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Jan 9, 2017

Cool Instagrammable Cafes in Silay

My hometown hardly welcomes big national brands in the dining scene. I'm not sad, not even worried. Silay is one of those towns that proudly holds a striking balance between growth and cultural preservation. Popular dining spots in the city weren't franchised from the metropolis. They were created by the locals for the locals! 

One of the best things I have stumbled onto during my recent homecoming is Silay's booming coffee culture. There are plenty of new cafes, each with a different style and concept. And the bonus is, in this Instagram-era, most of those cafes are visually perfect. They aren't just spots for a caffeine fix, they are gram-worthy as well!

cafes in Silay City

Here are 3 cool, Instagrammable, new cafes in my hometown - Silay:

Ann Co Cakes
I have heard about Ann Co Cakes before I left for Dubai, but it was only very recent that the famous cake maker opened a restaurant/cafe in Silay. Just like Ann Co's baked goodies, her cafe is a perk-me-upper. It is artsy, colorful and brings out nothing but good vibes.

As recommended by the staff, I had the bestselling Frozen Brazos. I love it! One serving is packed with decadent layers of fluffy meringue and sweet custard, and topped with crushed grahams. Another must-try is the Carrot Cake. It is a classic favorite of the family as it is simple, not too sweet yet flavorful. Other than the sweet treats, Ann Co Cakes also serves all day brunch, pastas and sandwiches.

Location: Margarita Building, Rizal Street, Silay City
Timings: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM  

The Art Cafe @ Ann Co Cakes
The Art Cafe @ Ann Co Cakes

Ann Co carrot cake
The Classics: brewed coffee + carrot Cake

art in Ann Co Cakes Silay
Mermaid feels!

The Mansion
Care to have your coffee with a trip down the memory lane? One of Silay's ancestral homes was turned into a cafe, bar and gallery. Situated in the historic Calle Ledesma, The Mansion is a perfect choice for those who long to discover Silay's rich heritage while having a cup of the city's local blend.

On a quiet afternoon, The Mansion can certainly induce nostalgia. But on most nights, it is a cool spot for events and parties. The menu is a cross between traditional and hip - from Cocido (Spanish beef stew) to Pasta Alfredo, from house wine to Red Horse! As for coffee breaks, The Mansion serves The Local Blend made of Robusta beans from the farms in Patag, and The Pour Over Special - coffee brewed in the purest way!

Location: Calle Ledesma, Silay City
Timings: 4:00 to 11:00 PM (Friday to Sunday)

The Mansion Cafe Silay
The Mansion: Cafe | Bar | Gallery

food at The Mansion Cafe Silay
The Mansion Treats: Potato Bombs and Cold Brew

antique memorabilia at The Mansion Cafe Silay
antique memorabilia

Cafe Velo
Created by sisters who love coffee and bicycles, Cafe Velo is a unique cafe concept which instantly became an awesome addition to Silay's foodie scene. It is a lively space; well thought of and distinct. I personally love the seasonal decors and menu. On December, they had snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and served Peppermint White Chocolate! 

For a small cafe, the menu is pretty impressive. All-day breakfast, sandwiches, cakes and cookies are offered, but the highlight is definitely the variety of drinks. Other than coffee, Cafe Velo's beverage menu boasts Italian Sodas, milkshakes and fruit smoothies! And just like the cafe's vibrant interior, the delicious food and drinks are beautifully presented, you can't resist but take out your phone for a #foodporn #flatlay shot! 

Location: P. Ledesma/Mckinley Street, Silay City
Timings: 1:00 to 8:00 PM (Closed on Tuesdays)

Cafe Velo in Silay
Cafe Velo (The cafe was packed when we dined, hence I wasn't able to take a photo of the interior)

Cafe Velo's cakes and frappes
Cafe Velo's cakes and frappes

All things Matcha! :) 

Do you know any cool and Instagrammable cafe in Silay or in Bacolod? I would love to see what I missed. Share it in the comment section below and I might try it in my next homecoming. :)

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