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Sep 15, 2012

Hot Pot at Xiao Wei Yang

Asian cuisine is always a delight for me. When a friend recommended Xiao Wei Yang Chinese restaurant in Deira, I immediately looked for the place to try the best authentic Chinese Hot Pot in town, so as they say.  

Hotpot Xiao Wei Yang in Deira

The Chinese restaurant is along Baniyas Road. It looks simple on the outside. With unused boxes in pile seen through the glass window and old red lanterns in their doorway, a passerby wouldn't really care much about this place.

Chinese food served at Xiao Wei Yang
photos of the chinese food they serve
The waiters are all Chinese. We had a hard time conversing with our food server, pointing at the photos and hand signs helped!
menu at Xiao Wei Yang
The menu with the prices.
We ordered the 108AED Set Meal #4. It includes twin hot pot, rice and cola, good enough for 3 persons. 

beef and hot pot at Xiao Wei Yang
the raw beef and the hot pot
I love the safe cooking station that they have, the best in all budget hot pot restaurants!

Mushrooms, vegetables and shrimps at Xiao Wei Yang
four types of mushrooms, kangkong, chinese cabbage, shrimp and chicken balls

lady and a friend at Xiao Wei Yang
Me and a friend waiting for the soup to boil.

cooking at Xiao Wei Yang
Time to cook!

The twin hot pot at Xiao Wei Yang
The twin hot pot is a yin-yang of flavors.
The clear soup is non-spicy with herbs, while the other is the spicy chilli soup.

Condiments table at Xiao Wei Yang
the condiments table
We mixed and matched our own choice of spices!

tiny bowl of hot pot at Xiao Wei Yang
My tiny bowl of goodness.

Wǒ ài nǐ Xiao Wei Yang! I'm not Chinese and I don't speak Chinese, but that little restaurant in Deira  made me say "I love you" in their language in every sip of their tasty herbed soup! It is truly the best and one of the cheapest Chinese Hot Pot restaurants in Dubai.

Baniyas Road, Deira
near Rolex Twin Towers

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