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Aug 20, 2015

Weekend BBQ Buffet at Horizon in Amwaj Rotana

I love meat as much as I love seafood! I'm a true blue carnivore who couldn't live without beef, pork, and chicken... and I love 'em grilled! :) That's the reason why I drooled over the thought of smoky juicy grilled meat when an invitation to check out the Weekend BBQ Buffet at Horizon in Amwaj Rotana popped in my mailbox. 

Beyond the barbecue, I heard nothing but praises about Amwaj and its restaurants from friends who have stayed in the hotel! So, without a doubt, I gave my big fat yes to the invitation and scheduled a lets-not-talk-about-diet date night! :)    

Horizon restaurant in Amwaj Rotana
Horizon restaurant in Amwaj Rotana

Ed and I arrived a little past 7pm at Horizon; an all day dining restaurant tucked in the 2nd floor of Amwaj Rotana. A staff at the reception offered some drinks which Ed and I happily accepted as we have just walked under Dubai's hot and humid weather! 

We were very pleased with the refreshing welcome and the relaxed ambiance. Horizon has a casual and contemporary vibe which I think is perfect for buffets and barbecues! It has an indoor and outdoor seating, but the latter is currently closed because it's the peak of summer. I bet it's a perfect place for alfresco dining on the cooler months, but for now, I am overjoyed to have the taste and the aroma of summer (I'm talking about barbecue!) indoor! 

Horizon buffet restaurant Dubai
Horizon all day dining buffet restaurant
Horizon in Amwaj Rotana
casual and contemporary atmosphere for family dinners or date nights

After I took a much-needed gulp from the welcome drink, our server led us to the buffet and introduced each section. There, we let some wows and oohhhs slip out our mouths! Apparently, the Weekend BBQ Buffet in Horizon is not just all about grilled meat! I went crazy over the sight of seafood (Oysters FTW!), Japanese rolls, a good selection of bread and cheeses, and appetizers from around the world. 

I wanted to save a big room for an all-meat main course, but I was not able to resist! At the sprawling spread of starters, I got myself a full plate of seafood, some Mexican nachos with guacamole, Thai beef salad, Italian caprese and Japanese rolls. I couldn't help but smile at every bite. The food is very Rotana. I mean, there is the "distinct quality" that never fails to impress us - the freshness, the flavors, the fireworks! :)    

succulent seafood for starters
Succulent seafood for starters? Yes please!
Japanese rolls in Horizon
Japanese rolls
bread in Horizon Amwaj Rotana
an excellent selection of bread
International dishes in Horizon Amwaj Rotana
a wide range of flavors in one plate

And here comes the most awaited BBQ! :) 

Horizon has a long buffet counter for main course, but I failed to check those in the chafing dishes as my full attention was on the variety of meat on a bed of ice. Ed and I picked beef, lamb, and salmon from the spread. There's no pork, yet nothing to fret about as there's roasted turkey! Oh boy, it felt like Christmas on August!  

bbq buffet in Horizon Amwaj Rotana
an assortment of meat for barbecue
roasted turkey in Horizon Amwaj Rotana
yummy roasted turkey and side dishes
grilled sausages in Horizon Amwaj Rotana
grilled sausages and chicken wings

I looked on as the chef carefully placed our chosen meat on the grill. He advised us to return to our table as he will have it served once it's ready. I wouldn't mind staying near the open kitchen though. The area has proper ventilation, not smoky, so I never worried on the barbecue smell clinging to my clothes. 

Thinking it would take long, I decided to join Ed in our table. But a few minutes and three conversation topics later, our meaty feast arrived. I got a portion of baked potato for pairing, and yes, it went so well with the barbecued meat! All three varieties were grilled just right, no burnt edges, not raw in the center, and surprisingly packed with flavor! No dipping in barbecue sauce necessary!   

BBQ live cooking in Horizon in Amwaj Rotana
BBQ live cooking in Horizon in Amwaj Rotana
weekend bbq in Horizon in Amwaj Rotana
our meaty feast fresh off the grill
Lady in Horizon in Amwaj Rotana
BBQ love! 

Our main course was a bit heavy; hence it was so good to find dairy-free options for dessert! Of course, there's a counter filled with sinfully good sweets as well. If only the strawberry fraiser came in smaller servings, I'd definitely grab one! Nevertheless, I still satiated my sweet tooth cravings with the healthy options which tasted as good as the regular chocolatey desserts. No compromise!  

dairy free desserts in Horizon Amwaj Rotana
dairy free desserts
desserts in Horizon Amwaj Rotana
Strawberry Fraiser and more luscious goodies

The Weekend BBQ Buffet at Horizon got a thumbs up from me and Ed. 

The service was impeccable. The staff were very efficient and accommodating. I am amazed on how fast they were to offer help when they noticed I was juggling a bowl of kikkoman, a plate of appetizers and chopsticks on my way to our table, on how they took the time to ask if we're loving the food, and on how open they were to feedback and suggestions! The ambiance was great, yet I know it would be better during winter when the barbecue grill and some tables are set in the terrace.

I know this wouldn't be our first and last at Horizon in Amwaj Rotana. We'd probably book a stay the next time Rotana has a 48 hour sale and we'd be back at Horizon for breakfast, or perhaps we'd be back for Christmas dinner. Yes, Horizon's roasted turkey made me think about Christmas too soon!   

Weekend BBQ Buffet
(every Thursday and Friday, 6:30 - 10:30 pm)
199 AED/person with non-alcoholic beverages
269 AED/person with non-alcoholic and house beverages 
100 AED/child (6-12 years old)

Amwaj Rotana
JBR, Dubai
Contact # 04 428 2000
Website: www.rotana.com

Nearest tram station: Jumeirah Beach Residence 2

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