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Sep 18, 2012

5 Reasons Why I Love Jumeirah Open Beach

After several months of coping up with the 40-45 degrees C scorching hot weather, the temperature is  finally dropping down! A great time to go to the beach and enjoy Dubai's sunny weather. 

Our fave "beachscapade", as of the moment, is an early morning getaway to Jumeirah Open Beach. Here are 5 reasons why:

I love Jumeirah Open beach

1. Jumeirah Open Beach is very accessible via public transport. 
Not wanting to miss the sunrise, we rode a taxi to the beach for only 15AED. It was just a 10-minute ride from our place. Going back home, we took the public bus which is pretty cheap. Travel time using the bus is longer because of the route and several stops. 

Bus stop near Jumeirah Open beach
the Bus stop

2. No entrance fee!
Frolic under the sun as long as you want. The white sand, blue skies and the beach are yours for free. The beach is at its best in the morning as it is clean, quiet and peaceful. It can be very crowded during weekend afternoons.

no entrance free at Jumeirah Open beach

view of Burf Khalifa from Jumeirah Open Beach
a glimpse of Burj Khalifa from afar

3. Complete Beach Amenities
Jumeirah Open Beach has almost everything you need for a beach picnic, except for bbq grill stations.

Amenities at jumeirah Open Beach
Beach volleyball, anyone?

Washrooms at Jumeirah Open Beach
washrooms near the beach

loungers and umbrellas for rent at Jumeirah Open Beach
loungers and umbrellas for rent
umbrellas for 5-10AED, depending on the size
sun lounger for 15AED, beach towel for 5AED  

Free Cottages at Jumeirah Open Beach
free cottages

4. Rubber Lanes for joggers and a lane for cycling and rollerblading 
A perfect place for triathlete-wannabes. Swim, Cycle and Sprint! 

rubber lanes at Jumeirah Open Beach

5.  There are restaurants and a supermarket in the vicinity.
No time to prepare a home-cooked meal for your beach picnic? No worries, there are food outlets where you can grab anything that suits your palate.

Restaurants and Supermarket near Jumeirah Open beach

To sum it all up, Jumeirah Open Beach is perfect for people who need to unwind within the city. It is a great venue for a fun getaway without breaking the bank.

Unwinding at Jumeriah Open Beach
A friend and I enjoying the sunrise, the beach and our fast-food breakfast. 
This is now known as La Mer Dubai

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