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Mar 19, 2019

10 Instagrammable Spots in Tbilisi

Did I mention how much I fell in love with Tbilisi when Ed and I visited last Autumn?

Tbilisi, they say is "the city that loves you", and it's definitely not hard to love back. The city, especially the old town, is so charming that I felt welcome the moment I arrived. It is also too colorful - homes are dainty and drenched in pastel tones - that I immediately felt I belong!

Wahhh! It looks too perfect for my Instagram theme!

Don't get me wrong. Ed and I don't travel just for the 'gram. But I can't deny that I really swooned over Tbilisi's cute and colorful corners because it's like my Instagram grid came to life!  

Instagram Spots in Tbilisi Georgia

Here are some of the Instagram-worthy spots in Tbilisi:

1. The Bridge of Peace
The Bridge of Peace is Tbilisi's iconic landmark. The bow-shaped pedestrian bridge made of glass and steel stretches over the Mtkvari River. It looks pretty during the day; you can see its reflection on the calm waters! And it turns into an elegant walkway at night as it is illuminated with LED fixtures.  

How to get there? The Bridge of Peace is a short 10-minute walk from Liberty Square.

The Bridge of Peace Tbilisi
The Bridge of Peace

Lady in The Bridge of Peace Tbilisi
Who goes to Tbilisi without a photo in this bridge? 

2. Old Tbilisi Houses
Dzveli Tbilisi or Old Tbilisi is the city's historic district. It is a neighborhood of charming traditional homes, old churches, and local restaurants. The houses, in particular, are quaint and dreamy. They have these huge windows, gorgeous balconies, and some even with outdoor spiral staircases! They are also nicely painted with creamy pastel colors that silently shout "pose here for the gram!" Hahaha!

houses in Old Tbilisi
A neighborhood made in Pastel Heaven!

balcony in old tbilisi georgia
Quaint and Charming!

3. Narikala Fortress
Narikala Fortress is an ancient structure located above the old city. The fortification was established in the 4th century and was expanded over the years. Now, it serves as a spot not just to reminisce Georgia's history, but to see an unobstructed panorama of the city! 

How to reach Narikala Fortress? You can ride the cable car from Rike Park or take the hiking trail from Old Town. 

Narikala Fortress Tbilisi Georgia
Narikala Fortress guarding the city down below

Narikala Fortress remnants
Remnants of the old fortification

view from Narikala Fortress
The view from the fortress! Worth climbing? YESSS! 

4. Tbilisi Clock Tower
Also known as the Leaning Tower of Tbilisi, the Clock Tower is an imposing structure attached to the marionette theater of Rezo Gabriadze. It is a bizarre-looking, fairytale-like tower that you surely wouldn't miss while walking in the old district. People gather around the tower on the hour to see a mini puppet show - an angel pops out with a hammer to ring the bell!  

Early morning at the Leaning Clock Tower of Tbilisi
Early morning at the Leaning Clock Tower of Tbilisi 

puppet show in Tbilisi Clock Tower
On the hour, wait for the puppet angel to come out from the balcony! 

5. Orbeliani Bathhouse
With its blue-tile facade, I honestly thought Orbeliani Bathhouse is a mosque! This beautiful intricately-decorated building is situated on the sulphuric river bank and houses one of the most luxurious sulfur baths in the city.  I didn't get to see what's inside though as I wasn't prepared for the traditional bath. Maybe next time! ;)

Orbeliani Bathhouse Tbilisi
Spot the Orbeliani Bathhouse?

Lady in Orbeliani Bathhouse Tbilisi
Here's a closer look of the facade.

6. Abanotubani Sulfur Bathhouses
Abanotubani district is dotted with traditional sulfur bathhouses. You can identify the red bricks, domed rooftops and the apparent sulfur smell from afar! Sulfur bath is a tradition in Tbilisi as the city was built around the sulfur springs. Now, it's more of an activity (with good benefits) for tourists as they say sulfur baths can help treat skin problems.

Prices vary from 30 to 100 GEL, depending on the type of room and service. 

Traditional sulfur bath domes in Abanotubani
Traditional sulfur bath domes in Abanotubani

7. Love Lock Bridge
Hidden in Abanotubani is Tbilisi's very own love lock bridge! We visited early in the morning, right after breakfast, and it was a perfect time. It was quiet, just the sound of the sulfur river streaming down below. Having the place to ourselves definitely made the atmosphere more romantic! 

How to get there? The easiest path is to walk past the bathhouses and just follow the stream. You can also take the spiral staircase from the Old Town, but this is quite complicated due to the maze-like alleyways.  

Tbilisi's answer to Paris' love lock bridge
Tbilisi's answer to Paris' love lock bridge

Ed and Lady in Tbilisi love lock bridge
Early morning date in Tbilisi's most romantic nook.

8. Gallery 27
The Kaleidoscope House in Gallery 27 serves not just a colorful backdrop for photo ops but a soulful glimpse of what it is like living in Old Tbilisi. It has a wooden staircase decked in colored stained-glass windows. Located in Betlemi Street, Gallery 27 has a small souvenir shop, yet most of the area is a residence. So, be very quiet and remember not to invade the residents' privacy when visiting.

Kaleidoscope House in Tbilisi
Kaleidoscope House in Tbilisi

9. Sameba or the Holy Trinity Cathedral
The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi is definitely a must-visit attraction! Perched on a hill, the place of worship can be seen almost anywhere in the city! It is the religious center of Georgia and one of the grandest Orthodox churches in the world. Other than the church itself, the beautifully landscaped garden is also not to be missed.

How to get there? From Metekhi St. Virgin Church, Ed and I took a 25-minute walk to Sameba. It's a good stroll if you want to pass by the local community and see more hidden sights. However, getting there by foot is not recommended if you don't have enough time. You can take the local taxi instead; estimated fare is 5 GEL.   

Tbilisi Holy Trinity Cathedral

Ed and Lady in Tbilisi Holy Trinity Cathedral
This church is massive and magnificent!

10. Murals in Dry Bridge
From Sameba, Ed and I walked back to the Old City and passed by the Dry Bridge. From afar, it isn't as inviting as the Bridge of Peace, but it has a lot of surprises in store. One is this super lovely mural pictured below! The Dry Bridge also has a flea market where the locals sell antiques and their charming old things!   

Lady in Tbilisi Dry Bridge
Found a hidden Insta-gem in Tbilisi Dry Bridge!

Did I miss your favorite spot in Tbilisi? Drop a comment below! 

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