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Dec 29, 2012

Christmas Eve at Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Ed and I spent Christmas miles away from home for the 4th time! Though it's getting sadder and harder each year, we were able find ways to make our Christmas a merry one. It has been our yearly tradition to have a good Christmas Eve dinner, then hear carols at St. Mary's Church, followed by a High Mass at midnight. As we have managed not to have a holiday shopping spree this year (which took a lot of self-control), we rewarded ourselves with a Christmas Eve feast in a 5-star hotel. 

We booked a dinner buffet at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, a luxurious hotel along the coastline of Dubai. It is located beside the famous 7-star Burj Al Arab. The two iconic structures complement each other, Burj Al Arab is sail-shaped and Jumeirah Beach Hotel's design is wave-inspired.

Jumeirah Beach hotel Christmas
A wonderful Christmas Eve at Jumeirah Beach Hotel
burj Al Arab Christmas
The amazing Burj Al Arab

We dined at Latitude, an excellent restaurant, well-known for their Friday Brunch, Theme Nights and live-cooking stations, at Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The Christmas Eve buffet was beyond my expectations. It was  so grand and massive that I can't even compare it to my previous buffet experiences. The feast was beautifully arranged in 4 large adjacent rooms. There were live-cooking stations tuck in each corner.  It was like a gastronomical journey around the world as they served almost every type of cuisines.  

JBH Latitude's Interior
Latitude's elegant interior

The first buffet section was filled with a spread of Chinese and Italian food

Chinese and Italian Food

JChef Making Peking Duck
A chef making Peking Duck rolls
Peking Duck at JBH
The Peking Duck with an authentic Oriental taste
Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dimsum
A table of Dimsum

Shrimp Dumplings
Shrimp Dumplings
Pasta Live Cooking
a live cooking station for pasta dishes

The second buffet section was a great fusion; Indian and Arabic dishes on one side, Western on the other, with the Christmas staple: Roasted Turkey.

Indian and Arabic Dish

Lamb Chops
Lamb chops and other meat dishes
Beef and YorkShire Pudding
Prime Rib Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
Slice of Roast Beef
Ed and his slice of Roast Beef
Roasted Turkey
The star of the night!

The third buffet section has the finest array of bread, appetizers, seafood and Japanese food.

Bread Seaffod and Japanese Food

Colorful GingerBread House
colorful Gingerbread House
Large Selection of Bread
a large selection of bread

Variety of Seafood
The exemplary spread of seafood: Smoked Salmon, Octopus,  Mussels, Clams
and Prawns
Oyster in bed of Ice
oysters arranged in a bed of ice
Best of Sushi Station
The best of the best Sushi Station
Table of Japanese Delights
A very long table of Japanese delights
Greens at the Salad Bar
Greens at the Salad bar
Delicious Appetizers
delicious appetizers 

The fourth buffet section was overflowing with sweets!

Fourth buffet of Sweets

Fresh Fruits
fresh fruits
Gelato Counter
gelato counter
Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate Fondue
Crepe Station
The making of my dessert at the Crepe Station
Table of Cakes
A table of cakes and gazillion calories :)

Along with the excellent feast was a lively, Christmassy ambiance. There were holiday decors everywhere, ice sculptures, sweet music filled the air  and we got a visit from Santa Clause and his elves. 

Christmas Ambiance

Christmas Ice SculptureChristmas Ice Sculpture2

Jumeirah Beach Hotel's Lobby
musicians at the hotel's lobby
Singer at Jumeirah Beach Hotel
A singer serenaded us with Christmas songs while we were having our dinner.

lady and Santa's AssistantEd and Santa's Assistant

Ed and Lady with Santa

Lady and Ed in JBH

We had a superb Christmas Eve dinner, but it was not the highlight of our night. After our feast, we welcomed Christmas the best way we could, a solemn mass at St. Mary's. That made our holiday a  meaningful one, because Christmas is not about luxurious dining and not even about gift-giving, it is about God's love for all of us. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 

For those who want to try the best buffet in town, check Latitude's rates below 
and click here for reservations.
JBH Latitude's Timings

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