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Jul 31, 2019

Colmar Tropicale: Day Trip in a French-themed Resort in Malaysia

Two years ago, when I said I will go back to Malaysia, I truly meant it!

Ed and I traveled back to the Heart of Southeast Asia last May; this time together with my parents for my Mama's birthday trip. They haven't been to Malaysia before and I was longing to go back; hence it was an easy destination of choice.

While planning for the return trip, I asked my Instagram friends for tips on where to bring the family; preferably a special location where my Mama (who apparently has more Facebook followers than me) can take pretty photos and have a nice birthday celebration. Visiting Colmar Tropicale turned out to be the #1 recommendation!

Colmar Tropicale in Malaysia

Unique Resort in Malaysia
Colmar Tropicale is a one-of-a-kind destination in Berjaya Hills. The highlight of the resort is a French-inspired village that closely resembles the fairytale-like town of Colmar in Alsace, France. This quaint village is not a cluster of medieval homes, but rather a hotel with restaurants and cafes.

Colmar Tropicale
Colmar Tropicale

How to get to Colmar Tropicale?
With its location in the middle of a rainforest, getting to Colmar Tropicale is an hour journey from Kuala Lumpur. A daily shuttle service is available from Berjaya Times Square to Berjaya Hills resort, and back. The return journey, inclusive of entrance fee, costs 60 RM/adult and 55 RM/child. 

Another option is to book a GrabCar, which my family did, for 90 RM one-way. For convenience, we asked the Grab driver to pick us up in the afternoon. A good call as the network signal for roaming data was weak in the mountains.

My heart skipped a beat the moment I saw Colmar Tropicale's charming facade! I have seen tons of dreamy photos of it on Instagram, but the feeling is different when you get to see it up close! We, of course, took photos here and there before we went inside.

The family at Colmar Tropicale
The family at Colmar Tropicale
entrance of Colmar Tropicale Malaysia
A Mother and Daughter pose is a must at the entrance of the resort :)

The Fairytale Village
Visitors have to pay an entrance fee; 16 RM per adult and 9 RM for children of ages 4 to 12. This already includes passes to Japanese Village, Botanical Garden, and Rabbit Park. For those who took the shuttle bus, the fee will be waived.

As soon as we walked beneath the resort's entrance arch, I felt we were instantly transported to somewhere unreal; to a place that only exists in fairytales! 

Lady and Ed in Colmar Tropicale Malaysia
Cobblestone streets...
Lady in Colmar Tropicale Malaysia
Half-timbered homes with colorful shutters...
fountain in Colmar Tropicale Malaysia
A fountain in the village plaza!

Things-to-do in Colmar Tropicale
The lovely resort is more than just a spot for pretty Instagram photos. There are plenty of activities offered, not just in the village but in the nearby attractions as well. Hence, it is best to plan out your day especially if you need to catch the shuttle bus back to KL or have scheduled a pick-up time with a Grab driver. 

Our day trip in Colmar Tropicale was mainly to relax in a new environment and to celebrate my Mama's birthday. So we spent our day relishing in the beauty of the resort.

We climbed up the tower to get an aerial view of the village; it's way prettier from up there! We had lunch in a La Blason; set meals are at 22 RM. Then, we took the shuttle to the Japanese Village before calling it a day. 
view from the tower in Colmar Tropicale Malaysia
View from the tower 
Lady and Ed in French-themed resort
Are we in Alsace? I wish! :)
restaurant in Colmar Tropicale
A restaurant serving Italian food
where to eat in Colmar Tropicale
Left: Another restaurant. You won't go hungry in Colmar Tropicale
Right: Meal at La Blason

To reach the Japanese garden, we had to hike from the entrance of the Japanese Village. The Japanese houses where you can have tea and rent a kimono is located uphill. It is a wonderful place to unwind, but it was crowded that day. I was honestly a bit underwhelmed because my expectations were high; probably because the French Village has set the bar. 

For the adventurous ones and those who are planning to spend more than a day in Colmar Tropicale, the resort offers fun-filled and physical activities like rock climbing, zipline, horseriding, and golf!

Japanese Village in Colmar Tropicale
Japanese Village
Lady in Japanese Village Colmar Tropicale
I didn't rent a kimono as I'm saving the experience for the real thing in Japan.

We had a day well-spent at Colmar Tropicale. It was worth the long journey from KL. I love the atmosphere; on how it teleported me to one of my dream destinations. It was a good change of environment. My Mama was so happy on how her birthday getaway turned out, and actually, that's all that matters!

Le Chevalier. You surely wouldn't miss this "castle" in Colmar Tropicale! Such an eye-catcher, right?
But it's not a castle. It's an event venue. Really, I'm impressed!

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