July 2014 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Jul 31, 2014

Honda Bay DIY Trip: Two Islands in Two Hours

I never thought I could go island hopping in Honda Bay during our recent vacation in Puerto Princesa. Due to our limited time and the fear of delays, I opted to cross Honda Bay out the itinerary. I wanted to save it for next time, most probably two or three years from now, until a tricycle driver said that we can do a "two islands in two hours DIY trip".

The idea sounded great! So, on our 3rd and last day in Puerto Princesa, we asked him to fetch us at the break of dawn, take us to the wharf and back for a fee of Php 600. 

Honda Bay DIY Tour

Jul 27, 2014

Exotic Dining at Kinabuchs Grill and Bar in Palawan

On our last night in Puerto Princesa, my family and I had an exotic gastronomic experience. Though I love to eat, I have always been scared to dwell on the wild side. So, I felt it was about time to widen my culinary horizon! Heheh. I delightfully grabbed the opportunity to have the infamous bizarre cuisines of Palawan. 

We went to Kinabuchs Grill and Bar, a restaurant in Puerto Princesa famous for serving exotic delicacies such crocodile meat and tamilok (woodworm). Kinabuchs is an open-air native restobar. It was booming with a lively ambiance when we arrived for dinner. I could tell that it is where people can dine and chill at the same time. There's a spot for casual dining under the stars, an area with huge flat screen tvs for sports fans and a native cottage with billiard tables and a bar.

Kinabuchs Bar and Grill Palawan

Jul 24, 2014

Mo's: Contemporary American Diner in Citywalk

On a warm and humid Saturday night, I found myself walking in the moonlit pathway of Citywalk. The last time I was there was during the last days of winter. I remember, my friends and I talked about how the place would be like on summertime. I said it wouldn't be perfect without the cool breeze, but the trendy outdoor mall in the heart of the city proved me wrong! Even in the peak of summer, Citywalk still has the cool relaxing vibe and the undeniable charm!

I was there to meet fellow bloggers at Mo's, a casual restaurant serving American comfort food that we all have grown to love! I have heard wonderful things about Mo's. In fact, I have seen the restaurant almost jam-packed during my last visit at Citywalk. So, I wasn't just ecstatic to meet the bloggers, but to finally dine at Mo's as well!         

Citywalk Dubai

Jul 21, 2014

Nutella Bar in Eataly: Dubai's Newest Dessert Haven

Are you a big fan of Nutella? I got some awesome news that calls for a celebration, so hang on to your seat. :)

Eataly, the Italian marketplace at The Dubai Mall, recently opened a bar dedicated to our all-time favorite chocolate hazelnut spread! Yay! If you are jumping on your seat, I can totally understand. I, myself, was so happy that I wanted to somersault in the air. Well, if only I could! As a true-blue fan, the best thing that I did other than somersaulting in my thoughts was to check out the Nutella Bar a couple of days after its grand opening. 

I immediately looked for the Nutella Bar as soon as we arrived in Eataly. I was surprised that I need not look any further. It has replaced the counter of flat breads and paninis near the entrance. It was such a welcoming sight, definitely an eye magnet that can make everyone stop and stare... and drool! 

Eataly at The Dubai Mall

Jul 19, 2014

Featured in The Filipino Times

If you happen to stumble across The Filipino Times Volume 1/Issue 6, turn to page 24 and you'll see... ME! Teehee. 

Lady and her Sweet Escapes is turning two next month. Two wonderful years in the Blogosphere and I'm still overwhelmed with the support I'm receiving from the Filipino community in the UAE. I am extremely blessed

The Filipino Times UAE

Jul 16, 2014

The Ultimate Adventure at Ugong Rock Adventures

A trip to Puerto Princesa Underground River is often paired with an adventure side trip. It could either be in Sabang X, the zipline by the sea made famous by Amazing Race Philippines Season 2, or in Ugong Rock Adventures, an ultimate destination for adrenaline rushing activities such as caving, spelunking and ziplining. My thrill-seeker husband yearned to visit both attractions, but since we were a part of a group tour, we only had to choose one and we picked out the latter. 

Right after our buffet lunch in Sabang, we made our way to Ugong Rock Adventures before heading back to the city. Ugong Rock is a limestone rock formation which stands 75-feet high in the middle of a rice field. Within are caves and narrow passageways leading to a viewing deck situated at the top of the stunning rock formation. It was named as such because a hollow limestone inside the cave makes an ugong or a reverberating sound when tapped.      

Ugong Rock Adventures in Puerto Princesa

Jul 14, 2014

Puerto Princesa Underground River: A Natural Wonderland

Like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or the castle at the end of the yellow brick road, Puerto Princesa Underground River is a destination worth traveling to. It takes a long and winding road trip, a boat ride, several queues and a nature trail to reach the UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, but I enjoyed every step of the way and nothing else mattered! 

I popped a Bonamine in my mouth after a good Filipino breakfast at Marianne Home Inn's roof deck. It was our second day in Puerto Princesa and my family and I were off on a road trip to see the world-famous Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. I checked my bag before I hopped in our tour van. There were four sachets of anti-mosquito lotion, a bottle of water and a pack of cashew tarts. I was ready and giddy. 

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Jul 11, 2014

The Big Summer Giveaway from Radisson Blu

Summer 2012, Ed and I had a refreshing staycation at Radisson Blu in Abu Dhabi Yas Island. It was one of the memorable mini-breaks that we have had in the UAE. We played like little kids in the pool, eased the stress at the open cabanas and enjoyed a good Italian meal at the hotel restaurant. 

Wonderful memories... exactly what summer should be made of!

Radisson Blu Hotel Abu Dhabi Yas Island

Jul 7, 2014

Wholesome Lunch at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai

Lush greens. Downtown Dubai. Sunny weekend. 

No, I was not in Burj Park, definitely not in this scorching summer weather. I was chillin' comfortably indoor while constantly staring at the vertical garden, detoxifying with a smoothie in hand, at The Pavilion. All the while I thought the low-rise gray building behind "The Gathering" sculpture at Downtown is an office space. It is The Pavilion, and it is not what it seems to be from the outside!

There's nothing like The Pavilion. Ed and I knew that we missed a lot when we saw what lies within the dull gray facade. It is a trendy restaurant and cafe with wooden tables, long benches and a wall of lush tapestry of plants. We felt so lucky to be introduced and be invited to dine at the restaurant.
The Pavilion Downtown Dubai

Jul 5, 2014

International Iftar Buffet at Millennium Plaza Hotel

Since the work hours are reduced to six and I'm having more morning shifts this Ramadan, I had the pleasure of attending the Media Iftar at Millennium Plaza Hotel last Thursday. Honestly, the word 'media' send shivers down my spine. Though I've been blogging for almost two years now, I still get a little shy around the real media people, but I just couldn't let the invitation pass. I love Iftars! I love dining at restaurants I haven't been to! And once and for all, I'd love to overcome timidity! :)

At sunset, Ed and I approached the concierge at the lavish lobby of Millennium Plaza Hotel at Sheikh Zayed Road. A staff then guided us to Metro! restaurant at the 5th floor where we were warmly greeted by the hosts. There was a very welcoming table of dates, nuts and dried fruits at the entrance; a wonderful sight for both fasting and non-fasting guests!    

Iftar at Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai

Jul 3, 2014

Traditional Iftar at Na3Na3 at The Address Dubai Mall

Ramadan Kareem! 

As an non-Muslim expatriate in the UAE, Ramadan is the season when I have to be more modest and extra careful with my actions. The holy month of Ramadan is a time of fasting and reflection for the Muslim community. While for me and most expats, it is a time of cultural immersion. At first, the prohibitions are quite hard to grasp, but with full respect, I eventually learned to appreciate and see the beauty of this season. 

One of the Ramadan traditions that I look forward to is the Iftar, an evening meal taken after a day of fasting. It is a traditional feast shared with family and friends. Early this week, I was invited to experience an amazing Arabic Iftar at Na3Na3 at The Address Dubai Mall.    

Na3Na3 at The Address Dubai Mall

Jul 1, 2014

Weekend Staycation at Centro Capital Centre

Now that our annual vacation is over and my passport is still the terribly damaged passport, I couldn't see myself flying out the desert anytime soon. I had too much of the travel drama, so I'm not leaving until I get my hands on my new passport. But how about the itchy feet and the constant longing for sweet escapes? Well, I'll rely to my trusted and proven alternative to a pricey trip abroad: staycation!     

Staycation is a relaxing break from the daily routine. It can be done in the comforts of home or in a hotel or resort nearby. I found it the best way to unwind without the long travel time and most importantly without depleting the funds! We actually had a good one at Centro Capital Centre recently. 

Centro Capital Centre by Rotana in Abu Dhabi