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Dec 31, 2012

Dec 29, 2012

Christmas Eve at Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Ed and I spent Christmas miles away from home for the 4th time! Though it's getting sadder and harder each year, we were able find ways to make our Christmas a merry one. It has been our yearly tradition to have a good Christmas Eve dinner, then hear carols at St. Mary's Church, followed by a High Mass at midnight. As we have managed not to have a holiday shopping spree this year (which took a lot of self-control), we rewarded ourselves with a Christmas Eve feast in a 5-star hotel. 

We booked a dinner buffet at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, a luxurious hotel along the coastline of Dubai. It is located beside the famous 7-star Burj Al Arab. The two iconic structures complement each other, Burj Al Arab is sail-shaped and Jumeirah Beach Hotel's design is wave-inspired.

Jumeirah Beach hotel Christmas
A wonderful Christmas Eve at Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Dec 23, 2012

Insta-Pics: Holiday Cheer

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year; a joyous celebration of the birth of Jesus, a festive season of gift-giving, a special occasion spent with the family. My husband and I initially had a plan to spend Christmas with our loved ones in our home country, the Philippines. The celebration at home is definitely more simple; no lavish buffet dinner, just a home-cooked Noche Buena after mass, but it's more meaningful, more fun. Our December vacation plan was not pushed through due to some conflicts on our busy work schedule. Frustrating and disappointing as it is, we are currently in Dubai, still trying to make this Yuletide season a happy one. To enliven the spirit of Christmas, we visited our favorite places to see the dazzling decorations they have for the festive season. Here are some holiday cheer on photos.

Dec 20, 2012

Farewell Wild Ginger!

It's no secret that I hate crowded and noisy places. Deira City Centre has everything I need and all the shops I love, but I always get suffocated, drowned in a sea of crazy shoppers during weekends. So, whenever I feel strangled, having a mild case of enochlophobia, followed by a grumbling stomach, I find my way to the most secluded restaurant in the mall. Wild Ginger is a Pan-Asian restaurant at DCC, far from the massive crowd, hidden inside the Iconic retail store.

Wild Ginger Deira City Centre

Dec 18, 2012

Power Lunch at Carino's

Lunch deals are such a craze in the city these days. Most restaurants offer set meals with discounted prices during the weekdays. Last month, Carino's introduced their 40 AED Power Lunch, a complete meal with an appetizer, a main course and a refillable drink. As a big fan of the restaurant, I was overjoyed! 

When my friends and I had a weekday lunch meet-up, Carino's was a superb choice. The restaurant is very near our workplace, it's never crowded (so, no waiting time) and the current lunch promo made our tummies full, but didn't made our pockets empty!  

Carinos at Burjuman Center
Carino's at Burjuman Centre

Dec 16, 2012

UAE's 41st National Day Parade

Last December 2, I was able to witness the highlight of UAE's 41st National Day celebration at Downtown Dubai. People of different races lined up in the side walk of Emaar Boulevard to see an hour-long spectacular parade, participated by locals and expatriates. Good thing, the weather was great, no rain showers (which is likely to happen these days since winter season is about to start). It was a perfect, sunny day to celebrate the unity of a nation.

Here are some parade snapshots: 

* luxury cars with eye-catching designs *
luxury cars dubai

Dec 13, 2012

Insta-Pic of the Week: Moto X

Freestyle Moto X

Free style Moto x

As I have mentioned on my previous post, we were able to watch the Freestyle Moto X event at Burj Plaza weeks ago. This Instagram photo was actually taken by my husband since I barely looked at the death-defying stunts. I spent most of the time covering my eyes or hiding behind his back.

P.S. This photo should have been shared last week, but there is a bit of delay on my entire posting schedule due to certain reasons (secrets that I couldn't and shouldn't tell, for now). Well,  better late than never, right?

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Dec 11, 2012

Sweet Treats at Shakespeare and Co.

The autumn weather is perfect for a long walk, so after the heavy protein-loaded brunch at Texas Roadhouse, my friends and I went out for a stroll at Downtown Dubai. We had a brief stop at the Burj Plaza to watch the Freestyle Moto X event which was loaded with crazy stunts. It was nerve-racking and quite energy-depleting. We planned to grab some energy booster, I mean desserts and hot drinks, as soon as we finish our afternoon stroll. 

Halfway through our journey, we passed by a terrace with dainty coffee tables and chairs overlooking the musical fountain. The elegant furniture looked familiar, I knew I have seen those at Jumeirah and Marina area. I blurted, "It's Shakespeare and Co, let's eat here!" Without hesitations, we went inside the CafĂ©. Well, I think any girl can't say no to the very inviting, very feminine and very romantic coffee shop.  

Shakespeare and Co

Shakespeare and Co Menu

Dec 8, 2012

Weekend Brunch at Texas Roadhouse

Who doesn't love tender beef ribs and steaks, fresh-off-the-grill? Very few, two out of 10, or probably, nobody! So, the long queue at Texas Roadhouse was never a surprise for me. Whenever I'm at Dubai Mall on a weekend, I often notice a large crowd at the reservation desk and people at the couches or at boutiques with the restaurant's pager on hand. Texas Roadhouse has a lively atmosphere and delicious grilled items on the menu. A restaurant where diners can have a fun-dining, rather than fine-dining, experience.  

 My weekend buddies and I were back at Texas Roadhouse, weeks ago, for brunch.
We intentionally skipped breakfast to have more room for a protein-loaded meal!  

Texas Roadhouse Dubai Mall

Dec 5, 2012

Desert Safari: A Must-Do in Dubai

Tourists and expatriates are having the time of their lives in Dubai, a city which offers a fusion of adventure and relaxation. The city can give a never ending list of things to do, but what should not be missed? Desert Safari! A trip to the Middle East can never be complete without spending an afternoon in the desert! This part of the globe can offer an exciting adventure, a one-of-a kind experience! 

Here are the reasons why Desert Safari deserves to be in your travel list:

Reason #1: Dune Bashing
Dune bashing is a thrilling ride on a 4x4 vehicle, driven by a professional driver. It is not for the faint-hearted as the ride can be fast  and bumpy on the desert's fragile sand. 

photo from

Dec 1, 2012

Tough Day/Fun Night at The Cheesecake Factory

When life gives you lemons, ask for salt and tequila! I've read and heard that funny quote several times. But what do we really do in tough times apart from literally asking for tequila and being drunk? Well, I do three things, meet up with friends, laugh out loud and eat loads of sweets! On a Tuesday night, my friends, my husband and I headed to Dubai Mall unplanned. We had a bad day, I wanted to cap it off with a good meal and some sweet desserts, so I recommended to dine at the Cheesecake Factory... again!

At 8:30 PM on a weekday, there was no queue at the reservation desk, but we were still asked to wait for 15 minutes, better than the 90-minute waiting time we had a few months ago.

The Cheesecake factory dubai mall