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Dec 18, 2012

Power Lunch at Carino's

Lunch deals are such a craze in the city these days. Most restaurants offer set meals with discounted prices during the weekdays. Last month, Carino's introduced their 40 AED Power Lunch, a complete meal with an appetizer, a main course and a refillable drink. As a big fan of the restaurant, I was overjoyed! 

When my friends and I had a weekday lunch meet-up, Carino's was a superb choice. The restaurant is very near our workplace, it's never crowded (so, no waiting time) and the current lunch promo made our tummies full, but didn't made our pockets empty!  

Carinos at Burjuman Center
Carino's at Burjuman Centre

Decors at Carinos
the decors near our couch

Power Lunch Menu
the Power Lunch menu

For the appetizer, we were given an option to choose between salad or soup.
The complimentary Italian bread was also served 

Baked Italian bread
Carino's famous freshly baked Italian bread

House Salad with balsamic Dressing
My choice of appetizer: house salad with balsamic dressing

Chicken Mushroom Soup
J's bowl of chicken mushroom soup

Italian's Dress Soup
D's Italian bread soup

There were a variety of choices for the main entree. On the menu, there were different kinds of pasta dishes, sandwiches and pizza.

Jalapeno Garlic Cream Dory
D and J's choice: Jalapeno Garlic Creme Dory
(fillet creme dory sauteed with fresh garlic , diced tomatoes, jalapenos and spinach in lemon butter cream sauce, over a bed of angel hair pasta)

Grilled Chicken Bowtie Festival
My pasta: Grilled Chicken Bowtie Festival
(pasta with sliced chicken, bacon, garlic, red onions, roma tomatoes and asiago cream sauce)

Three Angels at Carinos

Regular price for the meal I had: 
House Salad: 18 AED
Pasta: 48 AED 
Iced Tea: 16 AED
Total: 82 AED

The Power Lunch was of great value, excellent Italian meal at 50% off the regular price. We were not able to finish the hefty serving of pasta, so half was wrapped up and we had it for dinner. It was the best 40 AED lunch I ever had. 


  1. Another great food post! I wished to have more food posts soon! Was just really really badly busy! :/

    1. Thanks Tet! I was also super busy, didn't had time to write these days. I'm just currently posting some drafts I made weeks ago! :)

  2. why everyone posts sumptuous food in their blog? hahaha nakakaloka...i'm famished with all these foods, particularly the bowtie pasta

    1. Hahaha! That's what you call Foodporn, Reese! Picture muna bago subo, yan daw uso ngayon! :)

  3. This makes me hungry. By the way it is already lunch time here. I am going to take my lunch na. hehehe

    1. Oh so sorry Allan! Didn't mean to make you drool on this post. :)

  4. Jalapeno Garlic Creme Dory...that's something I am drooling about now :-) I like spicy food kasi and I also like dory

    1. Yah, it was good. I asked for a small portion cause it really looked yummy!

  5. They all sound so lovely. I haven't tried real Italian food ever. So mouth watering since I love pasta.

  6. I love pizza.. infact we just had pizza at a restaurant today. There seems to be lots of good food where you are living.

  7. I remember that I really liked the Burjuman Mall!

  8. wow.. i love your foodie adventure! keep it up! :)