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Jan 25, 2018

Mykonos: 2 Days Itinerary for Non-Partygoers

Mykonos is one of the most-visited islands in Greece.  It is popularly known for its sunbath-all-day, party-all-night atmosphere. But what if you're an old soul who just doesn't care about beach parties and nightlife, will the island make you feel at home?

Ed and I have no interest in Mykonos' party scene. We simply wanted to see the island. I've seen breathtaking photos of it on Instagram and I wondered if it does have a unique modern-meets-rustic vibe in person. So, we dropped by Mykonos for two days before heading back to Athens.

Mykonos two days itinerary

This is our no-party-included 2 days itinerary:    

Day 1

  • Arrival in Mykonos

We arrived in Mykonos by SeaJets ferry from Naxos. The ferry port is located in Tourlos; 5 minutes away from the town center by car, 30 minutes by foot. There are taxis, shuttle and sea bus in the port; hence getting to the town is easy. Some accommodations also offer a free transfer. Ours did!

Despite the late notice, Angeliki of Pension Kalogera welcomed us in Tourlos! I only messaged her a night before our arrival, upon realizing that I was plotting our journey from a wrong port (Mykonos Old Port) the whole time!

Since Mykonos Town is a pedestrian zone, only municipal and delivery vehicles are allowed to go in, we alighted in the pickup/drop off point which is a short walk to the pension house.

  • Orientation with Mykonos Old Town

Upon settling in, Ed and I reviewed the map that Angeliki gave. Our accommodation is located right in the heart of Mykonos Old Town, so getting to the sights seems easy. I was wrong! The old town or what the locals call as Chora is a giant labyrinth! The streets are narrow. The whitewashed houses are somewhat identical. To say I was confused is an understatement!  

Mykonos Greece
Yassou! Hello, Mykonos!

Mykonos Old Town
One must be ready to get lost in Mykonos Old Town.

Church in Mykonos Old Port
Find your way out of the maze and you'll be surprised with amazing views!
Like this church by the old port...

Lady in Little Venice Mykonos
...and this spot in Little Venice!

  • Have a classic Mykonian Lunch

After a dizzying journey through the Chora, we decided to de-stress and eat near the Old Port. There are plenty of dining outlets in the area, so Ed and I walked along the strip and searched for affordable lunch options. We came across Madoupas, a restaurant famous for serving traditional Greek meals at reasonable prices. We ordered a Mykonian platter which includes island specialties - louza and pork sausage!  

Mykonian Platter at Madoupas
Mykonian Platter at Madoupas
Lunch for 2: 20 Euro

  • Visit a beach or chill by the Old Port

Mykonos has beautiful golden beaches that can be accessed by local bus. Popular with the young party crowd are Paradise and Super Paradise on the South. While unspoiled and quiet beaches are Lia on the East and Aghios Sostis on the North. 

Ed and I were not keen on going to the beach on a windy October afternoon. We decided to spend half of our day people-watching, lazing around, and chasing pigeons by the harbour. It was a time well-spent!   

Lady in Mykonos harbour
Chasing pigeons in Mykonos is actually fun! :)

Birds in Mykonos harbour
I was people and bird-watching at the same time! These beautiful creatures are a joy to watch.  

sea near Mykonos town
This is in the main town of the island, but look how clean the water is! What more in remote beaches?

  • Wait for the sunset by the windmills

The windmills are the iconic feature of Mykonos. There are 16 of them on the island; five of which are located on a hill near the Chora. These traditional Cycladic windmills are picturesque during the day, but they also look gorgeous when illuminated by the golden sky at sunset!  

The famous windmills of Mykonos overlooking Little Venice
The famous windmills of Mykonos overlooking Little Venice

Lady in Mykonos windmills
Did you know that Mykonos is a windy island? I didn't!
These windmills make the most out of the strong Meltemi winds!

Kato Mili windmills at sunset
Kato Mili windmills at sunset

  • Find a cheap place for dinner

Most restaurants in Mykonos are aesthetically on-point! I gushed over their perfection and how suitable they are for romantic date nights! However, being on the last leg of our Greek holiday, our funds were running low. So, we looked for a cheaper option and found a gyros shop adjacent to the expensive restaurants! We only spent 8.50 Euro for two pita souvlakis and drinks at Sakis Grill House. It's good to know that despite its posh character, Mykonos is also budget-friendly! :)

two of the lovely restaurants we found in Mykonos
two of the lovely restaurants we found in Mykonos 

Day 2

  • Wake up early to have Mykonos Old Town to yourself

Our best moments in the island happened early in the morning when the streets are calm, the people (who partied hard) are asleep, and the shops are closed! Already oriented with the maze-like alleys, Ed and I wandered around. And it was only then that we appreciated the real beauty of Mykonos! 

Ed and Lady in Mykonos town
The empty pavements got me dancing!  

morning in Mykonos
It was the perfect time to wander around the island...

a local home in Mykonos
...and to take it all in! Beauty. Silence. Quaintness. Everything!

  • Mykonos Sightseeing: Little Venice, Kato Mili Windmills, Kastro's, Panagia Paraportiani

From the Chora, we walked towards Little Venice. It is a charming neighborhood of traditional houses perched on the edge of the sea. Then, we visited Kato Mili Windmills for the second time. The area is quieter and less crowded in the morning. From there, we traced our route to Kastro's. It is a restaurant, famous in Instagram for its idyllic narrow alley heading to the sea! Our last stop was Panagia Paraportiani. This whitewashed church one of the most photographed churches in the world because of its unusual shape and architecture.

Little Venice
Little Venice

Windmills of Kato Mili
Windmills of Kato Mili

the windmills as seen from Kastro's
the windmills as seen from Kastro's

A famous Instagram spot in Mykonos
A famous Instagram spot in Mykonos: alley in Kastro's restaurant

Panagia Paraportiani Church
Panagia Paraportiani Church

  • Breakfast by the harbour

Although considered as touristy, the harbour area was my solace during our stay in Mykonos. The view of the blue sea was a good break from the winding alleys! So, right after sightseeing, we went to Alergro's, a highly-rated restaurant by the harbour, for a simple breakfast.     

my favorite part of Mykonos
my favorite part of Mykonos

Greek breakfast in Mykonos
I had Greek yogurt with walnuts. Not in the photo is an omelet for Ed.

Greek coffee in Alegro's Mykonos
And of course, Greek coffee!

  • Look for Petros III

Our trip wouldn't be complete without meeting the island's resident pelican - Petros III! He is the official mascot of Mykonos. We found merchandise dedicated to this great white pelican in souvenir shops! 

Out of curiosity, we asked for his whereabouts. A wait staff told us to check Little Venice. Although we already visited the area thrice and never saw a pelican, we decided to go back before heading to the airport. And we got lucky! We saw Petros casually waddling his way from Little Venice to Kato Mili like a true local! 

Petros of Mykonos
Meet Petros III!

Mykonos resident pelican
He is a celebrity! :)

  • Departure

Angeliki of Pension Kalogera offered to drop us at Mykonos Airport for our flight to Athens. She's the sweetest! Do check out her guesthouse if you're planning to visit. 

Mykonos blew me away, literally and figuratively. I didn't know it can be very windy on the island! What I knew is that it is cosmopolitan, but I was still shocked at how chic it truly is. Imagine finding a Louis Vuitton store in a labyrinth of traditional houses! 

Overall, in spite of not visiting a famous beach or experiencing a crazy party, Ed and I had a great (atypical) Mykonian holiday.  

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