March 2014 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Mar 31, 2014

Dubai Cultural Tour at Al Shindagha Historical District

Ed and I ditched the usual weekend relaxation at a shopping mall last Friday as the Spring season's not-too-cold, not-too-warm weather is ideal for long walks. It is also the best time to explore Dubai's outdoor attractions. Hence, we put on our comfiest shoes and savored the cool afternoon breeze while on a leisure stroll at the well-kept traditional village in Al Shindagha; a district that illuminates Dubai's rich culture and tradition.

Dubai Cultural Tour: Al Shindagha Historical District

Mar 28, 2014

Discover the Dinosaur at The Dubai Mall

Fact: A dinosaur fossil was discovered in an excavation site in Wyoming in 2008.

Fact: That dinosaur fossil now calls The Dubai Mall its home!

"Seriously?" That's the only word I was able to say when I first heard about the dinosaur on display at The Dubai Mall. This city is getting more bizarre, more astounding... and I love it! Last weekend, Ed and I excitedly made our way to the Grand Atrium of The Dubai Mall. There, I was finally able to see the newest resident of Dubai face to face.     

Dinosaur at The Dubai Mall

Mar 25, 2014

Bennigan's: Great American Meal and Warm Irish Hospitality

Ed and I spent most of our weekends in Asian restaurants lately. We absolutely love Asian food, but then we miss trying out different dishes and new dine outs spots. So when we decided to have our lunch at The Dubai Mall last weekend, it was the right time to browse our blue books. We rely on our Entertainer Dubai whenever we want to have something new. With the Entertainer coupons, it's always a guilt-free indulgence because we get two dishes for the price of one! One of the new additions to the 2014 book is Bennigan's; an Irish-themed restaurant offering American food. American fare combined with Emerald Isle's legendary hospitality sounds very interesting, right? 

Bennigan's restaurant at The Dubai Mall

Mar 22, 2014

Dubai Festival of Lights at The Centre of Now

Dubai has always been shiny, shimmery and splendid! Just when I thought I'm used to its extravagant surprises, the city of glitz and glamour made my jaw drop once again! Ed and I just witnessed the much-talked about Dubai Festival of Lights at The Centre of Now, Downtown Dubai

Dubai Festival of Lights is the newest vibrant celebration in the city that never fails to amaze the world. The spectacular event is organized by Emaar Properties, in partnership with the City of Lyon where one of the world's biggest festivals 'Fete des Lumieres' is being held. They have created a 10-day celebration of light, art and culture which made the bustling modern part of Dubai beaming in a whole new light.

Dubai Festival of Lights at Downtown Dubai

Mar 19, 2014

Chop Suey: Hearty California Chinese Cuisine

Next to Filipino food, Chinese cuisine is a source of comfort whenever I'm dealing with homesickness blues. I don't know why, but duck slices and dumplings can release a certain feel-good energy! Much to my delight, I received an invitation in the middle of a busy workweek for a media lunch at Chop Suey, a new Chinese restaurant in Jumeirah. Though the restaurant's location is a long bus ride away from home and the work place, I just couldn't afford to miss the event. The foodie in me was elated with the California Chinese concept and the stressed-out body was in dire need  of comfort food! 

Chop Suey is a brainchild of Diana and Dina; best of friends who have the passion for food and cooking. Though they enjoyed Dubai's culinary diversity, they both missed the no-fuss California style Chinese restaurant where they can have a fun and relaxed meal with their families. Thus, Chop Suey came to life! December 2013, they launched a casual dining hot spot offering healthy and wholesome California Chinese classics, the Chinese food we all expect to love, at Beach Park Plaza. Chop Suey only uses the freshest ingredients, low sodium products and absolutely no MSG

Chop Suey Chinese restaurant in Jumeirah Dubai

Mar 16, 2014

Soy and Pepper: Asian Cuisine with a Twist

Dubai offers an extensive variety of cuisines, but there's always a point when I want nothing but a good ol' Filipino meal. Since my kitchen prowess is very limited, Ed and I would dine out whenever we crave for a special dish from home. It is very heart-warming to see new Filipino restaurants in  this culturally diverse city. The more options we have, the merrier! 
Recently, I stumbled across a new Asian restaurant specializing in Filipino cuisine. Soy and Pepper in Reef Mall seems like another restaurant to love as two of my blogger friends already posted that it could be the next big thing in town. So there I was, drooling over Soy and Pepper's chicken sisig on Instagram, wanting to try it the soonest. Surprisingly, on the very same day that Soy and Pepper lured me through a microblogging site, an invitation to dine at the restaurant arrived in my Facebook Page's inbox! I guess it's really true that when you want something, the universe conspires to make it happen... and when you get lucky, it happens in just a snap! :) I accepted the invite with a big grin on my face and the thoughts of chicken sisig still in my head.   

Soy and Pepper Asian Restaurant at Reef Mall Dubai

Mar 12, 2014

Juicing Up at Juice World

Most of my friends are addicted to juicing. They have their own juicers at home and they urged me join the phenomenon. It is a trend I have considered as I promised myself to eat better and live healthier. However, the process of making homemade juices is very time-consuming and most of all, I hate the cleaning part. :) Freshly-squeezed juices at the shopping malls are quite expensive, so when I heard that there's a certain shop in Dubai that serves fresh fruit drinks at a very affordable price, I was very excited to pay a visit!

Juice World is an international company that has been serving fresh and healthy juices for more than two decades; way back when the fitness juicing craze doesn't exist yet. In Saudi Arabia, where it was founded, it is known to be the biggest juice chain! When Juice World's first UAE branch opened their doors late last year, Dubai residents (and tourists) welcomed the juice shop with open arms.

Juice World in Al Rigga Dubai

Mar 8, 2014

Asian Buffet at Intramuros Restaurant Dubai

Since last year, a lot of people were directed to this blog while googling for Intramuros Restaurant in Dubai. Those people were probably disappointed when they realize that my blog's best friend, Mr. Google, gave them a post about the historical site in the Philippines and not the restaurant! I know I should put the blame to my blog's best friend and just laugh out loud on the additional traffic, but the truth is, I actually felt sorry for not giving my blog's visitors what they really need. #peoplepleaserBlogger? Yah, kind of. I'm a happy blogger, so I want my readers to leave my website happy as well! I aim to please! Hahah! :)

The good news is, I was finally able to dine at Intramuros last week! I was very delighted when my work buddies told me that our once-in-a-blue-moon weekend get together will be in a restaurant I have been meaning to try. I had to choose it over a media event (Red Bull Air Race concert) as I wouldn't want to miss a stress free, eat-all-you-can, night with the best workmates in the world! 

Intramuros Restaurant in Deira Dubai

Mar 5, 2014

The Exhilarating Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi

The media invitation for the Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi was the least I expected to arrive in my inbox. Who would have thought that this girly girl who often writes about romantic getaways and date nights in a pink polka blog will be invited to the season opener of the fastest motorsport series in the world? I am more of a cheerleader to a husband who is very much into adrenaline-rushing adventures. Ed is the reason why this pink blog also has posts on bungee jumping and roller coasters. He would also drag me to extreme sports events, and it never crossed my mind that one day, it could be the other way around.

Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi 1

Mar 2, 2014

Al Marasim Ladies Salon: A Beauty Sanctuary in Al Wasl

A friend has been raving about Al Marasim Ladies Salon ever since her pampering session last year. Actually, I wasn't surprised as I have already read a lot of good reviews about the elite salon in Jumeirah. She invited me to check out the place several times, but since I have been a busy working girl, it was only two Saturdays ago that I was able to join her for a salon time.

Al Marasim Ladies Salon has been delivering exquisite services for 18 years! It started as a humble salon in Sharjah. Now, it is known to be an exclusive beauty haven with branches in Fujairah, Dubai and Goa. Their latest branch is in a charming two-story white washed villa located  in the swanky Al Wasl area.

Al Marasim Ladies Salon Jumeirah