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Jul 31, 2019

Colmar Tropicale: Day Trip in a French-themed Resort in Malaysia

Two years ago, when I said I will go back to Malaysia, I truly meant it!

Ed and I traveled back to the Heart of Southeast Asia last May; this time together with my parents for my Mama's birthday trip. They haven't been to Malaysia before and I was longing to go back; hence it was an easy destination of choice.

While planning for the return trip, I asked my Instagram friends for tips on where to bring the family; preferably a special location where my Mama (who apparently has more Facebook followers than me) can take pretty photos and have a nice birthday celebration. Visiting Colmar Tropicale turned out to be the #1 recommendation!

Jul 15, 2019

Fun, Free, and Cheap Things to do in Singapore

Singapore is one of my favorite cities in the world. Other than the fact that it has the bestest airport, coolest attractions, and super organized transportation system, Singapore was my very first out of the country destination, that is why it holds a place in my heart.

Whether a quick layover or a proper holiday, I wouldn't mind visiting Singapore over and over.  However, it can be costly!

It was named as the world's most expensive city to live in for several years, and probably one of the priciest holiday destinations. Hence, spending a few days in Singapore has always been a challenge for budget travelers like me.

Free things to do in Singapore

Jun 30, 2019

Bluewaters Island: What's in the newest island in Dubai?

Set to be the tallest observation wheel in the world, I have watched Ain Dubai slowly taking shape for years! The giant ferris wheel is still under construction, but the man-made island where it proudly stands has already been opened to the public last winter.

It is called Bluewaters Island, and oh-em-gee, it looks gorgeous! 

Bluewaters Island in Dubai

Jun 26, 2019

How on point is The Pointe in Dubai?

I haven't been going out lately. I know I'm missing on a lot of new things in Dubai and this blog has dried up on new information. No FOMO and no apologies here though as I have personal -valid- reasons. ;) But I wouldn't deny, I've been dying to visit those cool new places popping on my Instagram feed.

On top of my list is The Pointe.

The Pointe Dubai

Jun 18, 2019

OYO Rooms: Budget Stay in the UAE

I'm a huge fan of budget travel, but here's the catch - I'm not the one who's willing to compromise comfort and convenience. Being always after the value of money, I was thrilled when I heard about the launching of OYO Rooms in the UAE.  

What is OYO? 

OYO Rooms is actually not a newbie in the budget travel category. It originated in India in 2013 as a startup which aimed to standardize the services in budget hotels and guesthouses. It has become South Asia's largest hospitality group, and now it's being introduced to the world; one country at a time.  

OYO Rooms UAE blog review

Jun 3, 2019

Family Staycation in Hili Rayhaan by Rotana

Al Ain is undoubtedly one of the popular holiday destinations in the UAE. It is where Ed and I usually go whenever we need to take a breather. Fondly called as The Garden City, Al Ain is a total opposite of Dubai; no skyscrapers, no bizarre structures, lots of lush greens, and time seemingly moves slower! 

Now that my parents are here again on a short vacation and I think they have seen much of Dubai already, we decided to let them have a whole new experience; a change of environment by having a lazy family staycation in Al Ain. 

Hili Rayhaan hotel review