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Jun 8, 2013

Baker & Spice: World Environment Day Breakfast

My heart breaks a little whenever I receive an event invitation that I need to decline. Due to my evening work shift, I must sadly say no to dinner events. I have mastered the art of writing "I'm sorry I can't be there" email. Why can't there be a daytime event? Huhuh! Heaven must have heard my prayers as I finally received a breakfast invitation. I was not just happy because I can finally reply "Yes, I'll be there". I felt giddy mainly because it's a special event that I have been wanting to participate in; it's the Baker & Spice Dubai Annual World Environment Day Breakfast.

Baker and Spice

Baker & Spice is a restaurant and cafe that serves local soul food. Its European Heritage has been fused with Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurant's menu "represents an exciting daily journey through the farms and markets of the UAE and the region, constantly changing with the seasons and availability of fresh, locally grown and mainly organic ingredients".

Organic Vegetables at Baker and Spice

breads at Baker and Spice

different kinds of salads at Baker and Spice

Last Wednesday, June 5, my wake alarm was earlier than the usual. I excitedly prepared for Baker & Spice's special breakfast event for UNEP World Environment Day. At 8:30 in the morning, a friend and I were already at Baker & Spice in Souk Al Bahar. We received a very warm welcome and were introduced to a set of organic Arabic breakfast. Then, a wait staff guided us to our table at the terrace. From our spot is a gorgeous view of  Burj Khalifa and Burj Lake.

inside Baker and Spice

outside view from Baker and Spice

Breakfast at Baker & Spice was a very unique experience. Honestly, my knowledge about Arabic cuisine is limited to shawarma and mannakish. :) I know, I really have to venture out as that would somehow complete my expat life in the UAE. I'm glad Baker & Spice gave me a great start.  

The Arabic breakfast that was beautifully arranged on a long table looked new to me, except for the croissants. There were pita bread, Sabih (eggplant with soft boiled eggs dish), two types of Shakshouka, granola with yogurt and apricot, Labneh and Olive oil dips. I was curious and famished, so I took a little bit of everything. :) I also had a glass of fresh pomegranate juice and a cup of cappuccino.  

arabic breakfast selections at Baker and Spice

Sabih at Baker and Spice

granola dessert at Baker and Spice

capuccino at Baker and Spice

Lady and Jessa at Baker and Spice

Everything may be new to me, but I did enjoy every bite. I was actually expecting the dishes to be strongly seasoned with Arabic spices. Surprisingly, the dishes were simple and delicious, without an overpowering taste that would shock a picky eater like me. I love the red shakshouka, a dish made of homemade tomato and red pepper sauce with garlic, chili, olive oil, and poached eggs on top. It has become my fave Arabic cuisine now, alongside with shawarma and mannakish! :) 

---Thank you Baker & Spice for the hearty and healthy breakfast.----

Baker & Spice
Souk Al Bahar
Downtown Dubai

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