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Oct 5, 2016

My Paris Bucket List


I'm in Paris! Wahhh! I'M IN PARIS! 

Sorry to sound like a broken record. I just need to type that again in all CAPS to remind myself that I'm here... for real! Ed and I arrived in The City of Light just in time for my birthday. We'll be here until our 5th Wedding Anniversary, which means we only have four days and a half to explore the city!

Honestly, I thought fours days are more than enough for Paris. But when I started researching for this trip, I realized that there are so many things to do other than seeing the Eiffel Tower and Mona Lisa! Hence, in order to save time, I created a wish list which only includes the activities I'm interested in.

Paris Bucket List

Here is my very own Paris bucket list:

1. Be overly cheesy at the Eiffel Tower! We're not really the PDA-type, but hey, we're in the most romantic city in the world!  

2. Have a Parisian picnic with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

3. See the Mona Lisa in Louvre.

4. Devour a plate of Escargot. Yep! Snails!

5. Find Amelie! Visit the locations where the movie Amelie was filmed.

6. Climb 387 steps to the top of Notre Dame Cathedral's bell tower.

7. Eat French Macarons in Laduree. I fought the temptation of having Laduree macarons in Dubai for several years. All because I'm saving my first bite for Paris!

8. See the Eiffel Tower from the top of Arc de Triomphe.

9. Stroll in Champs Elysees - the most beautiful avenue in the world!

10. Sip a cup of Hot Chocolate in Angelina. Just like Laduree, I'm saving my first sip for Paris!

11. Walk along the banks of Seine River.

12. Say a prayer at Sacre Coeur.

13. Have a scoop of Berthillon ice cream.

14. Marvel at Saint-Chapelle's stained glass windows.

15. Eat crepe errrrday! Because it's not just cheap, it's my fave too!

Join me on Instagram - @ladyandhersweetescapes and #SweetEscapesInFrance - as tick these 15 things off my list! Au revoir! :)

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