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Feb 18, 2019

Seychelles on a Budget: Travel Itinerary, Expenses and Things To Know Before You Go

For Filipinos living in the Middle East, Seychelles is one of the best destinations for long weekends. One, because of its location; only a 4-hour flight away from Dubai. Two, because it is visa-free!

However, as budget travelers, Ed and I never thought of visiting Seychelles. It is known to be an expensive romantic destination; a posh natural playground and a favorite honeymoon hideaway of royalties and celebrities. 

It was only last year when we heard budget-savvy and independent travelers talk about Seychelles. A lot of "normal" people have visited the islands without costing them an arm, a leg, and a kidney! Pun intended! :)

So, when we came to know that traveling to Seychelles on a budget is possible, we placed it in our dream destinations list! And we finally crossed it off during a long-weekend last year!

Seychelles on a budget

Here are the things to know before you go:

Philippine-passport holders can travel to Seychelles visa-free. A visitor's permit or entry visa can be secured upon arrival by presenting the following documents at the immigration:

  • Philippine passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Return ticket
  • Accommodation booking
  • UAE Residence Visa (If you are based in the UAE.) 
  • It is stated in other websites that proof of funds is also needed. We were not asked for this, most probably because we have already showed the first four documents. 

Seychelles currency is called Seychellois Rupee. As of writing, 1 USD is equivalent to 13.65 SCR. 

We brought US dollars and had it changed to local currency at the money exchange counter after the immigration. I know it's not advisable to have your money changed at the airport, but the rate was okay and we needed local money for the bus! 

Tip: If you're taking the public bus, don't forget to have smaller notes as those higher than 25 SCR are not acceptable.

Seychelles has three official languages; Creole, English, and French. Locals can speak English. Signs and notice boards also have English translations; hence we never had a hard time in terms of communication.

Victoria Clock Tower
Victoria Clock Tower

Anse Royale
Anse Royale

Weather is the hardest thing to figure out in Seychelles; even my phone app couldn't help. Seychelles has a tropical climate with an unpredictable weather pattern.

Based on our experience, I have to say that a rainy forecast shouldn't put you off in traveling to Seychelles. During our visit last November, the weather app showed rain and thunderstorms all throughout the day. In reality, it was warm and humid, perfect beach weather on most times. At times, it was gloomy with brief showers that only lasted for a minute or two.

cloudy day in Seychelles
One minute, it's cloudy...

sunny day in Seychelles
The next, it's sunny...

rain in Seychelles
Then, comes a quick downpour! Worry not because it will be over before you know it!

What to Pack for Seychelles

  • Light clothes as it tends to be very humid during the day.
  • Beach wear, of course!
  • Sarong to use as a cover up or as a beach mat.
  • Flip flops
  • Hiking shoes if you're going up to the mountains
  • Umbrella, just in case it rains.
  • Insect repellent
  • Universal Adapter. Most sockets in Mahe take BS 1363 plug.

what to pack for Seychelles
A fine (and humid) morning in the tropics!

Ed and Lady in Seychelles Botanical Garden
Make sure to pack light and airy dresses!

Transportation in Seychelles
From the airport
If your accommodation provides complimentary transfer, lucky you! :) If not, there are cabs waiting outside the arrivals, but the rate is quite expensive. To save money, you can take the public bus as long as you're only carrying a backpack. The bus driver wouldn't let you in if you have a luggage, even if it's the smallest one.

Getting around the island
The public bus is the way to go when exploring Seychelles on a budget. It is cheap and efficient. It is how the locals go from Point A to Point B as well, so it basically adds up to your whole travel experience.

For a quick guide, refer to my blog post: How to explore Mahe Island by public bus?  

Victoria Terminus
Victoria Terminus

bus ride in Mahe Seychelles
Traveling like a local in Mahe!

Where to stay?
Although Seychelles is a famous luxury retreat, you can enjoy paradise and have a comfortable stay without spending a fortune! There are several guesthouses or self-catering villas which cost a lot cheaper compared to hotels and resorts,

Ed and I stayed in Anse Norwa Self Catering in Mare Anglaise. For less than 100 USD per night, we had our own space - an air-conditioned room, a kitchen, a private bath, a terrace, and even a small garden. It is conveniently located opposite the beach, at the far end of Beau Vallon.

Anse Norwa Self-catering Villa
Anse Norwa Self-catering Villa

affordable accommodation in Mahe Island
affordable accommodation in Mahe Island

Where to grab cheap food?
Most of our travel money went to food expenses while we were in Seychelles. Not a surprise I guess because we could never skimp on food and we do love to eat out. Restaurant food in Seychelles can be very expensive. We paid 350 SCR for a pizza dinner in Baobab in Beau Vallon, around 800 SCR for a lunch for 2 in Kafe Kreol in Anse Royale, and 245 SCR for one full breakfast at The Market Bistro in Victoria.

If you're really keen on spending less, I suggest buying ingredients at the local market and prepare your own food in your self-catering accommodation. When outside, go follow the locals and see where they eat! Ed and I found a fast food center opposite Victoria bus station. There is a local cafeteria selling rice meals for only 50 SCR! 

Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market
Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market in Victoria

Local Market in Victoria
This is where you can grab fruits, vegetables and meat at a local price.

where to eat in Mahe
At lunch time, we spotted some locals going in this building opposite the bus station.

fast food center in Mahe Seychelles
We followed and found this fast food outlet selling rice meals for only 50 SCR!

Where to go?
Here's our Seychelles-Mahe Island Itinerary and Expenses.
For details, check out my previous blog post: Best Things To Do in Mahe Island.

Day 1
Flight to Seychelles via Emirates

Arrival in Seychelles International Airport

Immigration and Money Exchange

Bus from the airport to Victoria Terminus
(Route 5 or 9)
7 SCR each
Bus from Victoria Terminus to Beau Vallon (Route 22 or 24)

Tip: There are several bus routes to Beau Vallon, some don’t pass by Beau Vallon Beach! We had a travel booboo on this! We took the wrong route and ended up walking from Beau Vallon Police Station to our guesthouse. That was a good 30-minute walk! We could have actually taken another bus, but we’re too tired and too hungry. In short, our brains were no longer working. Hahah! So we walked! 
7 SCR each
Dinner at Baobab Pizzeria

We had to stop by Baobab to grab dinner. Streets are not well-lighted, so I really suggest arriving to your accommodation before sunset!
350 SCR for 2
Check in at Anse Norwa Self-Catering Villa
642 AED for 2 nights 

Booked and prepaid through Booking app; hence price is in AED.

Day 2
Beach time in Beau Vallon

Bus from Beau Vallon to Victoria
(Route 22 or 24)
Alight in Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple 

Walk to Sir Selwyn-Selwyn Clarke Market

Breakfast at The Market Bistro:
Full Breakfast

245 SCR
120 SCR
Sightseeing: Albert Street, Clock Tower, Museums 

Walk to Victoria Terminus

Bus from Victoria Terminus to Anse Royale (Route 5 or 9)
Beach time in Anse Royale

Lunch in Kafe Kreol: 
Two Creole dishes, 1 beer, 1 fresh juice
This restaurant has a shower and changing room.
810 SCR
Take the bus back to Victoria 
(Route 5 or 9)
Bus from Victoria Terminus to Beau Vallon (Route 22 or 24)
7 SCR each
Stroll in Beau Vallon Beach

Ice Cream

12 SCR
18 SCR
20 SCR
37 SCR
56 SCR
30 SCR
Back to Anse Norwa Self-Catering Villa

mornings in Mahe
Mornings at the beach

Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple
Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple

inside Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market
inside Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market

pristine beach in Anse Royale
pristine beach in Anse Royale

Anse Royale
This paradise is all ours!

boulders in Anse Royale
When in Anse Royale, don't forget to look for this famous boulders...

lunch in Kafe Kreole
And splurge for lunch in Kafe Kreol!

Day 3
Beach time

Breakfast in Anse Norwa Self-Catering Villa (not included in the room rate)
Full Breakfast

160 SCR
25 SCR

Pack up!
We were supposed to check out and leave our bags at the reception, but the staff let us use our room until late afternoon.

Bus from Beau Vallon to Victoria 
(Route 22 or 24)
Bus from Victoria Terminus to Seychelles Botanical Garden (Route 5 or 9)
Seychelles Botanical Garden 
Tortoise Feeding
100 SCR
50 SCR
Bus from Seychelles Botanical Garden to Victoria Terminus

Lunch in the fast food center opposite the bus station
50 SCR
Walk around Victoria

Bus from Victoria Terminus to Beau Vallon (Route 22 or 24)
7 SCR each
Alight in Sunset Beach in Glacis

Beach time

Bus to Anse Norwa Self-Catering Villa
Shower and Check out

Bus from Beau Vallon to Victoria Terminus (Route 22 or 24)
Bus from Victoria Terminus to Seychelles International Airport (Route 5 or 9)
Dinner at The Coffee Club
Tuna Steak
Prawn Garlic dish
A glass of Chardonay
Passion Fruit iced tea
Pancake Stack

190 SCR
170 SCR
80 SCR
60 SCR
140 SCR
Flight to Dubai via Emirates

Sunny day in Beau Vallon beach
This is how we start and end each day in Seychelles! :)

Seychelles Botanical Garden
Seychelles Botanical Garden

Coco de Mer
Coco de Mer

Tortoise feeding in Seychelles
Tortoise feeding!

tortoise in Seychelles Botanical Garden
They are gigantic, yet so meek and gentle! 

Albert Street in Victoria Seychelles
Albert Street

A hidden beach in Glacis
A hidden beach in Glacis

Estimated Budget for this 3-day Itinerary


Dubai-Seychelles via Emirates

Currently, there are no budget airlines flying direct from Dubai to Seychelles. Cheaper options are available for flights from Abu Dhabi.

3,000 AED/person approximately
2 nights in a self-catering villa, based on two people sharing

300 AED/person

Bus Rides (7 SCR per trip/person)
Seychelles Botanical Garden
Tortoise Feeding

70 AED/person
Food and Drinks
2 breakfasts, 3 meals in nice restaurants, 1 budget lunch, supermarket drinks and snacks

 350 AED/person
 3,720 AED/person approximately

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