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Jan 14, 2019

10 Cool Things to Do in Dubai during Winter

How do you enjoy winter season in Dubai? 

Winter is such a precious time in this part of the globe. It is when temperature drops up to 15 °C (Finally!) after a long and sweaty summer! This season of fine weather, cool breeze, and just enough sunshine is short lived. It lasts only for about three to four months, hence we need to make the most out of it! Agree? :) 

I made a round up of the cool things to do in Dubai during winter. These are actually my favorite winter activities, so if there's something I miss, feel free to share it in comment section below.

winter activities in Dubai

Jan 8, 2019

Top Things To See in Dubai Miracle Garden This Season

The World's Largest Natural Flower Garden is back, and as I always say, it gets better year after year!

Dubai Miracle Garden, a top winter attraction in United Arab Emirates, is finally open to public after a long summer hiatus. Now on its seventh season, I couldn't help but reminisce how this amazing garden became the talk of the town (the world, rather) when it was launched in 2013. It became so popular that my blog post about it went viral and was even featured in an article at Today.com of NBC News! That's the reason why Dubai Miracle Garden holds a special place in my blogger heart. 

Dubai Miracle Garden 2019