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Jan 22, 2018

Reasons why Naxos should be on your Greek Isle Itinerary

When talking about dreamy Greek islands, you would probably hear Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, and Skopelos in the conversation. But, Naxos?  Close to never. 

Naxos was also not on my radar; not until the time we were about to purchase ferry tickets. I often get seasick and I fear that the Aegean Sea would be rough during Autumn. So, to prepare myself, I read articles about surviving ferry rides in the Greek islands. One advice that I found useful is to take shorter journeys. The islands are interconnected by ferry routes, which means we can have a stopover in between Santorini and Mykonos to take a breather!  

And that's how I came across Naxos. Our visit was random; purely because of my fear of getting seasick. But, I'll tell you a secret: It was a fortunate stroke of serendipity!

reasons to visit Naxos Greece

Here are the reasons why Naxos should be on your Greek Island travel itinerary: 

Naxos is easily accessible.
When traveling between the popular Greek islands - Santorini and Mykonos, chances are the ferry will make a quick stop in Naxos. This makes the island an ideal addition to your Greece itinerary! It sits in a convenient location; easily accessible by ferry! Getting to the main town is also effortless. The Chora or Naxos town is only 10  minutes by foot from the port.   

Blue Star Ferry approaching Naxos port
Blue Star Ferry approaching Naxos port

This amazing harbor welcomes you to Naxos
This amazing harbor welcomes you to Naxos!

Ed and Lady in Naxos
This peaceful island is an hour away from Santorini via highspeed ferry. 

Naxos chora
The chora of Naxos or the main town is within walking distance from the ferry port.

Naxos is less touristy.
Straight from spending three days in the crowded alleys of Santorini, Naxos felt like HEAVEN! It is the biggest yet probably the most underrated island in the Cyclades. Seeing fellow tourists was a rare occasion, and usually, they are the solitude-seeking ones. Thus, being in Naxos felt like an immersion in the slow and peaceful local life!   

street in Naxos Greece
Early in the afternoon, most of the streets look like this... empty!

less touristy island in Greece
It almost felt like we had the island to ourselves!

clear water in Naxos
And that is why everytime I think about a proper Greek holiday, I think about Naxos. 

Naxos most photographed spot
This is the island's most photographed spot. No, we didn't have to edit photobombers in this shot. 

St George beach in Naxos Greece
Naxos also has lovely and peaceful beaches. Emphasis on the word PEACEFUL! 

Naxos is historical.
Mythology buffs would be thrilled to know that Naxos has a fair share of Greek history. It is on the island that Zeus, the king of the gods in Greek mythology, was brought up. There are also several prominent events that happened on the island. Traces of which can be seen up to the present day.  

marble statue of Ariadne in Naxos
Marble statue of Ariadne - Goddess of the Labyrinth
To refresh your mythology knowledge, it is on the island of Naxos that Dionysus found Ariadne.

Venetian Castle in Naxos Greece
Naxos was ruled by the Venetians for three centuries.
The remains of the Venetian Castle can be found in Old Naxos Town.

Catholic Cathedral in Naxos Greece
Past the maze-like alleys of the Old Town, right in the central square of Kastro, is the Catholic Cathedral.

Ed and Lady in Naxos Portara
Portara: The iconic landmark of Naxos is a huge marble doorway,
which is said to the remains of an uncompleted temple.

Naxos is cheap.
I mean, it would fit your budget! Compared to its famous neighbors, Naxos is easier on the pocket! For a one-night stay in a guesthouse, we paid 22 Euro; less than 100 AED! That already includes fast wifi and full Greek breakfast! We also did not spend a lot on meals. We were able to wine and dine by the harbor for only 15 Euro! 

guesthouse in Naxos
We stayed in a traditional Cycladic home in Naxos.
Check out Taki's Place Guesthouse on your fave hotel booking site! ;)

Greek breakfast in Naxos
Free Greek breakfast in the courtyard. This is just the first wave of the entire breakfast spread.

Naxos is a peaceful escape!
What I like most about this island is that we got to enjoy it just as it is. We walked aimlessly with no social media pressure. Truth be told, I sometimes find myself wasting so much time looking for that photo op spot made famous by Instagram! Don't tell me you're not guilty! :) Naxos is not insta-famous, but it is worthy of attention. Not only it appears pleasing on photos, the quaintness is raw and real! It is a hidden gem; more like a secret island where you can peacefully escape the touristy scene and leave all your social media worries behind.

So, if a Greek holiday means rest and relaxation for you, Naxos suits you best!

Lady in Naxos Chora
Naxos knows no hustle and bustle!
charming spots in Naxos Greece
Now you know why I consider this stopover a serendipitous event!

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