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Feb 12, 2017

2 in 1 Brunch: Cielo Sky Lounge X Casa de Tapas

As most of you know, I have always been a huge fan of Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, specifically of the dining venues. It's a no-brainer choice for special occasions and laid back weekends. So far, Ed and I have been to Boardwalk, QDs and Thai Kitchen. And the rest remains in my restaurants-to-try checklist!

So, I couldn't help but do my happy dance when I heard about the 2 in 1 Brunch at Cielo Sky Lounge and Casa de Tapas. Imagine this: Two amazing dining spots! Two different brunch concepts! It's hitting two birds with one stone!    

2 in 1 Friday Brunch in Dubai

When the 2 in 1 Brunch was launched last month, Ed and I wanted to try it soonest. But the weather has not been friendly, so we only had the chance to go last weekend. No rain, cool breeze, a little sunshine; it was a perfect day for brunching!


Both restaurants are located in the same building as Boardwalk. You know, that cool white structure on the bank of the creek. Casa de Tapas is in the 2nd level and Ceilo Sky Lounge is at the roof top. For the 2 in 1 Brunch, guests have the option to stay in one of the restaurants or move around between the two!

Our table reservation was at Cielo; hence, we went there first. We were given green paper wristbands at the front desk. It is the restaurants' way of identifying brunch guests; green is for those with unli house beverage.       

Casa de Tapas Dubai
Boardwalk - Casa de Tapas - Cielo Sky Lounge


Cielo Sky Lounge
As we entered Cielo, we were welcomed in a chic and casual setting. The open air lounge offers a breathtaking view of Dubai Creek and the ever-changing Dubai skyline. We had the option to lounge on the blue sofa in the center or casually dine with a view overlooking the creek. Alternately, chill music from the DJ and live music from the band entertain the guests. 

brunching with a view at Cielo Sky Lounge
brunching with a view at Cielo Sky Lounge

Friday Brunch at Cielo
al fresco dining

Casa de Tapas
We shifted to Casa de Tapas halfway through our brunch, and there we were welcomed in a whole different vibe. Casa de Tapas is an award-winning Spanish bar and restaurant. The greetings from the staff are formal, and the venue is traditional and rustic. A live band performs upbeat Latin music, giving us a vibrant and authentic dining experience. 

Ed and Lady at Casa de Tapas
fine dining at Casa de Tapas

Casa de Tapas Dubai
a slice of Spain in Dubai


Cielo Sky Lounge
We were treated to a feast of international fare at Cielo Sky Lounge. The outdoor buffet spread includes grilled items, sliders, tacos, sandwiches, and an amazing array of starters. I personally love the offerings at the grill station. It's where I got juicy lamb chops and perfectly-seasoned shish tawook.    

sliders at Cielo Sky Lounge brunch
sandwiches and sliders at Cielo Sky Lounge brunch

Taco Station
Taco Station

grilled items at Cielo brunch
grilled goodies

appetizers at Cielo brunch
light appetizers

Casa de Tapas
The Spanish fare at Casa de Tapas hugely impressed us, to the point that we would consider returning back for a date night. Firstly, the paellas are to die for! We had the classic paella and the very unique Paella de Fideua made of angel hair pasta instead of rice. Secondly, pork is served! There's a roast suckling pig and a selection of pork cold cuts. Lastly, the tapas are exquisite. It wouldn't be called "Casa de Tapas" for nothing!  

Tapas at Casa de Tapas
Tapas at Case de Tapas

pork at Casa de Tapas
pork counter

Spanish food at Casa de Tapas
more Spanish food

desserts at Casa de Tapas
colorful desserts


Cielo Sky Lounge
Our brunch package includes house beverages; an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in both venues. I had two glasses of Cielo's specialty fruit mocktail. It is downright refreshing! Ed had it with a shot of tequila, and it's more like a concentrated tequila sunrise with a good punch. Other beverages offered are fruit juices, fizzy drinks and spirits.    

mocktail at Cielo Sky Lounge
fruit mocktail at Cielo Sky Lounge

Casa de Tapas
Of course, Casa de Tapas has Sangria! A Spanish meal would be incomplete without it. We had the Sangria Tinto; a classic sangria made of red wine, brandy, fruits and soda. It's the perfect pairing for paella!  

Sangria at Casa de Tapas
Sangria Tinto

The two brunch venues are equally good when it comes to service. Each restaurant has a different approach though. The staff at Cielo are cheery and chatty, given that the venue has a lounge-party mood. In Casa de Tapas, the servers are prim yet good-humored; a kind of attitude that fits in to the sophisticated yet lively ambiance of the Spanish restaurant.      

Soft beverages package: 199 AED/person
House beverage package: 249 AED/person
Bubbly package: 299 AED/person

Ed and I loved the unique 2 in 1 brunch concept. It has twice the options, twice the entertainment, and twice the fun!

Location Map

Casa de Tapas
Email: reservations@casadetapas.ae 
Contact # 04 416 1800

Cielo Sky Lounge
Email: reservations@cielodubai.com
Contact # 056 410 1989 or 04 416 1800

We were invited to the 2 in 1 Brunch. Opinions in this blog post are my own. 

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