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May 12, 2022

Dubai Frame: Visiting the World's Largest Frame

We finally visited Dubai Frame last month! 

It took us four years to set foot inside "The World's Largest Picture Frame". We thought adoring the iconic structure from the outside is enough until my parents came over for a vacation and told us that they want to see it up close.

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Skip-the-line Ticket to Dubai Frame

Since the weather is getting warm, we decided to book our tickets online at for convenience. We purchased skip-the-line tickets for 50 AED each. 

Arriving in Dubai Frame

The astonishing frame-shaped building is located in Zabeel Park Gate 4. Upon entering the park, one can immediately notice Dubai Frame's gold-plated facade shimmering against the greenery. The staff told us that our ticket includes an entrance pass to the park, so we can stroll around if we want to. 

We were excited to see the main attraction, hence we headed straight to the foot of the frame. We were welcomed with a lovely musical fountain and swing that's too perfect for photo ops! :) 

Dubai Frame in Zabeel Park
Dubai Frame in Zabeel Park
Swinging in Dubai Frame
Instagram Spot alert: Swing in Dubai Frame.
Musical Fountain in Dubai Frame
Musical Fountain in Dubai Frame

Getting in touch with Dubai's Humble Beginnings

After taking photos outside, a staff greeted us in the lobby and showed us the way to the first exhibit. He explained that visiting the Dubai Frame is having a journey to the past, present, and future of the city. The tour begins in a museum showcasing the history of Dubai. It is an immersive experience as we felt like we were really walking through a labyrinth alley of souks and old houses.  

Dubai Frame information
Learning more about Dubai Frame in the first part of the tour

Dubai Frame exhibit
Dubai's history is shown in immersive screens

The Founding Fathers of the UAE
The Founding Fathers of the UAE

Dubai Frame Observation Deck

Our next stop is the observation deck on the topmost floor. A 50-second elevator ride quickly transported us from the past to the present! The upper bar or the bridge of Dubai Frame provides a stunning view of the skyline. As it is situated in the middle of the city, we were able to gaze into the old part of Dubai on one side and the modern city on the other. 

Dubai Frame's observation deck has a glass floor in the center. The sensor activation made it more thrilling; the glass becomes see-through as we walked on it! 

Dubai Frame Sky Deck
Dubai Frame Sky Deck

Dubai Frame glass floor
This is the most exciting part of our visit! The glass floor! :)

Ed in Dubai Frame
Made my thrill-seeker husband so happy! 

View in Dubai Frame
View of the old part of Dubai

View of Burj Khalifa in Dubai Frame
The modern side. Spot Burj Khalifa?

Sneak Peek at the Future

The third part of Dubai Frame gave us a sneak peek at what Dubai will look like in the future. There will be more megastructures, advancements in healthcare, and promising innovations. It's merely an exhibit, but I do believe it will all come true in the near future. Nothing is impossible in this city! 

exhibit in Dubai Frame
Dubai's promising future is shown on this screen.

Future of Dubai exhibit in Dubai Frame
This part of the tour is awe-inspiring!

Lady in Dubai Frame
One last look at the astonishing Dubai Frame before heading home. 

Plan your visit

Opening hours: 9 AM to 9 PM, daily

Location: Zabeel Park, Gate 4

Ticket price: 50 AED/adult

Headout ticket link:

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