit Dubai
Poco Loco Food Truck

Mooyah food truck Last Exit Dubai
Mooyah: named as the best burger in the UAE by Virgin Radio

hot chix food truck Last Exit Dubai
Hot Chix for fried chicken cravings!
Fried Chicken Combo: 65 AED

How to get to The Yard and Last Exit Khawaneej?
If you have a car, head out to Exit D89. Check the location map below. If you don't, take a cab or book a Careem ride. We did the latter since booking a Careem GO car is more convenient and costs almost the same. We didn't find taxis in the area; hence, Careem also got our back when it was time to go home!

Location Map


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