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Apr 16, 2018

Seafood Night in Mercure Barsha Heights

When you're welcomed to a restaurant by a harmless-looking pirate, you know you're in for a treat!

Ed and I were caught by surprise when Captain Jack Sparrow - I mean, a staff dressed in a pirate costume - greeted us at the entrance door of Day & Night restaurant in Mercure Dubai Hotel in Barsha Heights.

Seafood Night in Mercure Hotel Dubai

Day & Night is an all-day dining restaurant serving global cuisine. But every Friday night, the restaurant is transformed into a "seafood island" manned by sailors and a friendly pirate!

Day & Night restaurant in Mercure Barsha Heights
Day & Night restaurant in Mercure Barsha Heights

Lady in Mercure Barsha Heights
Follow me to the seafood haven?

staff in pirate costume in Mercure Barsha Heights
And we have Capt. Jack Sparrow to guide us in!

Day & Night's Seafood Night starts at 6 in the evening; hence the restaurant was full-packed and the buffet was no longer spick and span when Ed and I arrived at 8. However, for all that, my first impression was positive. 

We kicked off the night at the Salads and Appetizers section. Although I haven't seen the rest of the buffet yet, I knew it is where I would go back and forth! I adore the finely crafted appetizers - the seafood terrine and other seafood-based canapes! A variety of high-quality shellfish are beautifully presented in wooden barrels and on a bed of ice; all taste fresh and succulent! Adjacent to it is the sushi and sashimi station where I got some delicate yet delightful Japanese rolls! 

seafood appetizers in Mercure Barsha Heights
finely crafted seafood-based appetizers

sushi in Mercure Barsha Heights
sushi and sashimi station

shrimps in Mercure Barsha Heights
 barrel oozing with shrimps
Not in the photo are sand lobsters, oysters, and mussels.

An array of main dishes was neatly arranged in one corner. The choices are great! There's an herb-crusted barramundi fish, spaghetti ala puttanesca, seafood thermidor, seafood paella and a whole lot more. I love it, but for the main course, the dishes from the live-cooking station are definitely the ones that took center stage! Diners can choose among the fresh catch and have it cooked! 

seafood counter in Mercure Barsha Heights
Seafood counter where you can choose your fish and have it cooked!

main seafood dishes in Mercure Barsha Heights
Seafood delight! 

I made a mistake of filling my belly with too much seafood. How did I forget about dessert? Day & Night has an enticing selection of sweet treats and fresh fruits. And there's even a chocolate fondue! I managed to squeeze in a tart and chocolate-dipped fruits. All were sooo good, leaving me wishing I saved enough room for a cake or two!  

dessert in Mercure Barsha Heights
Never forget, there's chocolate fondue!

We were invited to dine at Day & Night.
Opinions in this blog post are my own.

Day & Night
Mercure Dubai Hotel Suites and Apartment
Barsha Heights, Dubai

Seafood Night
Every Friday from 6 PM to 12 AM
148 AED/ person inclusive of soft drinks

174 AED/ person inclusive of soft drinks and flavoured shisha

Location Map

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