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Dec 3, 2013

Biking at Downtown Dubai with Nextbike's Byky

I have another confession to make. I can't ride a bike! Do I sound weird? My husband thinks that my childhood is abnormal. I grew up with dolls and plastic cooking sets... and it seemed normal for me. Actually, I tried to balance myself in the two-wheeled vehicle in one point of my life. Year 1995, I was quite inspired to learn after I watched the movie Now and Then, but it never worked for me. Playing in the streets was never my thing, so I am now 31 and still learning the basics of childhood life! Hashtag late bloomer here! Hehehe.

I have been eyeing the Nextbike's Byky at Downtown Dubai since summer. Whenever we passed by the rental stations, I'd always tell Ed that we should rent one, and he'd say "but you don't know how to bike!" Then last weekend night, due to the 'convincing prowess' of my husband's cousin (Thanks, Ciel), Ed finally agreed that we'd rent and share a byky for 30 minutes. 

Nextbike's Byky at Downtown Dubai

We went crazy over our rented Byky! We took our turns like little children playing and giggling in the street. Some passerby even gave us weird glances, most probably because I needed my husband's support while I was on my bike. If he let go, I might have fell... and that's even more embarrassing! 

My 15-second IG video:

The bicycles for rent at Downtown Dubai are owned by a public bike sharing company, Nextbike. It started in Leipzig in 2004 and now has 15000 rental bikes in 80 cities of 10 countries, in 4 continents! At Downtown Dubai, Nextbike's Byky can be rented at 5 stations; beside Burj Khalifa Metro Station, in front Burj Khalifa's entrance, at the Burj Park, at Souk Al Bahar and near The Address Hotel.

Nextbike rental station in front Burj Khalifa

To rent a bike, you must register at Nextbike's website first. Then, you can either call the hotline or access the smartphone app or use the automated rental station if you have the RFID customer card. You will be asked for the bike's number and your credit card. After registering, you will receive a code on your mobile phone to open the combination lock of your chosen bike.

Byky rental stationHow to rent a Byky

To return the bike, access Nextbike's website again and click on the "return bike" option. Lock the bike at the designated rental station. Then, the final rental bill will appear on your phone! 

Byky for rent at Downtown Dubai

So, if you want to see Downtown Dubai in a fun and different way, rent a Byky and pedal your way around the world's tallest tower! I'll be doing this again soon, and hopefully without my husband's support! :) 

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa: standing tall in front Nextbike's rental station

Rental Price: 15 AED for 30 minutes

Nextbike Byky Rental Station
in front Burj Khalifa's main entrance
Boulevard Mohammed Bin Rashed (formerly Emaar Boulevard)
Downtown Dubai

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