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Sep 11, 2012

Cheap Thrill: Abra Ride at Dubai Creek

What can you do with a dirham? You buy a can of soda or a bottle of water to quench your thirst. If your stomach grumbles, you can have 3 pieces of pan de sal (filipino bread) at Pan De Manila. You can also have some comfort food, treat yourself with a vanilla ice cream at McDonald's. But if you seek for adventure, then your 1 dirham can let you take an Abra (wooden boat) ride in Dubai Creek.  

The saltwater creek is known as the heart of Dubai. It served as a gateway for traders years ago, and now became a tourist spot. It divides the city into to two main areas, Deira and Bur Dubai. There are buses and trains that can take people to the other side, but the best and fun way to cross it is to ride the wooden boat.

1 Dirham Abra Ride at Dubai Creek

On boring weekends, Ed and I always pretend to be tourists in a city we consider our second home. We go to places where we enjoy what Modern Dubai can offer. We also visit attractions where we can embrace the history and culture of Old Dubai. Weeks ago, we served as tourist guide to a friend, a new girl in the big city. We took her on a 1 dirham cruise in the creek.  We want her to see that despite of the glamour and classy things in Dubai, there are still simple things worth trying without spending much. We call those things as our cheap thrills!  

Al Ghubaiba Water Transport Station for the Abra Ride, Dubai creek
We headed to Al Ghubaiba Water Transport Station in Bur Dubai. It is near the Al Ghubaiba bus and train station, about 5-minute walk. 
Abra ride going to Old Souk Station
There are two abra stations in Al Ghubaiba, one for boats to Gold Souk and the other for boats to the Rolex Towers or the Deira Twin Towers. 
Lady and a friend before the Abra Ride at Dubai Creek
We took photos along the creek before heading to the wooden boats.

Abras at the Dubai Creek
the Abras waiting for passengers
Lady and a friend riding an Abra in Dubai Creek
Here we are on our simple cruise.
Other side of the Dubai Creek
There's the "other-side" of the creek, Deira. 
Private tours at Dubai Creek
Private tours are also offered at Dubai Creek. For people who opt to cruise in a modern way, there are speedboats and yachts for hire.
Wonder bus at Dubai Creek
Another way to cruise in the creek is to have a land and water tour on board a yellow, amphibious Wonder Bus!
Public water bus at the Dubai Creek
There's also an air-conditioned public water bus with comfortable seats.
It's more expensive and less fun than the Abra ride.
Pose while riding the Abra in Dubai Creek
We crossed the creek just in time for sunset! :)
Sunset view while riding the Abra in Dubai Creek
Oh... I just love sunsets! 
Our Destination: Rolex tower in Deira
That's our destination, the Rolex Twin Towers in Deira. 
Abra Station in Deira
After about 10 minutes, we reached the Abra Station in Deira.

We had a bonus on our cheap, but fun getaway. In Bur Dubai, before our boat ride, we passed by the Old Souk! Souk is an Arabian market where you can buy local clothings, spices and souvenirs.

Old Souk in Bur Dubai

For women with shoe fetish, be like Carrie Bradshaw in SATC movie and buy cute traditional shoes at the souk! :)

Arabian Shoes at Old Souk

And so, with a dirham, I was able to cruise, see the sunset and love Dubai even more.
How about you, what can your 1 dirham do? 

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