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Nov 7, 2014

India: Realization and Relaxation in Ramada Jaipur

The feeling of relief washed over me as I walked in Ramada Jaipur. Day #1 in India was mentally challenging for me. I was culture shocked in Old Delhi. I arrived in Jaipur extremely tired, although I only sat, slept and listened to India-related conversation for 4-hours in a fast moving vehicle. And on our first hour in Jaipur, in a gems store, I was persuaded to believe in things that I never believed in. I was there because I was curious on how the gems are made, not because I need one to shape my destiny or to help me transform into Darna! Hah! :)

I have been warned and I came ready, but I never thought that India could be so tough to my senses and even to my faith. 

So, after the long mind-boggling day, all I wanted was to be in a quiet room where I can share my thoughts to the person who understands me the most. I hurriedly jumped off the van, quickly replied to the doorman's Namaste greeting, zoomed into Ramada Jaipur's lobby and kept my fingers crossed for a pleasant two-nights stay.

view from Ramada Jaipur roof deck
Hello Jaipur! (aerial view from Ramada Jaipur's roof deck)

Ramada Jaipur: The Location and The Amenities
Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is drenched in rich history and culture. The main attractions are within the gates of the walled Pink City and up in the hills. Ramada Jaipur is a short drive from those landmarks. It is conveniently located in the modern part of the city, with residences, retail shops and food chains as neighbors.

The lobby is elegantly furnished and very welcoming. During the check in process, a staff offered us some refreshments which we gratefully accepted. The hotel has a restaurant and a gift shop in the ground floor, a recreation area with pool, gym and spa at the deck. It's so fab that I could hardly believe it was included in our budget Golden Triangle tour package! 

swimming pool at Ramada Jaipur
the swimming pool at the deck
Ramada Jaipur doorman
 Ramada Jaipur's well-dressed doorman who never failed to greet us day and night
Ramada Jaipur's elegant lobby
the finely furnished lobby

The Deluxe Room
A few minutes after arrival, we were led to our respective rooms. I was more than happy to see how spacious and complete our deluxe room is! It is homey! It has a wooden flooring, a work space, a tall glass window with a city view and comfy double bed that immediately called out my name. The bathroom is equipped with a bath tub, hot shower which was perfectly working (Yey!) and basic toiletries with subtle scents. 

The drawback? WiFi access was not free during our stay. Ed and I had to pay 500 rupees each for a 24-hour internet access. 

Ramada Jaipur deluxe room
our snooze spot in Ramada Jaipur
Ramada Jaipur bathroom
Thumbs up for the clean and spacious bathroom!

The Ayurveda Spa
I had an Ayurvedic massage at Ramada Jaipur's Spa and it was ah-mazing! Well, I never felt it would be when I stepped inside the massage room. I'm always keen on public towels, and I noticed that the towel prepared on my massage bed was already used! I called the therapist's attention and it was immediately changed. But, OMG, what if I didn't have the time to check it? :(

Now, let's talk about the amazing part. ;) It is said that Ayurveda is a form alternative medicine that creates harmony and balance in the mind and body. A special oil that smelled like a blend of aromatic plants was applied on my skin. Then, the therapist gave my worn-out muscles a series of deep strokes focusing on the pressure points. I couldn't vividly remember each step as I fell asleep halfway through! 

Ayurveda at Ramada Jaipur
the aromatic and calming Ayurveda massage oils
Ramada Jaipur massage room
a friendly reminder: Always have the time to check you massage towel.
Mine had oily yellow stains before my spa session started! :(

The Food: In-Room Dining and Breakfast Buffet
We had a good International breakfast for two consecutive days at Around The World restaurant in Ramada Jaipur's lobby. The place looked posh even in broad daylight. The selections were fine except for the mini doughnut that I got from the pastry counter. It was chewy and firm, not light and fluffy as every doughnut should be!

On our last night in Jaipur, Ed and I preferred not to go out for dinner due to certain reasons: 1.) because I smelled like herbs after I had the Ayurveda massage. 2.) because of the Chicken Stroganoff he spotted in the in-room dining menu. So, he dialed room service and everything went great. The dish was promptly delivered to our room and was such a treat to the taste buds that yearned for International food after several Indian meals!  

Around The World restaurant in Ramada Jaipur
Around The World restaurant in Ramada Jaipur
breakfast buffet in Ramada Jaipur
the breakfast counters
in-room dining in Ramada Jaipur
Room Service: Chicken Stroganoff 

Mid-travel Realization
Ramada Jaipur became my breathing space in India. The next morning, at sunrise, realizations came in while I people-watched by the window. I reminded myself that I wasn't there to judge their ways, I was there to understand. And although I was not bound to believe in their beliefs, I knew I was bound to respect them. The only thing that I must do is to open my mind a little more.

Ramada Jaipur
Govind Marg, Raja Park
Jaipur, Rajasthan

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