July 2013 | Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Jul 30, 2013

Featured in Trekity:Daily Travel Ideas For Women

"Lady and her Sweet Escapes" was made for my friends who often ask for travel tips, directions and restaurant suggestions. I am always happy to help and I think that having a blog is the most convenient way of sharing what I know. Several months later, I was very pleased to discover that I am also helping a lot of people across the globe. Then, invitations, advertisements and interviews came. It's very surreal as my only mission was to have an online diary where I can write my DIY itineraries and my foodie adventures for my friends. 

Later on, blogging became a passion, not an extra workload. I still get surprised every time I receive emails from well known websites and big companies. I do still pinch myself several times just to be sure that I'm not dreaming. Despite all the perks of being a blogger, I am keeping my mission as it is. That is why, I was so thrilled when I received an email from Trekity, an international website for women who love to travel. 

Jul 27, 2013

Arabic Iftar at Arabian Center

Several days ago, Ed and I were invited to a special Iftar celebration hosted by Arabian Center. Iftar is an evening meal when Muslims break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan. It is a tradition that has become a social gathering. Here in Dubai, non-Muslims have learned to respect and embrace the culture. Although we are not required to fast, we still follow a strict courtesy policy during daytime and we go to Iftars and Suhoors organized by our Muslim friends. 

Hatam in Arabian Center

Jul 24, 2013

Cebu Pacific Flies To Phuket!

There's always something new and exciting from Cebu Pacific every single day. I often wake up to big surprises on my news feed; seat sales just kept pouring in, along with unexpected new routes! Just when I thought that the announcement of Manila-Dubai flights was the biggest surprise for me this year, Cebu Pacific again blew me away with direct flights to my dream island destination, Phuket! 

Jul 20, 2013

Ramadan Lights: The Light and Sound Show at WAFI

WAFI is an Egyptian themed shopping mall with huge statues of Pharaohs, columns inspired by the Karnak Temple in Egypt and intricate hieroglyphics on its wall. With its one-of-a-kind Ancient Egypt setting, WAFI is not just a shopping destination, it is a tourist attraction as well. It is astonishing during the day, and even more spectacular at night! 

Wafi Pyramids

Jul 17, 2013

Cebu Pacific A330's Maiden Flight and Fascinating Facts

Cebu Pacific continues to fulfill its mission to give an affordable mode of travel to Filipinos worldwide! Cebu Pacific Air's A330 aka The Big Juan will not just bring Filipinos closer to Dubai, but to Korea and Singapore as well! CEB's Big Juan just had its inaugural flight to Seoul last July 4 and to Singapore last July 8, 2013. The passengers of the said flights were given special send-offs and freebies. The first inaugural flight passenger to check-in even received a Seoul-Manila round trip ticket! Lucky Juan!

Ever wonder how BIG the Big Juan is? Here are fun fascinating facts about 
Cebu Pacific's brand new airbus A330:

Jul 15, 2013

Ramadan Daytime Dining at Hard Rock Cafe

Ramadan is a holy month in the Islamic culture. It is when Muslims observe strict fasting from sunrise to sunset. Non-Muslims are required to follow rules and regulations to show respect to the Islamic tradition; no eating, drinking, smoking and intimate gestures in public. Women should wear modest clothes; knees and shoulders should be covered. Playing loud music is also not allowed. Of all the courtesy policies to be followed during the holy month, I find abstaining from food and water hard to comply. I am always attacked by thirst and hunger in the middle of nowhere! Good thing, there are still restaurants where non-Muslims can dine discreetly during daytime. 

Hard Rock Cafe in Dubai Festival City is one of the licensed restaurants that can serve food before sunset. On the first weekend of Ramadan, Ed and I were able to check out the happenings at Hard Rock. Two hours before Iftar time, the place was nearly empty. There were less than 10 groups of Westerners and some Asians. Hard Rock is known to be a party place, yet it has mellowed down to a regular dining spot during this time of the year. No live band, no loud music, no dancing and booze is served only after 8 pm. 

Hard Rock Cafe DFC Dubai

Jul 13, 2013

Things-To-Do When You're Stuck In Changi Airport

This is a continuation of The 19-hour Travel Nightmare post. 
To better understand my story, click here first! :)

On our second lay-over in Singapore, Ed and I spent the night at Ambassador Transit Hotel just as planned. When I woke up the next day, I hoped the travel nightmare was merely just a nightmare. Then, reality came rushing and slapped me on the face! We're stuck in Changi Airport!! Ouch!  So, you think Ed and I would sulk at the corner, weeping and drying each other's tears? Nope, we're better than that! We came up with a Plan B! :) We grabbed some guide books and created an epic impromptu itinerary INSIDE Changi Airport!
Things to do in Changi Airport Singapore

Jul 10, 2013

100 Lucky Juans: Week 3 and 4 UWInners

The weather app on my phone tells me that it's a cruel summer day once again. Times like this make me want to pack my bags, head straight to the Philippines and feel the raindrops on my skin. In reality, I need to endure the summer heat for the next 3 months. Oh how I envy my kababayans in the UAE who are about to take their vacation, especially the 100 Lucky Juans who are going home for free, courtesy of Cebu Pacific! 

Jul 6, 2013

Ambassador Transit Hotel and The 19-hour Travel Nightmare

After a month long vacation in the Philippines, Ed and I had another lay-over in Singapore on our way back to Dubai. If you remember, we successfully followed an epic 9-hour itinerary during our first stop over. We were up to another "Amazing Race: Ed and Lady Episode" on our second lay-over which was longer, 19 hours to be exact. We were scheduled to arrive in Singapore at 8pm and depart for Dubai at 3pm the next day! Another epic itinerary was prepared, directions and maps were printed, and our overnight stay was booked. 

We arrived a few minutes late at Terminal 3 instead of 2. Ed and I were on our fastest pace as we have to meet a friend at Terminal 1 who invited us to Clark Quay that night! Based on the itinerary I made, we were supposed to be out at 9 pm. It was already 10 when we got our passports stamped at the immigration. Anyhow, the meet-up was successful, the Clark Quay visit wasn't! Why? Because a month before our flight, before the meet-up was even planned, I scheduled a 12 midnight to 6 AM stay at Ambassador Transit Hotel. We MUST check in at 12 or else a no show will be charged. After our dinner at Terminal 1, Ed and I had no choice but to head straight to the transit hotel. 

Ambassador Transit Hotel inside Changi Airport Singapore

Jul 3, 2013

The BIG Juan: Cebu Pacific's A330

I have always been fascinated with airplanes. When I was little, I would tilt my head up in the sky whenever I hear a whoosh sound. I would stargaze and look for blinking airplane navigation lights at night. Until now, I still get that rush feelings whenever I see one. It's a bucket of mixed emotions actually. It can sometimes be homesickness; the longing to be one of the passengers who are on their way home. It can also be euphoria; the giddy feeling whenever I think of my dream getaway or homecoming.  

Now, how would I feel when I see this big Airbus, bearing the Philippine Flag, in the skies of United Arab Emirates real soon?