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Dec 11, 2012

Sweet Treats at Shakespeare and Co.

The autumn weather is perfect for a long walk, so after the heavy protein-loaded brunch at Texas Roadhouse, my friends and I went out for a stroll at Downtown Dubai. We had a brief stop at the Burj Plaza to watch the Freestyle Moto X event which was loaded with crazy stunts. It was nerve-racking and quite energy-depleting. We planned to grab some energy booster, I mean desserts and hot drinks, as soon as we finish our afternoon stroll. 

Halfway through our journey, we passed by a terrace with dainty coffee tables and chairs overlooking the musical fountain. The elegant furniture looked familiar, I knew I have seen those at Jumeirah and Marina area. I blurted, "It's Shakespeare and Co, let's eat here!" Without hesitations, we went inside the CafĂ©. Well, I think any girl can't say no to the very inviting, very feminine and very romantic coffee shop.  

Shakespeare and Co

Shakespeare and Co Menu

Shakespeare and Co. cafe is like a giant dollhouse. The place is filled with shades of pastel, fancy and feminine decorations and charming furniture.

Shakespeare and Co cookie counter
cookie counter, adorned with pretty pink lamps 

Shakespeare and Co Chandeliers
pink chandeliers of flimsy fabric, dainty lace and elegant crystal beads

Shakespeare and Co comfy couches
comfy couches in subtle shades

Shakespeare and Co curtains
elegant curtain and table toppers

After almost 20 minutes of gushing and sighing like teenage girls, we finally had a look at the menu. There were various choices, but since we were there for desserts, our full concentration was on sweets. It was a battle between ice cream and cake. But then, the staff told us that they also have some desserts which are not listed on the menu. They also serve ice cream cakes! Oh yes, I was jumping inside.    

Shakespeare and Co menu design

Shakespeare and Co ed and lady

Shakespeare and Co cakes
cakes at the counter
20-25 AED per piece

Shakespeare_and_Co ice cream& macaroons
ice cream and french macarons 

Shakespeare and Co ice cream cakes
ice cream cakes: 15 AED each

Here's what we had for our afternoon coffee/tea break:

Shakespeare and Co macaroons
French Macarons: Pistachio, Hazelnuts, Chocolate & Raspberry

Shakespeare and Co strawberry_vanilla_icecream cake
Strawberry Vanilla ice cream cake
 (fine vanilla ice cream cake, with strawberry sorbet in the center)

Shakespeare_and_Co chocolate_vanilla ICe cream cake
Chocolate-Vanilla ice cream cake
(vanilla ice cream cake, covered with a layer of chocolate ice cream, wrapped
in crispy dark chocolate and nuts)

Shakespeare and Co cappuccino
a cup of cappuccino for Ed

Shakespeare and Co tea and biscuits
Tea and Biscuits for us girlies

Shakespeare and Co is an extraordinary cafe and restaurant, fancy and exquisite! 
The unique concept makes the place perfect for romantic dinner dates and for tea time with friends.  

Shakespeare and Co three angels

The Bill:

Cappuccino:  Dhs 18.00
Chamomile Tea (1 Pot):  Dhs 16.00 
Assorted Macarons (price per kg): Dhs 18.20
Choco Vanilla ice cream cake: Dhs 15.00
Strawberry Vanilla ice cream cake: Dhs 15.00

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