February 2014 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Feb 27, 2014

Not Just Another Date Night at The Noodle House

It's no secret how much I love The Noodle House. As I have shared on a blog post before, it is a restaurant close to my heart as I had a lot of memorable dining experiences at their BurJuman and Souk Madinat branches. Recently, I followed the well-loved restaurant on Instagram and discovered a cool competition for their avid followers. All I needed to do was to post a photo of what I ate at The Noodle House, tag @thenoodlehousedubai and hashtag #tnhwin. It was an easy peasy task for me since I am an IG-addict and a hashtag-overuser!  :) 

A week after I posted my entry, I woke up to a notification from The Noodle House. I won!!! OMG, I won! Sorry if it seems like I'm over reacting, but hey it's a meal from The Noodle House! I'd gladly accept anything from my favorite Asian restaurant! As The Noodle House in BurJuman is a constant date night venue, Ed and I opted to claim my prize at Jumeirah Emirates Towers for a change. 

The Noodle House at Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Feb 24, 2014

Food, Fun and Entertainment at Dubai Food Carnival

A foodie festival has just begun! Last weekend, Dubai Food Carnival kicked off the 23-day Dubai Food Festival 2014 with a bang! The newest food, beverage and entertainment extravaganza was on the list of events I shouldn't miss this month, so I was over the moon when I received a media invitation. My blog's official photographer (aka my husband) and I were given passes that we could use any time during the 2-day event. Our initial plan was to spend three hours of our weekend at the carnival, but with so many things to do, so much more to see and so many food to try, Ed and I decided to stay a little longer... until our 3-hour carnival plan turned into an 8-hour foodie getaway!  
Dubai Food Carnival at Dubai Festival City

Feb 21, 2014

Valentine's Dinner Buffet at Arjaan by Rotana

On the evening of February 14, Ed and I went on a date at Arabesque Cafe; a lovely restaurant known for Arabian home-style cooking, continental cuisine and Theme Nights in Arjaan by Rotana. Actually, I had no intentions to blog about our dinner. I even left the big camera at home. Since I have always been blogging about our date nights, I wanted to spare Valentines Day this year. All I wanted was to celebrate LOVE. But then, the moment we arrived in Arjaan at Dubai Media City, I changed my mind! The hotel is too gorgeous and Arabesque Cafe is too fantastic not to share! So, I ended taking a few snaps with my trusted iPhone, and now sharing the grainy, low-quality photos on this post.  

Arjaan by Rotana at Dubai Media City

Feb 18, 2014

Quick and Healthy Home-Cooked Meals with DinnerTime

Though Ed and I enjoy the comforts of dining out, my husband is the happiest when I cook! I'm not a kitchen expert. I hate spending long hours in the kitchen, most especially when I have to stay a little late at work or have a load of blogger tasks. I also get frustrated when my home-cooked dish doesn't turn out the way it should be! Despite of that, I still try my very best to serve something nice on the table. But since I am a wife-on-the-go, I sometimes end up preparing the easiest (quite unhealthy, most likely fried) meal.  

Then, last week, I was introduced to the concept of DinnerTime; an international company started by three Swedish women who are striving to maintain work-life balance just like me! DinnerTime offers four quick and healthy recipes per week. They deliver the freshest ingredients right at your door step with easy-to-follow recipe that only requires half an hour to prepare. DinnerTime makes cooking wholesome meals easier. 
DinnerTime: All Your Home Cooking Needs

Feb 15, 2014

How To Create The Perfect Dubai Night Time Look

This article is provided by Felicity Ashgrove who is a makeup artist and fitness enthusiast. The opinions of the guest author may or may not reflect my views.

When I first moved to Dubai, I assumed that there wasn’t much of a night life in the country, mainly due to the high Islamic population and reserved culture. But how wrong I was! To say I was shocked about the amount of things to do in the evenings in Dubai is an absolute understatement; from bars, to clubs and to some of my favourite restaurants in the entire world, the nightlife in Dubai opened my eyes and I’ve never looked back…

One thing I learned really quickly about the night life in Dubai is that it’s not just about where you go and who you go out with, but perhaps, most importantly, how good you look while you’re doing it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, some of the best clubs in the city can be quite difficult to get into, with a strict dress code and even stricter bouncers on the door. Because most of the best licensed bars are in some of the best hotels, it’s important to look good when you turn up at the door, and that includes everything, from your hair, to your nails, to outfit, but most importantly, your skin.

Feb 13, 2014

Fresh Frozen Treats at iCream Cafe

Did you know that one of the oldest shopping malls in Dubai got a major revamp? Al Ghurair Centre, a shopping destination since the '80s, opened the doors of the newly constructed mall extension late last year. It is now bustling with a modern look and over a hundred of new stores. One of the great additions to the all-new Al Ghurair Centre is a very interesting shop for my sweet tooth! I was so fascinated when I heard about iCream Cafe, a trendy dessert store that uses ultramodern liquid nitrogen machines with rapid-freeze technique to create fresh and unique desserts on the spot! 

iCream Cafe at Al Ghurair Centre Dubai

Feb 11, 2014

Sizzlin' Asian Cuisine at Sizzling Wok

When Ed and I were invited to the 2nd Anniversary celebration of The Huddle Sports Bar and Grill last year, another restaurant at Citymax Hotel caught our attention. No one can miss Sizzling Wok's vibrant Oriental decorations, especially the Chinese lanterns and the vivid red banners which are inspired by Asian and Far Eastern prayer flags. Sizzling Wok looks very inviting even from afar, so we had it listed on our "restaurants to try". 

Last week, we finally found ourselves walking beneath the bright banners. After passing through the vibrant entrance, I was amused to see a subtle and elegantly decorated interior. Sizzling Wok has soft dim lights, delicate furniture and a classic oriental charm. 

Sizzling Wok at Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai

Feb 8, 2014

Posh Lunch and Food Talk at The Gramercy

January flew by and left me stunned! It seemed like my days and nights were in a super fast-forward mode. Now that I can finally take a breather, I'm looking back at the very hectic month hoping I have done everything right. It suddenly dawned on me that I'm no superwoman, so I have to confess that there were a couple of hit and miss. As I only managed to blog a little while I dealt with my work-life balance, this awesome dining experience was left unwritten for almost three weeks! 

Mid-January, I was able to squeeze a meet-up with my Blogger Friends on my busy work schedule. Since I'm always on the afternoon work shift and our weekends are dedicated to the family, us girls agreed to have a  lunch meet-up on a Tuesday at The Gramercy. 

The Gramecy at DIFC

Feb 6, 2014

Bloggers in the City

On my first blog post for 2014, I wrote that I am bound to an extraordinary year. I just had a strong feeling that the next 364 days of my year will be as awesome as the first, and I think I got it right! Mid-January, I was invited to a Bloggers' Dinner hosted by Mitzie Mee and Pia. It was an event I was so thankful I didn't miss! As a one-year old Blogger, I have always felt that there's a thick wall between my real world and my Blog World! I love blogging, so I have been fighting with this 'shy little girl' in me who is often uncomfortable during media events, the one who is also afraid to be criticized by my peers because of sharing too much online. The thick wall, the shy little girl and the fear have to go and I somehow knew that being in that private Bloggers' event could help! 

During the meet-up, I finally had the chance to meet some of the people that I have been following and have been friends with in the Blogosphere! We had a wonderful feast at Pia's lovely home while we talked about our blogs, the technical stuff and even some personal issues that we are going through as a blogger! That night, I finally realized that I was never alone and that the nicest people I got to interact with online are indeed friendly and "real". Before the night ended, Mitzie Mee suggested that we should create a support group. It was the best thing I have ever heard! Being a blogger in a crazy big city, it is essential to be a part of a team, or shall I say a family, who can truly understand all the troubles and the fun!

The Bloggers in the City

Feb 3, 2014

Fondue Fun at St. Moritz Cafe

A couple of weeks back, while I was planning where to spend the usual Fri-date, I browsed through my Entertainer 2014 books and turned to my husband every time there's something interesting. On that chilly afternoon, I was thinking about comfort food in a perk-me-up place! I found a Manga-inspired sushi restaurant where Ed can get his Naruto-fix and I can have Japanese rolls, but still, it was a 'No' from him! No to Naruto? That's a first! So, I went through the books again and we finally agreed on a venue that perfectly suites the sweater weather!

We decided to spend our weekend night at St. Moritz Cafe, a casual dine-out spot patterned like a restaurant in a fancy ski resort. The restaurant has tall glass windows offering a good view of Ski Dubai and a fake fireplace that boosts the classic Swiss Alps ambiance. 

St. Moritz Cafe at Mall of the Emirates