October 2018 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Oct 18, 2018

My Birthday Breakfast in Burj Al Arab

Smoked salmon with crème Fraiche and caviar. Fine cheeses with date chutney. Assorted homemade viennoiseries. These are only some of the food that made up the not-so-ordinary breakfast I devoured in Burj Al Arab's Sahn Eddar. It was a morning meal that I truly wouldn't deserve if not for my birthday!

Breakfast in Burj Al Arab

Oct 15, 2018

Premier Inn: Budget Stay in Dubai with a Passport to Discounts

Apologies for the month-long silence on this blog. Once in a while, I do some blogger detox to focus on more important things in life; priceless things like spending time with my family. :)

Last month, my parents visited me in my second home - Dubai - for the third time. This time, I wanted them to experience the finer things this city can offer. But you know me, I always find ways to see/eat/do more while spending less, and I have a new discovery! It's the Premier Inn Passport!

Premier Inn Dubai staycation