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Oct 18, 2018

My Birthday Breakfast in Burj Al Arab

Smoked salmon with crème Fraiche and caviar. Fine cheeses with date chutney. Assorted homemade viennoiseries. These are only some of the food that made up the not-so-ordinary breakfast I devoured in Burj Al Arab's Sahn Eddar. It was a morning meal that I truly wouldn't deserve if not for my birthday!

Breakfast in Burj Al Arab

I have lived in Dubai for 10 years, but Burj Al Arab remains to be a surreal destination. It sits on a private island, bounded by some sort of a magical gate that only opens when a no-maj like me pull-out a reservation with a sparkly Burj Al Arab logo in it. 

Hence, it would take a super duper special occasion for me to get inside Burj Al Arab. My 36th which coincided with my parents' holiday gave me a valid reason.    

entrance to Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab: a luxury destination in Dubai

Ed and Lady in Burj Al Arab Dubai
For us to set foot in Burj Al Arab, there has to be something special.

Inside the 7-star Hotel
It took us half an hour to let it all sink in. The grand atrium, the multi-colored balconies, the dancing water fountains, the enormous gold columns, and most of all, my parents' I-can't-believe-we're-here faces kept me in awe! Good thing we came early!

Burj Al Arab atrium
The world's tallest atrium!

Lady inside Burj Al Arab
Gold everywhere! 

inside Burj Al Arab Hotel
The details are impeccable!

Sahn Eddar Restaurant
Our reservation at Sahn Eddar was at 8 AM. We were the first guests to be welcomed in the magnificent atrium restaurant. The staff were all smiles, and one of them walked us to our table by the glass windows. 

Lota, who happens to be from my home province in the Philippines, graciously presented the breakfast menu. Sahn Eddar offers four kinds of breakfast - Continental, American, Healthy, and Indian. To have a good variety of food on our table, we decided to go for the Continental Breakfast which seems to include a generous stand of cheese, salmon, and fruits, and the Healthy Breakfast which is a 3-course guilt-free morning meal!    

Sahn Eddar breakfast menu
Sahn Eddar breakfast menu

Arabic sweets in Sahn Eddar's lounge
An array of Arabic sweets in Sahn Eddar's lounge

breakfast in Sahn Eddar
With the natural light, Sahn Eddar is such a lovely breakfast venue!

Continental Breakfast in Burj Al Arab
Sahn Eddar's breakfast sets are served with unlimited fresh juice and hot beverages. The selection is extensive; from fresh grapefruit juice to Café Au Lait, from Apple Strudel herbal tea to Masala Chai! We were actually spoilt for choice! 

As part of the Continental breakfast, we were served with an assortment of French and Danish pastries and a basket of toasted whole wheat and white bread with jam and marmalade. We were told that these are unlimited as well. We just have to inform them if we want more.      

fresh juices and a mini Burj Al Arab sugar holder
fresh juices and a mini Burj Al Arab sugar holder

bread basket in Burj Al Arab
Assorted bread and pastries to start with. 

Minutes later, a fine-looking breakfast stand was brought to our table. None of the breakfast meals I've had in my 36 years of existence came close to what it looks like! 

It has three tiers of continental breakfast food. At the bottom is a platter of fine cheeses, date chutney, dried fruits, and nuts. The middle holds the delicate smoked salmon with crème Fraiche and exquisite caviar. On top are fresh slices of tropical fruits and chia yogurt cups layered with passion fruit, nuts, and granola. 

burj al arab continental breakfast stand
Sahn Eddar's continental breakfast stand

opulent breakfast in Burj Al Arab
Never thought breakfast can be as opulent as this!

Healthy Breakfast in Burj Al Arab
The 3-course Healthy Breakfast is probably the least popular choice as I have seen breakfast stands on every table when I looked around. But it's actually a good option for those who want something light and healthy.

This set meal includes a Green Kiwi Detox juice which is a refreshing concoction of kale, kiwi, spinach, and celery. Then, a Chinese Cabbage Wrap with banana curry dip is served as an appetizer.  It's like a summer roll with a twist. For the main course, we had a Japanese Tofu & Egg White Omelette. It is beautifully presented, but for a yolk-lover, it's quite a sad recipe. But hey, that's just me! And lastly, for dessert, there's the Berry Quinoa Pot that I immensely enjoyed!

burj al arab healthy breakfast
Healthy Breakfast starter: cabbage wrap and coffee of course!

burj al arab egg white omelette
Egg White Omelette topped by goji berries and organic spinach

burj al arab berry quinoa pot
I love this! Layers of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, fruit coulis!

And here comes the little birthday celebration!
Ed has probably mentioned that it is my birthday upon placing the breakfast reservation. So, right before we finished our breakfast, the staff came to our table with a luscious cake topped with a birthday candle, out of the blue sang the birthday song, and gave me and my Mama long-stemmed red roses!

That, right there, made the breakfast at Sahn Eddar one of my most unforgettable dining experiences in Dubai.  

Birthday Cake from Burj Al Arab
Birthday Cake from Burj Al Arab

Lady's birthday in Burj Al Arab
Never too old for a birthday wish!

Ed and Lady in Sahn Eddar
36 and thankful! 

To make the most of our visit, we stayed a little longer in the hotel lobby - for photos ops and for just living in the moment! :) We heard they used to organize a hotel tour for guests of the restaurants, but sadly that's no longer offered. Although we didn't get to see the exclusive suites, we managed to take a stroll at the Burj Al Arab Terrace - a grand terrace attached behind the iconic structure.

Lady in Burj Al Arab lobby
The wonderful staff at Sahn Eddar truly made my day!

Burj Al Arab lobby
Unknowingly, my OOTD matches Burj Al Arab's interior! Hahah!

Burj Al Arab Terrace
A quick stroll in Burj Al Arab Terrace...

Jumeirah Beach Hotel from Burj Al Arab
...and in the causeway overlooking Jumeirah Beach Hotel before heading back to reality!

How much does breakfast in Burj Al Arab costs? Is it worth it?
Our breakfast at Burj Al Arab cost us 220 AED per person. Expensive? Yes. But, the experience as a whole is priceless... especially if it's your birthday, especially when you get to celebrate it with your parents for the first time after 7 long years! :)

Here's a quick video! 
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Sahn Eddar
First Floor, Burj Al Arab
Jumeirah, Dubai
Contact # +971 4 301 7600

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