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Aug 24, 2018

Dinner and Show in Maison Rouge Dubai

Maison Rouge. Hearing the restaurant's name for the first time roused my curiosity. It sounded like the famous musical film, and yes, the iconic cabaret in Paris. I have never seen anything like it in Dubai and I wondered how will this unique dinner and show concept fit-in in this cosmopolitan yet conservative city.

So, a few weeks back, on a Thursday night, my curiosity led me (with Ed and my friends) to Conrad Hotel in the Trade Centre area to see what Maison Rouge is all about. 

Maison Rouge Dubai blog review

The Ambiance
Maison Rouge is an elegant bar and restaurant located on the mezzanine floor of Conrad Hotel. The venue is decked in luscious red tone, furnished with velvet sofas, and accentuated with crystal chandeliers.

The wait staff ushered us to our table near the center stage and gave us a run through on what's in-store. He, then, delivered a bowl of fresh red roses, each topped with a jelly shot to officially welcome us to Maison Rouge.

We arrived quite early for the show, but the atmosphere was already kept upbeat. Thanks to the DJ who played really good danceable tunes! We all couldn't help but bop our heads while we settle on our couch.

When the show commenced, the wonderful ambiance even leveled up! This concept is very unusual in this part of the globe, but everything was kept sophisticated and entertaining.

Lady in Maison Rouge
Follow me to Maison Rouge

jelly shots in Maison Rouge
Jelly shots served on top of fresh red roses

ambiance in Maison Rouge
Red and Classy!

bar in Maison Rouge
Maison Rouge's bar

show in Maison Rouge
The show takes place in the main stage...

saxophonist in Maison Rouge
and in a small stage in the middle of the restaurant, right next to our table!
Best seat in the house? Yes!

The Drinks
Maison Rouge's beverage menu features a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. They got quite a list of fun and flirty handcrafted cocktails which my girl friends and I totally enjoyed!

I personally love the Nikola Tesla -  a fruity concoction of pear, apple, earl gray and Calvados, served with a fragrant smoky effect. Fighting Girlfriend is also a great choice. It is a pink drink, perfect for those ladies night out, made with sparkling wine, red currant, and Pimms. And I think, one cannot leave without trying the Maison Rouge signature cocktail. It has an interesting combination of grapefruit vodka, Rose Vermouth, strawberry, and balsamic vinegar.

cocktail in Maison Rouge
Fighting Girlfriend: 60 AED

drinks in Maison Rouge Dubai
Left: Nikola Tesla: 80 AED / Right: Maison Rouge: 70

The Food
For the food, I honestly did not keep my expectation too high as I thought concepts like this would highlight the show together with the drinks and tend to lose sight of the dishes. I was wrong! Maison Rouge's food menu brims with an eclectic mix of food from around the world! And everything that we had was visually pleasing and delightfully tasteful!

To start off our meal in Maison Rouge, we ordered Beef Carpaccio, Tuna Tartare, Mexican Quesadilla, and Buratta with Pesto and Tomatoes. See how diverse the menu is? :) All these appetizers were exquisitely delicious. I love the beautiful presentation and the fact that these are served in shareable portions!

starters in Maison Rouge Dubai
Beef Carpaccio: 75 AED / Tuna Tartare: 75 AED / Quesadilla: 65 AED

buratta in Maison Rouge Dubai
Buratta: 80 AED

Main Dishes
For the main course, I had Homemade Pasta with Lobster. It's no secret that I'm a sucker for seafood and this one won me over. It is a pink pasta dish with leeks, tomatoes, and lobster meat tossed in a creamy sauce!

Ed had Lamb Ribs with Baby Potatoes. The meat was perfectly cooked, served fresh off the grill from the open-fire kitchen!

Other dishes worth-trying in Maison Rouge are the Seabass with Asparagus (this fish dish is surprisingly the star of the menu), Red-Gold Maison Rouge Beef Burger (wrapped in 24k gold, hence specially brought to the table with sparklers and all), and Khachapuri with Truffle and Arugula (a  cheesy Georgian dish that is so filling and great for sharing)!

Pasta in Maison Rouge Dubai
Pasta with Lobster: 145 AED

lamb ribs in Maison Rouge Dubai
Lamb Ribs: 180 AED

khachapuri in Maison Rouge Dubai
Khachapuri: 125 AED

The dessert menu is not extensive, yet enough to satiate the sweet tooth craving. It is limited to four items; Honey Cake, Cheesecake, Exotic Fruit Platter, and Tiramisu. The cakes are light and decadent. The tiramisu is creamy with rich layers of mascarpone. And the fruit platter is a fresh and healthy feast! 

fruit platter in Maison Rouge Dubai
Maison Rouge's Fruit Platter: 110 AED

dessert in Maison Rouge Dubai
Tiramisu: 65 AED

The Show
Maison Rouge was built for the love of cuisine, art, and dance. I must say, the fusion of these three pillars was successfully orchestrated!

In between bites, we were entertained by stunning performances. A saxophonist played out well-loved tunes; from N Sync's Bye Bye Bye to The Weather Girls' It's Raining Men! A singer belted out some classics. Her voice literally made us forget about the food for a while! I have to stop eating everytime she's on the stage. And the graceful dancers created quite a spectacle. I love their rendition of Chicago's Cell Block Tango and The Greatest Showman's The Greatest Show!

show in Maison Rouge Dubai
Vibrant performances like this entertained us throughout the night!

dance performance in Maison Rouge Dubai
These colorful acts inspired by traditional dances from around the world are so fun to watch!

Unique dinner and show in Dubai
The show is immersive! And in one part, they even invited some guests to dance on stage!

Maison Rouge is a unique dining venue in Dubai that you certainly couldn't compare to anything. The concept is well-thought of. The selection of food and drinks are fantastically diverse. Not to mention, reasonably priced and delicious! The show is a good-clean-fun Dubai-type of cabaret! Definitely, a must-see!

Maison Rouge
Website: maisonrouge.com
Contact # 971 4 352 8169
Location Map

We were invited to dine in Maison Rouge.
Opinions are my own.

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